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A Crossover featuring the Equestria Girls and the engines of Sodor. In this first season, Twilight Sparkle returns home from a visit to America, and is quickly reunited with old friends and introduced to new ones. She'll also be introduced, or reintroduced to old rivals and drawn into adventures alongside her friends. All this and more in the first season of Twilight & Friends. Set in the year 2015.

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Thomas was moved from the front of the train and onto the back end, going bunker first.

Guess there's no turning facilities for Thomas to turn himself and Annie & Clarabel around. :applejackunsure:

He spun round, and sure enough, there was his teenage daughter; Twilight Sparkle. She was a beautiful girl with long purple hair with light purple and rose streaks. Her father was stunned at first, but then he jumped out of the cab, wrapped his arms around his little girl and gave her a big hug.

She's technically an adult now that she's 18. :duck:

"Granted I've seen a lot of steam engines across the pond, but you're still my number one favorite engine," she smiled.

As much as I love Thomas when I was a child, my favorite steam locomotive has always been the same. It's not British or American, it's actually Canadian believe it or not. And this engine is still my favorite today as a young adult. Won't say what it's number is, but I will say it's a Pacific. :raritywink:

That was more than enough prove for Thomas that Twilight was telling the truth, so he showed his trademark smile at her. Just then, the guard's whistle blew.

enough proof*

"Hey, have you ever been in the cab of a GG1 electric engine? I have and they are smaller than this."

How was she able to get inside one? There are none running today nor any museums that would allow such a thing. :unsuresweetie:

At Knapford Junction, a red 2-6-0 tender engine was waiting for Thomas with the main line connection. This was James, the number 5 of the North Western Railway and is extremely proud of his paint. He doesn't like to get it dirty. Which is why on this day, he was being given a polish by a teenage girl with elegant purple hair. Her name was Rachel Arkwright, the daughter of James' Driver, but she has earned the nickname of Rarity over the years and so, the name has stuck.

Sounds similar to Montigue got his name Duck. :ajsmug:

Rarity and Twilight ran under the canopy and hid on the other side of the station building. They had just taken cover when James let out a huge sneeze, and blew out clouds of cinders and ashes out of his funnel. It covered everything, apart from Twilight and Rarity, in a thick black coat of dusty coal dust..

Whoops! :twilightoops:

"Since 2011," answered Thomas' fireman. "There are no coal or water facilities over on the mainland, so a high speed train was bought to do the express runs and Gordon was given the stopping trains. It took a while to get used to it, but he seems to be doing okay with it right now. He still gets to pull the express from time to time, but it's not that often. The works keeps those diesels in good working order."

Wasn't expecting this to be mentioned but I'll take it. :pinkiehappy:

At last, Thomas' tanks were filled up and he was ready to head back to his coaches; Annie and Clarabel. As he was being backed onto the train, they heard an explosion, which made Thomas jump. Luckily, the Driver stopped him in time before he bumped the coaches.

Why am I not surprised it was a party canon. :facehoof:

"They're good, they're rebuilding the world's largest steam locomotive and I actually saw that engine move for the first time. Mind you, those Big Boys got loud voices."

I myself got to see 4014 in 2019 during its southwest tour. While I saw it under steam, I feel fortunate in getting to see it, but will say it's not the loudest steam engine. That one goes to another Pacific I happen to have a liking for. :scootangel:

"Don't blame me," snorted James, "it was the trucks, they were muttering, chattering and holding me back so. It took every ounce of strength I had to get over Gordon's hill."

back. It*

Applejack said good bye to Twilight, then headed off to meet up with Trevor, a vintage traction engine in dark green, that was waiting in the parking lot.

Why is he green over his signature orange? :applejackconfused:

By the time they returned to Ffarquhar, Twilight was completely worn out. She thanked Thomas for the ride, then set off for home. Her mother 'Violet Sparkle' was very happy to see her, but seeing how tired Twilight was, she gladly allowed her daughter to go back to her room. Twilight's room is not like most girl's rooms, oh sure she had a few stuffed animals, one of which she called 'Owlicious', but she mostly had train items and a few that were models of the engines of the North Western Railway.

