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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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MILF-estia, let’s gooooooooo.

Have you ever written a story that has not hit the top of the featured box?

The comment caused Celestia to go beet red and cover the heart-shaped tuft of prismatic hair on her crotch. “I…I thought it would make the night special.”

Some people give Celestia pastel rainbow pubic hair, but nobody ever depicts it as three feet long and floating in an ethereal breeze. I don't understand it.

If I may, were could I find this particular artwork?

she never had the opportunity to sire an heir of her own.

Sire /noun
Definition; A male parent, especially of a stallion or bull.
Ah, so this is a futa story. *takes a look at kinks* Or maybe it's not.

#2613762 on derpibooru.

Another artist was inspired, and created #2638023 for the back view.

Honestly, didn't expect this threesome paring to be so hot!

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