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"You can make anything by writing." --C.S. Lewis. Hope to entertain you all. Let’s all have fun and read together, yea?

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(Shotgun sounds)YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Like the reference to the Doom Comics where the Doom Marine was named Flynn Taggart.

Cool that this has returned.

Interested in seeing what happens next.
Wonder what happens with Spike too.

The set up is amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter

I hope that this time, it won't get cancelled and remade once again!? :trixieshiftright: :unsuresweetie:

Why does this make me think of those Memes


is doom guys name actually Flynn?

If the prologue is anything to go by, this is gonna be fricken amazing

Also author, don't hold back on the gore, Never hold back on the gore. It isn't a Doom story without a detailed paragraph of someone getting ripped to shreds:pinkiehappy:

According to the 1990s Doom novels, yes

If there's one group of ponies that can put a good word for an intimidating figure, its the CMC😚:rainbowkiss:

Flynn Taggart is a false name the Doom Slayer used not to get favorable treatment in his military service his actual name is Willam Joesph Blaskowitz the Third aka BJ Blaskowitz the Third his father is confirmed to be Commander Keen or BJ Blaskowitz Jr. and thanks to Youngblood his Great Grandfather is Terror Billy himself. (Commander Keen is a code name btw) You can understand now why Will would use a false name since his name would be very well-known

BTW author I'm coauthor of Doom Slayer Reborn if you need research done I'm more than willing to help just send a DM

again his name is Willam Joesph Blaskowitz the Third, son of Commander Keen BJ JR and Great grandson of Terror Billy himself

things are gettin' good so far can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

I thought his name was John Kane.

Apparently Flynn is the name from the original doom novels.

too bad this is a Post-ancient god, so no Vega. I like the trope that the Doomguy lets his "assistant" speak for him

Sweet that this is continuing.

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He might be alive somehow.

Personally I always found the doom slayer doing whatever he wants silently and everyone else ( us the audience included) interpreting or misinterpreting them to be so much more interesting.

Thanks for the update!

Interesting story. I shall keep it tracked.

let the Intern somehow can still contact with Doom guy is a better option, because Vega-The Father is too OP, unless you strip all his power

That was really close for Sweetie Belle there.

Now I'm looking forward for more to come.

yeah i know that and it's still canon Will used it. it was a false name to keep from getting special treatment since Willam's family name would do that both his father and great-grandfather (BJ Sr used to be his grandfather until Youngblood changed that) did so much for the world and the US that it would color anything involving him in the military

LOVE how is It going :twilightsmile:

So they are building some portal?
Looks like they are making the same mistake the humans had done which literally unleashed hell.

Thanks for the update!

Amidst the gentle sway of the trees, their

Looks like you are missing most of a paragraph. (Near the top of the chapter)

The branches creaked in harmony admits the gentle sway of the trees


Dex and the monster gouged at each other.

I don't think that word means what you think it means. I assume you mean they stared at each other? Gouging is something completely different.

Gunfire erupted in the air. But it didn’t matter. Jophery found himself yanked away from Robert, his eyes meeting the creature’s own.

You've slipped back into original names from Jurassic Park here.

Now I've finished reading this chapter:

The Jurassic Park reference that took up most of the chapter was very unexpected for the Doom crossover story. I suppose I should assume that instead of a velociraptor in the cage it was one of the demons.

There's one extra person that Djunnark needs to worry about on top of the princesses, but he's currently just wandering around the Everfree forest at the moment and only a certain 3 people know about his existance.

With his keen eyesight Applebloom

Not quite, I think.

A wave kicked by the manticore kicked Applebloom into Sweetie Belle’s immobile frame.

This one's less a misspelling or grammar error, but something I know I hate when I notice I do it. Consider replacing the second instance of 'kicked' for something like 'launched'?


What’s taking place in this chapter is not happening in the Everfree forest but in a whole other location that is unknown to all three of the princesses, including Twilight. Said princesses, as well as Twilight, are also unaware of Djunnark’s existence but will learn soon in future chapters.


I thought no one would notice :facehoof: but that’s my fault for not checking enough to see if there’s still some stuff to be edited. It also didn’t help that I was reading a bit of Jurassic park while writing this.

It also doesn’t help that I’ve recently been reading an MLP x Jurassic Park fix on this site, so I’ve been especially primed for it.

There used to be a preview that showed how Granny Smith met Doomguy after Doom 64 but before Doom 2016, will Granny Smith already know the Doom Slayer here?

RIP those dragons. They were unlucky to encounter Doom Slayer.

Wonder if Spike could ever become much better than those dragons right there. That be ironic-ish(or something).

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