Sounds similar to my room. Albeit with other things I like such as Pokémon, tv shows and movies I like, and even a drawing my cousin did for me of my favorite anime. :twilightsheepish:

"I guess now there's only thing left to say." Pinkie Pie paused, and all together, everyone said in unison, "Welcome Home Twilight Sparkle!"

only one thing*

"You know from this moment onwards, your life is never going to be normal again," Thomas commented to her.

That just makes it even better! :yay:

Good to see these stories coming here from FanFiction.Net. Can't wait for the next adventure.

"Right you are Big G, right you are." Big G was the nickname Rainbow Dash had given Gordon several years back when she became a teenager. He didn't mind the name, he actually liked it.

Not bad of a nickname. :applejackunsure:

"Big G, I like the way you think, let's go." She uncoupled Gordon, then once back in the cab, she opened the regulator and Gordon moved out of the station.

Just couldn't wait any longer, didn't you Dash? :ajbemused:

"I think you're wrong on this one Rainbow Dash."

You don't say? :pinkiecrazy:

"I want you to go to my office and wait there!" the Fat Controller said firmly to her. "As for you Gordon, you will get your tender filled up, then you're going back to the sheds. I'll have another engine take your train!"

I feel like only Dash should've been punished as she's the one who started it. :unsuresweetie:

"Please Sir, I don't want to work with Duck. He goes on and on about the Great Western, he doesn't understand me at all! Please Sir, anyone but Duck."

It's a good punishment if you ask me. :raritywink:

"I'm sorry, but I don't have time for that, I got to meet up with Sunset Shimmer at Crovan's Gate, you're on your own for this one."

I wonder how she became friends with her in this timeline since the events of eqg don't happen? :rainbowhuh:

"Wouldn't do us any good if everyone knew," she thought only to herself.

Mhm. :twilightsmile:

It’s been years since I’ve watched Tomas the Tank Engine & Friends. Why is knowing what year this story takes place in important?

Well I can tell you, the show has changed quite a bit. Good or bad is up to the viewer watching the new show, but for me, Thomas is still my idol.
As for the year, it just shows that all these episodes took place in the year. Hope that answers the question.

The girl in question was Rebecca Shimmer, the young daughter of Edward the Blue Engine's Driver. She lives at Wellsworth, but when she was younger, she used to cause trouble, and she's still paying for her actions by working on the Skarloey Line. These days though, she's much kinder and more caring to others.

Huh. :rainbowhuh:

"I still can't believe you're on punishment work, even after five years."

Sure is a long time for a punishment of all things. :twilightoops:

Twilight agreed, "you know, with words like that, you could make a song everyone will like."

Mhm. :raritywink:

"Easy does it little one, I'm not going to hurt you," she said with a soft tone in her voice. The dog backed up at first, but as Sunset continued to speak to it, it began to calm down and slowly walked up to her, but it was still whimpering. "What's the matter? Are you okay?" As it got closer, Sunset could see the horrible sight. The dog had bruises all over and it was holding it's left paw in the air, "Who did this to you little one?"

The poor little thing. :fluttershysad:

"But then, if you didn't do this, and none of the workers did this, and my wife and I don't do this..." it suddenly came to the man like a lightbulb going off. His facial expression changed to an angry stare, "That daughter of mine! I can't believe Samantha Glimmer would do this!"

Nice reference to Starlight there. :raritywink:

"Cause I found him near the rocks, plus he's tough like one too."

A perfect name for the little one. :twilightsmile:

For curiosities sake...what kind of dog is Rock? Or at least how would you describe him?

Not sure if it's an issue in other chapters or not off hand, but I've definitely noticed you having homophone issues in at least this chapter. Threw is the past tense of throw. You're looking for through. Not to be confused with thorough, which looks similar but has another meaning entirely.

I threw the ball.
It went through the trees.
We need to conduct a thorough search for the ball.

I knew there was something I forgot. When I originally wrote this chapter back in 2015, I was only just getting into writing, so I often used the wrong words in places they shouldn't. Later chapters thankfully cure us of that.

