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It's "two cents", not "two sense".

Not sure what you are referring to, sorry!

Oop, I see it now, thanks!

NOTE: Due to a tie, a new poll with only the top five has been created and replaced the old poll in the author's note!

Prince Charon it shall be, then

I went with Prince Astra >:3

An interesting concept. Hasbro building bio-mechanical, artificial intelligent, living creatures in the form of MLP characters.
Although, thinking logically, it kind of sounds a bit dangerous, as these droids could potentially turn evil and kill the human race. As that mistake of playing God has been made in numerous stories, TV shows, and movies before this. Frankenstein, Jurassic Park, The Terminator, the Android/Cell saga in Dragon Ball Z, to name a few.
In fact, if I was given one of those things, I think I'd be too scared to activate it, and go near it, especially if it was one in the form of a villain character.
Thinking "what if something goes wrong?", "what if it tries to attack and kill me and anyone around as soon as it comes to live and looks at me?"
But, hey! It's only a story. Hopefully that won't happen in your story.

I also wonder, after saying the words to activate it, does something bio-engineered trigger in it that bio converts anything mechanical into artificial organic living flesh, therefore making the robot turn into a living breathing creature, or something like that?

Hey! I'm happy you are enjoying the story so much! this will be mostly smut, but some of these questions are touched on lightly in my other Bioverse Fics, Children of the Sun, and the ongoing sequel, Neon Moon.

I will be exploring these questions bit by bit as I come to grips with them at my own pace, and hope to flesh this out more over time into a more realized universe. Glad you enjoyed the smut, tho!

The more human man on stallion stories there are, the happier a place the universe is, especially in my pants.
One thing though is that the constant use of "them" in place of him/his/etc when referring to both Astra and Aydin seems really strange, and I can't really find a reason for it, since it seems to just happen at random.

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