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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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There's a "huge dick" joke here somewhere.

THis is hilarious!! And good

There is. But are we that immature? Probably.

I hope I'm not sounding selfish, but would it be alright if there was a second chapter where it shows Rainbow accepting Zephyr's offer and joined him in the bath tub? If not then I'm still satisfied, this site needs more Zephdash I just wish I knew what to write help contribute.

almost feel like flutershy set this up, in the hopes they hook up she does want to be a auntie after all, rainbow might have just granted that wish

Of course Zephyr’s packing, what a waste a an asset! :raritywink:

Would've been great if Zephyr woke up and said "Was it good for you too?"

There've been discussions of a sequel

"Normally Rainbow wants a huge dick in an ass, not on one, but this time she'll make an exception."

Nice story but shouldn't this be tagged non-con, or does somnophilia cover that?

Considering that Fluttershy is busty enough to rival Celestia (and with a plot that can stop traffic), and Zephyr is packing enough dick for a whole hoofball team, makes you wonder just what their parents are packing. Especially since you can clearly get magic clothing to hide the size.

I can't see this ending any other way but in hilarity

The biggest dick award still goes to Zephyr Breeze.

I love this i hope they get together in a sequel.

rainbow dash finally understood why zephyr was always so cocky

:rainbowderp: "No wonder Fluttershy is always walking funny..."

i was really hoping for a 2nd chapter with anal attempt lol

She could have sworn that a fist was jammed to her cunt, had she not known better, but that wasn’t the case.

This line feels especially pointless since it doesn't add anything but word count lol. Good story overall, though!

Needs more

I love it, honestly would love sequel.... And maybe hoping for her to get pregnant after the first story

There are discussions of a sequel in the works...

Kinda hot. 😇

It would be nice if Zephyr was just pretending to be asleep all along!


Stay tuned for the sequel

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