"Please take this to my home and put it in my closest," and she winked to Sweetie Belle. "I can't let Applejack see this."

Doesn't she mean room? :applejackconfused:

Twilight shook her head, "how you come up with these things I'll never know."

Same. :applejackunsure:

"We'll see," Pinkie Pie said with a sneaky tone in her voice.

If you changed your look, hair change and voice she wouldn't know. Those glasses with the fake nose and mustache will never work. :ajbemused:

"Not really, I personally collect the Wooden Railway trains. A little expansive I know, but they are well worth it, especially the Day Out with Thomas cars."

That was pretty much when I collected myself as a child. That and Tomy/Trackmaster. While I don't anymore, I still have them. :twilightsmile:

"So you see Rarity, you got nothing to be scared of," said Applejack, "we're all collectors, and we're all friends, and true friends never laugh at each other."

Exactly. :scootangel:

Nowadays, Rarity is more open about her collection of Take-Alongs and Take-N-Plays. Oh sure there were some people who said she's a grown woman and she shouldn't be collecting toys, but she doesn't listen to them. After all, she knows who her true friends are. And now, whenever she goes to a shop that sells everything like food, clothes and even toys, she doesn't buy an extra sweater to hide the Take-N-Plays in her basket.

I myself collect many things today, mainly train dvds, train hats, pins, and even postcards, and I'm not afraid to tell people I collect them. :ajsmug:

Rarity stepped out from the safety of the building she had been hiding behind, "maybe it's best that the toys get the metallic paint James, cause with the work you do, it might not last that long." Her father nodded in agreement.

Agreed. :raritywink:

Twilight nodded. Daniel Sparkle, often nicknamed Shining Armor, was a person who loved model railroads. When he was living on the Island of Sodor, he had a beautiful layout that showed the glorious days of steam on British Railways. Everyone he knew would come by to see the layout in action, even Twilight and her friends, minus Sunset at the time. That layout remained in operation for thirteen years, that was until he fell in love with Twilight's old babysitter; Cadance Ingram and a couple years later, they got married and they moved to America. Before he left though, he dismantled the layout and sold off all the pieces so people could have pieces of his layout for their own collections.

At least some of the layout still exists, kinda. :unsuresweetie:

"He's a big orange steam engine back on the North Western Railway, although he's not as big as you. He only has ten driving wheels."

Or just a decapod in other words. :ajsmug:

Back in the 1980's, Bruce and the other members of the museum collection were moved from their original location to the museum's current location. During the move, someone forgot to put the brakes on and Bruce knocked a Santa Fe Hudson off the rails. The Hudson wasn't damaged, but nerves were shaken that day.

Yikes! :twilightoops:

"Hey, it's better than being scrap you know." And with another blast of her horn, she disappeared down the line towards the Rail Giants museum.

Mhm. :raritywink:

Ed Dickens stepped down from the cab to speak with Bruce, "we have informed all of your siblings, and they are happy for you Bruce. Besides, you're not going to be the only Union Pacific steam giant in Cheyenne, you'll be meeting up with Ashley and Carrie again."

Until 2022 when 3985 and other pieces of their equipment got donated to RHOMA. :applejackunsure:

"Still, it's a mighty fine sound," smiled Applejack.

Got to hear it myself during its southwest tour in 2019. While the boiler pressure was still building up, I still enjoyed the sound of the whistle and getting to hear it myself. It's still one of my favorite memories of 2019. :pinkiehappy:

She was right. Poor Percy was so startled that he couldn't take his next train. Toby had to shunt him to the sheds, shunt his trucks into line and Rosie, the USA Dock tank engine, had to take his next train.

Poor Percy. :pinkiesad2:

"Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk were once our main rivals at School when we had a band called the Rainbooms. They always cheated and took dangerous risks, and I thought for a long time they had changed their ways, but I guess I was wrong. If Percy is correct in his description of them, then it was those three."

But why did they do it if they knew it was risky? :applecry:

"Adagio, Aria and Sonata again?" groaned Rainbow Dash and slapped her forehead. "Those three never change do they? They just rather cause trouble for everyone, even putting their own lives on the line."

