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Loving it! Lu is best pony! :yay:

so.....will lu be tias little sis in this or even want to be lastly will this fic be longer than the first one

Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Are you going to finish this story

wow, I loved the fic I would like you to follow it greetings from Mexico

I am actually workin on a new chapter rn ^^


This series is simply adorable is so many ways!:heart:

Comment posted by Una deleted Mar 1st, 2021

What happens when a bot meets another of itself? What if Celestia met another Celestia? Or Luna met another Luna?

You send that you were on the next chapter on 9th of March it is now the 18th March

indeed! I am currently working my contractual obligations to my lovely commissioners, as well as my flagship story, but I will circle around to my side projects once I am able to do so!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and what lu wants to do. :pinkiehappy:

thanks! i am currently taking things slow rn, I sort of burned myself out a bit going hard a bit ago, but I'm slowly recovering and once I get some long overdue commission work done ill be coming back around to this ^^

Take your time to recoup, I'll be waiting to see the shananagins :moustache:

I just read your Children of the sun story and now just read this one. I must say that I'm really liking this so far! Can't wait to see what the future chapters bring. Hopefully there's a chance that Princess Cadance herself might find her way in this series? Just a personal hope of mine is all but who knows? Anything can happen.

Regardless, this story is awesome and I love it:trollestia:

are you going to do more of this? and what was lulu reading?

Definitely! And she was reading an excerpt from one of my favorite books, The Name of The Wind

He set his thoughts on the matter aside for now, giving her a reassuring smile and getting up from his seat on the couch. “Well, I’m glad to have sorted that out with you! Now, how about the two of us get a move on hm? There is a wonderful little boutique that’s Quadruped-Friendly we can stop off at to get you looking even more beautiful before the show. It’s run by the nicest little Mark Two, I’m sure you’ll find her absolutely delightful.”

oooh possible marshmallow fashion horse making an appearance next chapter

also what other droids are there besides ponies is there like a kim possible droid somewhere or an equestria girls adagio dazzle erm exotic dancer somewhere

Oh sweet, I thought this was dead! Looking forward to more.

You could try calling it the Bioverse since bio-droids are a big part of this AU but I'm pretty bad at naming stuff so its whatever

Since Bio-Droids are replicas of their fictional counterparts it wouldn't be impossible for a Nightmare Moon Bio-Droid to exist right?

All of these are entirely possible! Any fictional character you could think of could have droids modeled after them ^^

Liking the story!

Oh! also, I need a name for this AU.


Interested to see where this goes
Edit: I reread the description and remembered what ES stands for in this context
This’ll be a ride

IS this story dead? I really want to read it but I really don't want to start it if it's not going to get finished.

Still hoping you come back to continue this story. 🤞

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