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A young soviet fan who wishes to enlighten a crowd with a woven story and a fanciful illustration or two.

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After leaving on a second pilgrimage to find himself, Spike returns to Ponyville, physically larger and sporting an impressive array of skills and powers.

His plans for a calm life in Ponyville, however, takes a different path as he soon finds himself the desire of several ponies interests, friends old and new included.

Change breeds benefits, as the saying goes. Spike has yet to hear it ring true.

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Approached by a dragon whose power and age outmatch those of Princess Celestia, Spike is told he will play a key role in shaping life in Equestria, if not dragon-kind, as he grows older.

Becoming the dragons apprentice soon after, all manner of challenges arise as he trains himself for a responsibility he must eventually take hold of. But among the trials he faces, he must also defeat a darkness that looms within himself, a collected manifestation of his most fragile and darkest emotions that threatens to unleash itself upon the world if his resolve so much as falters.

The fate of Equestria dependent on his resolve, Spike must make dangerous choices that pave the road to peace and harmony or war and chaos.

Chapters (1)