Yep. :ajbemused:

"Cause not everyone is willing to take that second chance," answered Sunset. "They enjoy what they do, even if it doesn't make sense to others. I think the only way they're ever going to change is if something does happen to them, but I hope it doesn't."

Exactly what I was thinking. :ajsmug:

The girls giggled and agreed to the plan.

They're so gonna regret this. :facehoof:

"Hang on a moment here, if they're not in my cab, then who is?" He suddenly realized, there was no one in the cab. "Oh no, I'm running away! Help! Help!"

Here we go again! :raritydespair:

"Then we'll just have to go on the ballast."

I hope she's ready for a bumpy ride! :twilightoops:

And a few days later, they were. Adagio, Aria and Sonata were caught by the police after they tried again to sneak into the yards at the junction. They of course denied ever starting Percy's runaway, but thanks to CCTV footage from Ffarquhar yards, they were charged for causing the runaway. Along with the charges of trespassing and being the cause of Percy's frights the day before the runaway, they were forced to stay away from the railway or go to jail for several nights. Needless to say, they listened this time.

They deserved that punishment. :ajsmug:

"Oi, leave that girl alone Diesel!" snapped Neville the Black Q1 tender engine. "If you worked more and stopped thinking about the hot weather, maybe you wouldn't be so miserable. Now shunt your trucks and be off with you. Oh and take that rubbish that's spilling out of your mouth with you."

That a boy Neville. :rainbowdetermined2:

Meanwhile, on another part of the island, another goods train was rattling down the tracks. The engine pulling it was a Great Western auto tank with four driving wheels and the numbers '1436'. He was called Oliver. Behind his train of trucks was a grey brake van that came from the Great Western railway, his name is Toad. Normally he works with another engine called Douglas, but both he and his twin; Donald were busy on a project hardly anyone knew about, so Toad had to work with Oliver.

Oh think I know what that project is they're referencing. :ajsmug:

"I understand Toad, but it's better if we worked in peace and quiet during this heat."

And here I thought only Murdoch would say that. :ajbemused:

"Well why not pick up the whale and take it to the docks?" Toad suggested. "The water's deeper there, and it can done in a matter of an hour."

can be done*

"I'll have another engine do your work in the meantime." And the Fat Controller left to make the arrangements, leaving Diesel to sulk in the siding.

He had it coming. :duck:

"Wait a minute, that couldn't be him. Could it?"

Wait, she knows Sailor John!!! :pinkiegasp:

"No it's not the night runs they do, I've gotten used to the sound of the small railway engines. No, it's the arguing, teasing and grumbling that's coming from Mike and Rex." Scootaloo yawned again and fell back to go to sleep. Her head the grass and she awoke; "those little engines are just too loud."

I wonder what's gotten them so grumpy lately? :unsuresweetie:

But as he left, the Small Controller was wondering if it would actually work.

Let's hope so. :applecry:

Mike and Rex were unaware they had caused trouble, so they carried on, thinking they wouldn't be blamed again.

Why am I not surprised. :facehoof:

Nearby, Sigrid of Arlesdale rolled by with her passenger train. She could see the tired Scootaloo and felt sorry for her, "bother Rex and Mike, why do they have to argue at the worst possible times?"

Ikr! :duck:

"Shut up, that sounds nothing like our conversations."

It kinda does. :ajsmug:

As Twilight cleaned away and the fireman filled up the tanks, Stafford went to the coach yards and returned with several brown bogie wheeled coaches with yellow lining in tow. He shunted them to Platform 3, then rolled off to do other jobs. Twilight knew this was another local train, but she was not expecting to see a big blue pacific steam engine being backed onto the train. The engine was Gordon, a classic London North Eastern Railway A3 steam locomotive in NWR blue. A brother engine of the same class once ran at 124mph.

This is incorrect. The highest confirmed speed an A3 ever reached was 108 miles per hour in 1935.

Setting that minor detail aside, I've noticed a distinct resurgance in Thomas and Friends stories on Fimfiction recently. Good to see another author continuing the trend.

I also see by the character names that you've read Gold Dust and Harmony.

