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A young soviet fan who wishes to enlighten a crowd with a woven story and a fanciful illustration or two.


Approached by a dragon whose power and age outmatch those of Princess Celestia, Spike is told he will play a key role in shaping life in Equestria, if not dragon-kind, as he grows older.

Becoming the dragons apprentice soon after, all manner of challenges arise as he trains himself for a responsibility he must eventually take hold of. But among the trials he faces, he must also defeat a darkness that looms within himself, a collected manifestation of his most fragile and darkest emotions that threatens to unleash itself upon the world if his resolve so much as falters.

The fate of Equestria dependent on his resolve, Spike must make dangerous choices that pave the road to peace and harmony or war and chaos.

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An epic story about Spike, sounds amazing, but the lack of a adventure tag confuzzles me.

I laughed so hard at Pinkie playing with the dragon I actually went into a fit of coughing. That's pretty damn rare, mate. Spike got not 1 but 3 kisses, and 1 on the lips even, from Rarity. This is a excellent start to a extremely promising fic. My only issue is that for some reason some of your sentences get split into separate

paragraphs down the middle, as shown. Fix that and beware of tense changes and you're set.

Pinkie Pie, Expert at Parties and Game Master or is it Mistress? :pinkiehappy:
This story seems promising. Faved.

[youtube=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WpE_xMRiCLE] This come to mind with the transaction between Rarity and Barbarossa.



Thought i'd fixed that. The formating is new to me so it may be a recurrimg problem until I get the hang of it. A sudden adaptation, I'm hoping :moustache:

1628919 How do you write your story? Do you type it on here, word, or some other method?


1628927 I write on notepad.

Scolding for my method aside, something about notepad's structure, that is length of sentences and paragraphs before they break off, that I find more... influential and asthetically pleasing.

Word feels too... restricted. A mental thing really, but its 'my' mental thing.

Other than that, It's copy, paste and hope you cut the gaps. Not the healthiest of habits come to think of it...:twilightblush:

1629017 Word always copies over perfectly, why I was curious. Might just have to read though and find them and fix um.

I would like to see where this goes.

Oh this is good :twilightsmile:

update soon please

You should start a new paragraph every time you shift speakers and you keep shifting between past and present tense. Contractions such as don't and it's contain an apostrophe. Apart from that seems pretty good.

I'm confused, though. Was he looking for Spike from the beginning or was he just fucking with them and got suspicious when Rarity brought back the emerald?

Dude, this is gonna be EPIC! Write more, must read it!

Awesome. Some minor errors here and there which have probably already been pointed out, but plotwise I'm enjoying so far.

Please, continue. :pinkiesmile:

I've read both yer fics, and i must say ya got an amzing talent. I can't wait for more of yer work.

"I have altered the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further." - Darth Vader.:moustache:

Excellent, pure genius!! You once again (or is it for the first time?) begin with a powerful chapter it leaves the reader wanting more: while still sating their thirst for the current problems. Excellent!!:raritystarry: the flow was amazing and the dashes of comedy thrown in make it all the more enjoyable.
Mynfavorite had to be when, pinkie was playing with Barbarossa and winning most if the time. Also there was one section that confused me. Was Spike sleeping in carousel boutique, or was he just taking a nap?

I enjoy the scenes with Pinkie, let's ship her with Barbarossa!

SW #19 · Feb 2nd, 2013 · · ·


...why do I feel like yes?

I am so keep my eye's on this!
Going by the picture I thought Spike would be old then this, but now I think you're going to have Spike leave with Barbarossa and then have him come back month's or year's later. With would explain why those no adventure 'tag', my just skip the detail's intil later.:twilightsmile:

you better as !@#$ing hell continu this story if not the other one or I will finde you and lock you in a celler with a type writer from the 1950 till you do:flutterrage:

ALSO BETTA ME PLEASE IF YOU CAN:flutterrage::trollestia:



Joke's on you, I love those bad boys.

Waite what wait.....:trixieshiftleft: are you a masochist or you just messen with me:trixieshiftright:



The typewriter stuff. Everything else I wasn't referring to.

2505805 ahhhh then I shall lock you up with a stylest and slap of clay from 2000bc mhahaha:trollestia:

Well, it's true that it's not nice to scare others :fluttershysad: but, at least hopefully he mite hav good intentions with spike-o :applejackunsure:. Altho i gotta admit that pinks was askin for it with all her shenanagins startin to bug t dragon elder :rainbowlaugh:. Hope to see moar of this sometime soon; it's pretty interestin so far :twilightsmile:

When is the next update?

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