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why is there a big enter gap?

well, that's a first
a story featuring ass worship that i unequivocally HATE
i'd go into why but i'm nigh-certain it'd end up turning into a string of cussing most foul aimed squarely at this "Yakopak" numpty
well, i can say ONE thing at least
"The Bad Guy Wins" Ending? really? with a side of Karma Houdini to boot?

of all possible issues with this... this, you choose the most inconsequential?

Totally understandable, thanks for stopping by and giving it a read though! Hopefully my pet projects will be more to your liking ^^

I don't know why, but I had a lot of fun with this story, I hope there will be a sequel soon.


If you think hard enough then yes.

Thank you! Sadly, this was a commission, and I will be putting a hold on commissioned work outside of my Patreon rewards for a while after this to make time for my pet projects ^^

I am actually in tears from laughing. Another vote for 'sequel please'.

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