Thomas rolled his eyes, he thought everyone was being a stuck in the mud. He was uncoupled from Annie and quickly ran round the train.

I'm guessing the loop track is out of service? :unsuresweetie:

The teenage girls just rolled their eyes, they had heard this kind of boastful talk from Thomas before.

Some things never change. :ajbemused:

"Working on a new line isn't slave work," smiled Marion. "That said, I wish it wasn't so far off. I want to get to work and dig. Who knows what I can find. Maybe a dinosaur skeleton again, or suits of armor. Who knows."

You'll find something alright Marion. :raritywink:

"Surprising since you've been down here a few times already," said Oliver. "Maybe they're always busy when you come by."

Possibly. :applejackunsure:

"That's enough you two," snapped Bert. "You're sounding like you were before Scootaloo and her friends taught you two a very important lesson." That silenced the two engines at once.

Thx Bert. :twilightsmile:

"Dang the little blue buckaroo sure is being cheeky today," commented Applejack. Sunset could only agree with her.

A little too much if you ask me! :twilightoops:

"Oliver?!" she exclaimed. "Oliver?! But you can't be Oliver, you're a railway locomotive, not a digger like me. How did you do it? How did you change?"

I remember finding this strange when I first saw SLOLT in 2015, but now I find it hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

"I'm going to send you to work on the new branch line, maybe that will finally teach you some sense before you get yourself into real trouble." The Fat Controller then looked to Gordon, "and if you continue with this 'tender engines don't shunt' business, I'll have you sent away too."

Ngl, I would've loved to see this in the movie as I happen to hate that line Gordon says. Plus as someone who's spent hundreds of hours watching steam trains in action, I've seen many tender engines both big and small do switching. Big engines may not be meant for it but they can still do good at it. :duck:

Thomas looked down to the ballast unhappily. Now he wished he hadn't tried to show off.

Imo, this was one of many things I disliked about the cgi era and Thomas was always changing behavior wise. Comparing it to the classic era, he had pretty much matured himself by the last 4 seasons. But as much as I do think the brenner era is the second best era of the show, there are still many things I dislike about it, and that was just one of them. :ajsleepy:

Opps, I didn't know that. Guess that's why my info is a bit off. Also, no I haven't read that story yet, but it's on my list of stories to read. Glad you like this series though.

"Ms Glimmer, I don't want to hear it from you. You're in enough trouble for what you did to that dog, and for your rude behavior to our railway, now sip it!" He turned back to Donald, "as for you, go back to the yards and tell the others to stay there. I'll need to phone the Fat Controller and let him know of what's going on."

She still deserves some credit from preventing an accident. :duck:

"Positive," but of course, the trucks were fibbing. They knew about the danger zone, but wanted to have some fun since they were bored.

They shouldn't just found someone else cause the trucks know trouble is coming their way. :ajbemused:

The ballast trucks behind him could see he was in trouble, but instead of helping, they pushed against him. The crew had no choice but to jump out and watch in horror as Thomas fell into the hole.

Thanks a lot you stupid freight cars! :twilightangry2:

Without arguing, the crew took Thomas to a siding and away from the sheds. Ryan looked down to the rails unhappily. He knew all about Thomas the Tank Engine and wanted to become friends with him, but it didn't look like they would become friends tonight.

You'll get your chance Ryan. Just gotta be patient and get Thomas's trust first. :fluttershysad:

Starlight climbed into the cab, got the fire going again and once he had a good head of steam, Thomas and Starlight went off to find out if the shadows was really of a sailing boat on wheels.

Knowing that this is the second chapter in a row from SLOLT, I'm guessing we'll be seeing more chapters of it. And likely with Thomas and Starlight working together. :ajsmug:

Comment posted by Kburke20 deleted September 23rd

But twilight Sparkle the fat controllers sir Topham Hatt did not realize he hurt Thomas. The tank engine beams make him upset and crying You had no clue what Thomas was telling the truth all along. Pinkie pie Can we build it yes we can said Bob What are you doing now? This is not your story thinking Pinkie pie go away. Pinkie Pie I'll take Bobby Bob the builder can't be fixed.

