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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Meanwhile Chrysalis is next door curled up in a love coma.

tits are back on the menu boys

I demand to know how you invaded my brain, although I can’t be too upset when a story that plays so strongly to my interests was the end result.

If cows are sentient creatures in the MLP world, would role-playing as one be the equivalent of role-playing as a different race for humans?

There's more calcium enriched goodness yet to come!

I don't think so? Like, it'd be different if a unicorn was RPing as a pegasus.

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Agree. This checked (ticked) my boxes.

Thanks for posting Leech.

Shining and Cadence are an adorably kinky and loving couple.

My pleasure!

That's what I was goin for!

Not really, our "races" aren't really an equivalent to being an entirely different species. We don't really have a good equivalent, the best I can think of is role-playing as a dolphin or something.

Just when the couple's kinks aren't enough.

The moment his lips graced her winking, engorged clit, he set upon her like a ravenous beast. A soft gasp, followed by a hushed moan escaped her, spurring him onward. Years of being with her, both before and during their marriage, had lent him a keen insight on just how to get her wound up, and he leveled every ounce of his carnal skill against her.

FYI this paragraph was where I ended up needing to not fav this. Up until here is was excellent!

Not a fan of premarital consummation?

He milked her and she milked him. The question is who milked more out from whom and did Cadance just ended up with more milk in her loins than her Tits :moustache:

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