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Hello, Leon Davies here, also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, voice actor, brony, autistic British egomaniac, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.


After Starlight and Discord released the Legion of Doom from their stony imprisonment, one part to get rid of the “Cozy Glow did nothing wrong” protestors and the other out of genuine guilt, they realized rehabilitating them was going to be a lot harder than they thought.

Good thing Twilight found a copy of those reformation spells Discord destroyed all them years ago.

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You totally should pony-fy "Eat it Jerry" and "Not today Brian" as well. :)

And so, the first step of Twilight's descent into tyranny has begun. Who knows how many more will have to suffer her forced friendship and harmony. The last hope to avoid such a dystopia is for Discord to eat the spells again...

In all seriousness, I always wondered what those reform spells would have actually done. I doubt it would have been as disturbingly efficient as shown here, otherwise it would have gotten used at least once before Discord was released.



Who knows how many more will have to suffer her forced friendship and harmony.

If G5 is anything to go by, enough for the ponies to say "stuff harmony". :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, Sunset went through that as well?! :twilightoops: That's it! Twilight, you are no longer allowed to reform villains. :twilightangry2: :facehoof:

Amusingly, I actually posited a theory that Twilight used mind-altering magic to reform some of the villains:


....................................................................my point still stands. :ajbemused:


I think they are just over exaggerating a little. I mean, isn't it a good thing that the Villain Trio are FINALLY giving up their evil ways, and gives reforming a chance?!

Sure, Twilight forced them to with something very "unethical". BUT, if they don't do the easy way to learn friendship? Then lets give them the Hard Way!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Neat. If only you could use that power to make enemies your slaves/warriors. That would make things interesting.

Now let's hope Tirek doesn't return as "Tirek the Unshamed".

Yes! Because even in a show for teen's? Let's make so if anyone disagrees or is crazy just have them shot with a laser...wait! You say its a...rainbow laser? Cool, nice optic's! You say...you want to call it...friendship. Oh...your pointing it...

Ya friendship!

( joke aside...it seems kind of counter intutive to say friendship is magic...then when everyone disagrees with you or...I...guess evil? They get zapped? I just think they really want to stick the theme...have characters work and grow to connect with people...like you know? Real life? For...healthy message fyi. Not that it...is not a cartoon...just always kind bugged me. Cough cough.

Its oh! Mental health problem oh! Heres a laser beam! ?


That's actually dark and disturbing, if you think about it.

Honestly, this perfectly explains both my hatred and fear for the Elements of Harmony and the Magic of Friendship. How that power could be abused.


Honestly, this perfectly explains both my hatred and fear for the Elements of Harmony and the Magic of Friendship. How that power could be abused.

This is an interesting take on the Magic of Friendship.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic propagates the illusion that an egalitarian society can be maintained among groups with massive biologically inherent gaps in ability and economic utility.

Solidarity is Illusion: The Political Economy of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Overthinking It

Ah. the Nemesis system can make for some great stories in that game. I had an uruk once named Shag the Guardian who was an absolute badass. had no weaknesses at all and more rages than you could ever hope for, but it didn't matter because every time I summoned him he would arrive on the scene pissed off.

I called him to a fight once when 5 others betrayed me, and he had killed four before I could hop down from my perch and join in and he never once betrayed me. He practically ruined the game for me, because nothing that breathed could stand before him. I never did find anyone worthy enough to beat him and take up his mantle of badassery, as after we rampaged across all of Mordor together I eventually lost him to a corrupted save file. Wherever you are Shag, I salute you.

If that happens, then Twilight's going to have to shame him again...

And hope Tirek doesn't become a Maniac.

I envy you. During Act IV, a good portion of my orcs kept dropping dead like flies and I had to resurrect them after I had defended my fortresses.

But yeah, the Nemesis system truly is a thing of wonder. I remember my first couple of days playing Shadow of War. It was on the Xbox One but it hadn't 100% finished installing (only 98%) so I was stuck in Minas Ithal for about four hours. To kill time, I hunted down any Captains I could find until I encountered one tenacious orc by the name of Thrak Lock-Jaw. Even when I cleaved him in half, he managed to cheat death. After the game had finished installing, I never saw him again until the final Carnan's Bane quest, where he was one of the many orc captains resurrected by Zog.

I guess even an orc that has cheated death about five times needs a necromancer to bring them back when the sixth actually managed to do them in for good.

Also, the first orc that killed me was a random grunt who eventually got promoted to a Captain named Ashgarn the Tark-Slayer. It did not take me long to get revenge on him, I promise you that.

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Well, it's a step up from leaving them imprisoned in stone. And she gave Cozy and Chrysalis a chance to surrender willingly, after seeing what she could do, at least. And what she did to Tirek is (allegedly) temporary. So... good?

On a lighter note, I love how Cozy's just hanging out with the "Cozy did nothing wrong" ponies. Makes me wonder if she would have been more successful if she dropped the whole stealing magic angle and focused on just attracting more followers.

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