"Samantha!" he exclaimed with a smile. He walked up to her and gave her a big hug, "my niece, it's been a long time since I last saw you."


"Maybe the workers were working late and needed the coal," suggested the Driver, although he wasn't convinced if that was true or not.

Seems like Starlight forgot to refill it! :twilightoops:

The fireman coupled him up, and Thomas puffed off. The Driver tried calling to Ryan's crew, but Thomas blew off steam and drowned his voice out. Ryan and his crew heard nothing.

They'll be in trouble soon. :fluttershysad:

"Maybe Captain Calles moved the treasure sometime after he made the map," suggested Thomas. "You know, to keep anyone from finding it."

That wouldn't make sense as it defeats the purpose of the original map. :unsuresweetie:

"Fine, you have the treasure for now, but not for long."

What he has planned is definitely gonna be bad! :applecry:

Yeah...that whole bit with the dynamite...is the reason why I can't stand this movie.

No one bothered to say ANYTHING when it was obvious what happened?! I am am referring to anyone at the site nearby workers or engines.
Sad but the Rainbooms reactions are unsurprising if you go by the comics (looking at YOU 'Anon-A-Miss'). I was half-expecting Starlight to lose it like in the season opener and yell at the Fat Controller "QUIET!!"

But now I am intrigued... Starlight says her dog was taken and then shows up with bruises...but didn't she admit to abusing it a couple chapters ago??

She said she kicked it once or twice. But never outright abused it to the point where it got bruised all over.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Sodor set somewhere in the UK? Thought I read somewhere that's where it was located, and if it is, Sci Twi never struck me as British. Rarity for sure.

Haven't read the story yet, but I mean to.

Sodor is an island off the coast of the United Kingdom, and sits between the Isle of Man and the mainland. Hence the name; it's an allusion to the Bishopric of Man and Sodor, an ecclesiastical region in the northwest United Kingdom. Hence one of the most famous islands in 20th Century fiction was born out of a liturgical joke.

The Fat Controller watched as Thomas puffed off. "Hmm, maybe I have been too hard on him." He then noticed Ryan, "I need to find out what happened yesterday," and he walked over towards the purple tank engine.

As much as I hate to say it, you were just doing your job sir. Thomas is just not used to be treated like crap and needs to learn it the hard way. :fluttershysad:

Before the crew could do anything, Thomas shot forwards on his own, bumping into Skiff and pushing him over a set of points for a siding. Once out of the way, Thomas puffed on his way.

You had that coming SJ. :duck:

"Captain Calles' treasure chest. He wants it for himself, not the museum." She groaned, "and I was helping a criminal, I think I'm going to be sick. What a fool I've been."

You were tricked Starlight, just like Thomas. If the neither of you helped him Sailor John could've still found it with someone eke and he'd end up getting what he wanted. Which means they're only one thing to do. Stop him, once and for all!!! :twilightangry2:

"No problem," Ryan sighed unhappily.

At least you got his trust now. :twilightsheepish:

Once the steam pressure was good, Starlight took Thomas out of the siding and towards the open line.

No turning back now. :applecry:

They stopped just before the station, and Sailor John went off into town. He snuck around, being extra careful not to attract attention to himself. He even stood in front of a poster, pretending to hold a beach ball when a car rolled past his area. Soon, he reached the museum. The doors were locked, but he had the answer for that; a stick of dynamite. He carefully lit it, left it by the door and ran for cover.

Huh, and here I was expecting he'd be going to Knatford station like in the movie. Guess not in this story. :applejackunsure:

"How in the world did he get it here?" Starlight gasped.

You and me both on that one!! :twilightoops:

"And," continued the Fat Controller, "Ryan told me about the dynamite incident. Sparks from his funnel is what caused the dynamite to light up, and as for the cavern, there should've been someone nearby to tell you not to go anywhere near the area, and it seems those trucks were fibbing to me again, they will be dealt with."

Guess getting into trouble can be worth it, sometimes. :ajsmug:

Good story ^^ and when come next chapter if i ask nice ?

