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Dozens of bronies are given the chance, by Celestia and Luna themselves, to be turned into ponies and brought into Equestria. One of them refuses. Is it because Equestria is actually incredibly racist? No. Is it because Celestia and/or Luna are tyrants? No. Is it because they have a family back home on Earth? No.

So why?

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Very interesting premise. I'm glad someone finally is adressing this issue in a story.

*Claps slowly*Just..this is just beautiful. I loved to reading this. :heart:


Good story, would have liked to see it some what expanded.

Cool story bro. Not often you see that.

I really like the message this story conveys. Such philanthropy has become rare and it's positively refreshing!

Interesting premise... I'm sure I've seen similar stories, I just can't remember what they were called. Personally, I'd rather like to go to Equestria, maybe visit Canterlot... And then remotley detonate a portable nuclear device in the middle of it. Then I think I'd leave again. :trixieshiftleft:


This story isn't supposed to come off as anti-pony, just so you know. Reader interpretation is fine, but I just want it to be known what I was aiming for. This is just a pro-human story, and pro-human doesn't mean anti-pony.

1235654 I'm not "anti-pony", and neither is this story. I'm just saying that's what I would do, regardless of how the ponies behaved.

1235654 CELESTIA is stupidly overpowered but whatever.

Short but I like it!

This is a truly powerful piece of work that runs counter to the many misanthropic works that permeate this fandom.

Haha! Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic! I wish more people got the message like you have. The world would be a better place.


Oh, thank you very much!

I see...

Why go to Equestria, when with a little bit of hard work, our own world could be just as beautiful:pinkiesmile:



I believe its better to help others than it is to live in a (seeming) utopia.

People with a perspective such as yourself make the world a much better place. This is a great story with an excellent outlook on humanity. Probably the only philanthropic story I've seen on this site, actually.

Some of the people behind The Conversion Bureau would do good to read this.

I would like to see Equestria once if it exists but after that, I'd probably want to head home. I'm honestly not sure I could handle losing the familiarity of humans. I know how to react to then and read into what their thinking a bit. I can clearly understand them in both their greedy and in their generous natures and I'm too cynical to really be able to interact well with kind to the core ponies. I'll end up actually looking for that one bit hatred or spite and end up dragging things out of them that would have otherwise remained buried and repressed so that those feelings wouldn't hurt other ponies feelings. I instinctively look for problems in someone's character so I can identify and avoid those problems. I'm worried I might go looking for trouble if I can't find it, if only out of some sense of comfort. A sort of "I know what the danger is so now I'm ready for it." kind of deal. On one hand it helps me stay on good terms and I can empathize with people easier than normal but on the other hand... I know exactly which nerves to hit if I lash out for some stupid reason. Me and sister got off of speaking terms after we both lost our temper because of this. Knowledge is the most powerful psychological weapon and/or aid a person can have.

I'm also glad someone else realizes that civilization is a product of humans working together for a better way of life. My dad is the worst at this, barely trusts anyone outside his circle of friends.

Why? Do you harbor some sort of hatred for ponies (why are you here?) or are you just trying to be flippantly confusing?
Or is this sadism?

Yeah, we humans have so much possibility. Give us a century and we'll discover over a thousand things about the planet, ourselves, and the Universe. I mean, the people in 1912 would probably freak out if they saw what the world looks like in 2012. This story is a good one.

Got a point, most people would leap for the chance to go to Equestria. Why though? It's not because of what they have, it's because of what we want. If you were to send any Brony to Equestria right now, nine times out of ten says they will instantly try to get it on with one of the Mane Six or one of the more well known background characters. It's not the concept of peace or harmony that Equestria offers, it's the material part that draws people to it. Anyone could say 'No that's not true, I would never do that' but we all know they're lieing. I would be lieing too if I said the same thing. Sure the sound of peace is interesting enough but how long would that last? The body may change but we still have the mind of a human, and the human mind can be violent, bored easily, or really dull. There is no perfect way to go there, or even last there before doing something regretable.

I hope this story helps others realize this too.

1237247 Sadism? No. I just like to blow things up.

1237247 This... all of my yes.
And the story too.:moustache:

Wow, intresting concept.

I think you might have a watch :pinkiehappy:

Short, sweet, and to the point.

Although I felt like this was a tad bit rushed, I still think you were able to get your message across to the reader. I thought this was very interesting and brings a whole new outlook on the stereotypical "Humans = bad, ponies = good" thing that a lot of fanfiction authors tend to go with. Have a thumbs up, you deserve it. :ajsmug:

All I can say is fucking thank you
too many times in these fics I see humanity bite the dust or get down trodden because the writers personally lost faith in our race, really thank you this was a good pick me up.
Because lets face it we paint those ponies in a much brighter light then they need to be and we step on ourselves too often in HIE fics, its bloody stupid, so thank you :D
Here have a amazing speech

I love this concept and this story. :pinkiehappy:


Thank you everyone for the kind words. For those of you who enjoy the kind, realistic view on humanity, please direct yourself to my story Reconstruction, a story that shares the main moral of this story, that people, while mean at times, can be good, and have been good, and will continue to be good.

Also, keep an eye out for my future work. I love writing about the kindness and goodness of the human spirit, and I think I have a plan for what to write next on it.

1247952 You've just earned yourself a watcher! :yay:

1265580 That makes no sense whatsoever. Seriously, what are you talking about?

1268030 The downfall of Canterlot. Obviously.

Darkness makes the light shine all the brighter.

1268030 He's talking about Fallout Equestria. It's quite relevant to what you stated about the nuclear device. I would suggest reading it if you get the chance.:twilightsmile:

What's the deal with these manmade stars?

Thank you, that is all.

This story is the reason why most, if not all permanent pony-transformation fics suck (especially if the tone is that ponies are superior-*snerk*). Sure, being able to go to Equestria would be great as a vacation, but after a while, it'd be time to go traveling through the multi-verse again. A normal person would go insane from just how peaceful the canon universe is. No joke. :applejackunsure:

2724872 I believe it's referring to satellites, though I'm not sure.

1247952 Every author who writes a HiE with a punk ass misanthrope MC should read this and remember, humans are good, no matter how bad the occasional rotten one may be.

It is stories like this that remind me of goodness of humanity. Too often we see the horrors of what we do to each other and how petty our hatred really is. You definitely deserved this favorite.

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