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A young soviet fan who wishes to enlighten a crowd with a woven story and a fanciful illustration or two.


After leaving on a second pilgrimage to find himself, Spike returns to Ponyville, physically larger and sporting an impressive array of skills and powers.

His plans for a calm life in Ponyville, however, takes a different path as he soon finds himself the desire of several ponies interests, friends old and new included.

Change breeds benefits, as the saying goes. Spike has yet to hear it ring true.

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Exsqueeze me? Baking Powder? There's no new chapter, and yet this story has resurfaced. Explain thyself!

Not much seems to have changed.

That's actually one of my favorite wallpapers and anthro models for the ponies! <3

Also yeah, is this just an edit or is something major changed? Not much seems to have...


1692197 The first chapter has been reposted after disputes as to how to carry the task out. The heavy modifications were taken into account.

In any event, I leave to make the second chapter. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Not sure why this is claiming to be a new chapter, but I did notice the add on with the Rarity part; it was nice :raritywink: Ekips makes me laugh everytime, Spike backwards, lol.

1692197 rewrite and proofreading. Meh. I keep forgetting this one is anthro.

Hm...seems the same, as far as I can tell...

Oh, wait, wasn't Twilight expecting Spike's return that day before? I think that's changed...

Ponies are now humanized, and it's still awesome! Moar, NOW! :flutterrage:

what happened
awwwwwwwwww no new chapter:fluttercry::facehoof::fluttercry::facehoof::flutterrage:

SW... Told you so, check the featured box. May the next chapter be swift and exciting.
PS when are you updating barbossa the great(if the name is wrong sorry) it was really good.:pinkiehappy:

So they weren't anthro before?


Hey don't you dare complain, this story is awesome!!:flutterrage:The author did add a few lines.:twilightblush:

Not to different from what it was before, but I can see the many changes. I like it.:pinkiehappy:

Boo to anthro, take my dislike wicked being! (Guess it was my fault for giving it the like on the first chapter, but anthro kills it for me.
I'm not ACTUALLY going to dislike it since it's written well. I'm sure ppl who like anthro will love it.)

Edit: Oh the hell with it, take my favorite back you wicked being, I'll learn to like anthro.

Wait so they are human pony like in the cover page right. Just want to get that right. feet fingers boobs and everything else only add horn or wings and funny skin color right?

On a side note that cover page makes me so jelly of Spike.

You sir, have gotten my hopes up only for me to see a reupload.

Imma go back to gaming now >:C

I see the chapter was rewritten. I see alot things that had been added and I found one that was taken out. Well done. Now onwards to chapter 2.

Im confused. I was expecting a new chapter


1692576 I'll just have to hurry up the clop now, won't I?

YAAAAY THIS UPDATED!! YESYESYESYESYE-oh. No it's just the first chapter rewritten. With a particular emphasis on hands I noticed. OHHHHH THEY'RE ANTHRO PONIES!! I get it now. This only serves to increase my interest. After all, there's a "mature" tag for a reason... Also why'd you take out Spike's line about how the thief's family has fallen on tough times?

Few small grammer/spelling errors here and there, but nothing major. Looking forward to more of this! :twilightsmile:



Well fine I'll just read it again then!:pinkiehappy:

And poo on you who copies my avatar :twilightangry2:
At least Derpy doesn't mind.:derpytongue2:

*sees note at beginning or chapter* So they are anthro. That's different. Interesting but different.

I like what you've done here and I say you picked some great songs for inspiration. Carry on with the good work.

For some reason, whenever Spike is mentioned as being in a cloak, my mind immediately jumps to him in Mordecai's clothing from Borderlands.


Yes, I stated it was awesome before and I do enjoy it. Was that not clear?

Anyway, when can we expect to see another chapter?


1692864 Within the week

1692862 Spot on:moustache:

1692883 Do I get a prize?

"Maybe a minor cameo?" he said hopefully.

Why did he break into the library at the end? I read it over and I still don't have a clue...

I noticed the differences, and I will say that they all do seem to be for the better. Although I did like the minotaur reference that was in the previous version but, oh well.


1692894 "Hah!" he barked a laugh

But I could make due with a few names...

Saves me precious creativity-juice:twilightsmile:

1692910 "Take me!" he shouted, before quickly stifling a laugh.

Just realized what 'other' meaning that had. As for the name, Sandcroft Comet.

I definitely like what i see so far, just one teeeeny tiny request... please please puhleeeease make clop/noclop chapters. :raritycry:
I absolutely loved The Teacher, the Sorceress, and the Wonderbolt and thanks to Wrabbits awesomness i could choose to skip the clop heavy ones. :unsuresweetie:

I like what you did with the revisions. Seems to flow better

*reads the beginning*i.imgur.com/YJmMe.jpg you mean like this?

It Celestia saw how badly in-shape the library had been...

That'd be an 'If' you want rather than an 'It'.

1693095 I'm just wondering why Discord is there. Do you know?
He's probably the cause of the anthropomorphication but one mustn't assume so...

1693195 I guess this is just one of those instances where you don't really need reasoning behind the image, but to just appreciate is craftsmanship:twilightblush:

so you make them anthro?

1692205 Not much story wise, HOWEVER, the ponies are now humanized! Nothing seems to say however, other than wings, if they look anything different than humans, or if they are anthro, like in the picture for the story.

...so..... when is the second chapter out yet?

grip of her wrist, both enabling her magic from firing

do you mean disabling?
1692551Be jelly 25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me4i4ekYwp1rm2slvo1_1280.jpg

So the ponies are now humanized. Not sure if gusta... :rainbowhuh: Still, interesting to see where are you going with this.

Also, why did Spike push Twilight out of the library and closed the door after her, and then just says "You shouldn't treat your friends like that" like nothing happened. And, frankly, I'd prefer this Twilight to have a little more magical prowess, so she'd actually restrict the intruder. :twilightangry2:

Hello Ekips! My name is Ekans!

I see the first chapter has been rewritten. The sample pic does help explain things. Anywho, I really like the rewrite. I think it shows their emotions a little bit better, as well as more emphasizes them being anthro. Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter.

Like the revisions, but some parts should have stayed in like the reason why the colt took the sapphire.

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