"Indeed. Still, I'm glad you owned up for your actions at the big station, and I hope you won't do that ever again, or race Bertie along your branch line ever again."

He's still gonna do the second one for sure. :ajsmug:

Moments later, they heard a whistle, followed by the sounds of grumbling. Thomas could just see in the distance something big and blue pulling a long line of giggling troublesome trucks. It was Gordon, "Bother that Thomas, I shouldn't be pulling trucks. I'm an express engine for crying out loud, not a goods engine."

Pacifics can still do them just as good as passenger Gordon. :duck:

"I think she really wanted to help," said Pinkie, "and given the fact no one was listening to her or Thomas, including us, what else could they do but go on the chase?"

Can't argue there. :applejackunsure:

"I know my father and he would listen, but Thomas took it upon himself." She shook her head, "the derailed coaches, falling into the shaft, losing the dynamite and now this. He's suppose to be a hundred, yet he still acts like a tank engine fresh out of the workshops. He's no really useful engine in my books, he's a disgrace."

Being cheeky is part of his character. Sure it dyed down over the years, but that's how he is. As much as I like the kinder side of him, seeing Thomas not being cheeky just doesn't feel the same. :fluttershysad:

When he reached Ffarquhar, he saw nothing but angry stares all around. From Percy, Toby, Annie, Clarabel and Rosie, to the Stationmaster and the staff. He didn't say anything to them, he just arranged his trucks into the siding and went to the water tower for a drink. As he sat there, the Stationmaster came over, "we need an engine to take Mavis' stone trucks to the junction. Thomas, you will take them while Percy takes Annie and Clarabel."

Hopefully everyone will be over it soon... :unsuresweetie:

The stone trucks laughed as Thomas came up to them, "oh look, it's the former number one," they teased. "Honestly, I think they should give the number one to that new engine; Ryan, and send Thomas off to a place where someone might like him. Oh wait, no-one does!" And they giggled in their stupid way.

Nobody cares!!! :flutterrage:

"Shunt your trucks onto my train and be quick about it!"

This is something I wish we had more often in cgi Thomas. Jerk Henry. :rainbowdetermined2:

Thomas sighed, and as soon as the fireman uncoupled the brake van, Thomas arranged the trucks onto Henry's goods train. He didn't even say 'thank you' as he puffed away.

He's gonna have to say it to him eventually. :applecry:

Moments later, two young boys appeared from the bushes with tools in hand. They laughed and tried to get away, but heard screeching tires and stopped. It was good thing they did as Bertie the Bus was coming down the nearby road and stopped with inches to spare from the boys.

So they're the ones who did it. :rainbowhuh:

The Driver and fireman groaned, but sighed when they heard, "no more racing Bertie. It was fun during our first and second race, but now it's going too far. This has to stop, I'm sorry."

Huh, and here I thought he'd not keep it. :applejackunsure:

The Fat Controller's face changed to an angry look, "they were told by their parents; scrap merchants from the mainland, to steal anything metal so they could melt it down and they would get more money for themselves. Thankfully according to the police, their parent's illegal game has come to an end cause as soon as the boys confessed, they phoned the police on the mainland, Sussex area I believe, and they arrested the parents. Turns out, they had been doing this for quite some time, though not anymore."

Damn! :pinkiegasp:

"Kind of spooky isn't it?" Rosie whispered to Toby. Toby had to agree, and even said it was like being in a novel story that tries to get every character involved.

There a reason Rosie is there?!?! :applejackconfused:

"What's suppose to mean Twilight?" Thomas asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What's that supposed to*

Marion looked to her left and gasped to see Oliver the Western engine. "Wait, what? Two Olivers? But this can't be right, I thought the mini engines were magical, and that you made a wish. There can't be two Olivers on the Island of Sodor."

If there can be 2 berts, I'm sure we can have 2 olivers. :trollestia:

But still, in spite of all the good around them, Thomas was still feeling down about Twilight and Applejack not willing to give him another chance. As for Starlight, she could only guess of what other punishments her parents had in store for her.

Give it time. They'll get over it soon. Hopefully. :pinkiesad2:

"It's all just for show," grumbled Sir Handel. "Once she's free, she'll be back into doing whatever she did before."

