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Hello? Can anypony hear me?

My name is Sunny Starscout, and I don't know where I am.

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Immersing and fun. Nice job

That was scarier than expected

I thought it would be interesting to try and explore some darker themes in my writing.

i like the smell of fear wolf said to sunny

The title is not intended as a reference to the games.

what are you talking about? i just sent a song that has the same title... and this OST is not to a game but another fimfic

Hey there. The system won't let me respond to your PM for some reason.

Huh... weird:rainbowhuh: But yeah, those were my thoughts. deskchair observations from a hobbyist philosopher.

Some interesting ideas. As noted, this story is meant to be a comment on 3AM videos taken to horrifying extremes, with the antagonist legitimately convinced Sunny is a stuffed toy somehow brought to life.

Oh, I know. My point was there really wasn't much to it.

Its a interesting phenomenon, to be sure. The internet, to put it mildly, is a weird place. All across are cracks and crannies where dwell all manner of soul seeking to be heard, to have some record that they were there or merely to vent. Mostly harmless, or at most more harm to themselves then to others in general. Now that doesn't one shouldnt tread carefully, of course,

But this youtube thing is another beast. Its a feed back loop.

I recommend the videos of Nick Crowley for a true deep dive into how mad the internet can get.

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