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It seems that Twilight has finally finished reverse engineering the transformation magic of the changelings! oF course, she immediately sees to sating her curiosity.

A Patreon Tier reward.

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Funny although I was expecting there to be more than one species tried.
I thought the first choice would be a changeling since it's changeling transformation magic so she could try out how emotions taste.

Maybe you could make this a series? If you're interested in doing so of course, it just sounds like it would be fun.

I gotta agree this would be a very interesting and definently unique series if you decided to continue it. Most definently liked and followed

That ending made me laugh so hard. XD

This is interesting. You could add a couple more chapters with transformed Twilight interacts with her friends. And why the sex tag for?

The patron who requested this will be doing so again this month for another chapter, you could do the same if you would like if you want to see your idea reach the screen ^^

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