She won't Sir Handel. :ajbemused:

"Oh but there is..." the Thin Controller looked around and whispered, "keep it under your dome, but we're planning a little surprise party next Friday for Sunset, as a way of thanking her for all her hard work and to congratulate her on becoming the girl she is now."

How exciting!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

"Er, nothing, nothing at all." But deep down, Sir Handel was disappointed that he hadn't been picked. He would never admit it, especially in front of Duncan, but he was growing fond of Sunset.

Good. :twilightsmile:

"Stuff and nonsense," he said angrily. "You do know, cause your crew says you only blow steam at the other engines with Sunset in her cab." Duncan looked away, trying to hide a look of guilt, "nice try Duncan, I know that look from you. Now listen, tomorrow Sunset is running with Duke, then it's your turn with her at your controls."

Busted. :ajsmug:

"I sure did," she smiled. "After work, I went to the spa and got them lightened, then I went out and bought these clothes. I figure if I'm going to be starting a new chapter in my life, I might as well start looking like a whole new person. Now, enough about me, let's get you cleaned up before your fireman arrives."

Can't go wrong with that. :raritystarry:

As she did her job, Sunset spoke with Duncan, "I know I wasn't always the nicest person in the world. Before coming to work here, I was rude, cunning, and a selfish little jerk who cared about no one but herself, and that included everyone else's safety, and while I admit I would never want to do that ever again, my life experience has been a real eye opener and made me realize that I could use what I know to help others. While I know I can never make up with everyone right now, I hope that one day we can make up and be good friends." She checked the water level in the tank, and after nodding, stopped the flow of water and moved the spout out of the way.

Mhm. :ajsmug:

Yep, looks like Thomas will have to win back the trusts of the other engines including Twilight Applejack & Henry.

I may have already said it before, but I hate how nasty Twilight and Applejack were in this series. Twilight was being too proud and arrogant to admit she was wrong about her accusations towards Thomas, and was more than willing to ruin her friendship with the others just so she could feel superior to them. And the only reason Applejack jumped on the bandwagon at first is because she's an idiot. Thankfully though, at least AJ eventually saw sense after being called out by her own sister. As for Twilight, I wouldn't be surprised if someone took advantage of her pathetic grudge, and frames her for a crime she didn't commit. I doubt anyone would be willing to believe her innocence after what she said in "Not All if Forgiven". And I honestly hope someone calls Starlight's parents out for how strict they are.

"I did that over the weekend, but now it's gotten so boring that I couldn't take it anymore," she answered. "So I decided to go for a ride on the Small Railway, plus I heard Jock's back in action, so it'd be good to see that new-built engine again. Plus," she added, "it'll give a chance to not hear Applejack or Twilight grumbling about Thomas."

They're gonna have to get over it eventually. :pinkiesad2:

"I'm Sunset Shimmer," she smiled and held out a hand to him, which he shook back. "That was actually quite a sneaky thing you did with Flash, I'm quite impressed."

Sure was. :ajsmug:

Two days later, the engines awoke to find an interesting surprise in the yards. Along with the regular coaches, there were three coaches that shared similar paintwork to the Auto Coaches. Duck gasped upon seeing them, "I don't believe it, those are my old slip coaches."

Thx for doing the 2 day edit to when the coaches show up. As much as I like the episode this is based on, I never understood how Sir Topham Hatt managed to find them and have them the very next morning after James told him about it. Nevertheless thx. :scootangel:

"Even still," said Edward as he looked to James' over-excited face, "if he's not careful, he could cause some chaos, and probably some disorder for the railway."

He sure will. :duck:

"It's not my fault, that stupid coach bumped me!"


You think Thomas and Twilight will forgive each other?

Hopefully soon & if she does not two things might happen:
One her refusal and attitude might ruin her date with flash or two her trust issues might cause Thomas or one of the others to get hurt in an accident.

Yep, and the same thing might happen with Applejack & Henry.

Cause that will make their friends and families hate them for how they treat Thomas.

Now that's gonna be a chore for Twilight, Applejack, and Henry.

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