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My name is Melody and I’m 15 years old.



This story is a sequel to Cookiemilk’s Pokémon adventure

Queen Cookiemilk and king Ash Flames are devastated when they find out in an alternative universe, It isn’t cookie kingdom, Twilight Sparkle rules, and worst of all, Discord married Fluttershy! They must destroy this universe with the help of their three kids.

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Yes :D this series will be 15 stories long:)

Hot dang, that's some serious dedication. 👍

Ty :D in this story, Ash, Pikachu, and Cookiemilk will rule both universes :D

To be fair. Any universe where Discord and Fluttershy are married deserves to be destroyed. In the most gruesome ways possible.

How ironic that they have a Fluttershy pfp.

Just for that bit though. Twilight is still an infinitly better ruler than anyone else. Combined.

I like Fluttershy and discord but they don’t go together well

NO Cookieheart and cookiemilk are waaay better

Twilight let the world be destroyed in the new mlp g5 movie

So? It hasn’t even come out yet

By the power of sheer spite and sleep deprivation, I will destroy it instead of her if she fails in that endeavor.

Also it was leaked and in the movie a pony named Cookieheart became the ruler

Okay, that’s not even convincing.

In the end sunny and izzy meet her and ask her to help and she makes everything better again because she’s the only pony with magic

They were traveling to find her

This is the second day in a row that I have seen a story with a consistently red up/downvote ratio. I don't think I have ever seen such a thing happen twice in such short succession during my time here on the site.

If that were true, she would’ve been in the promotional material with the other characters, wouldn’t she?

No they don’t want to spoil it

Guys she's the secret sauce that makes the movie fire. You gotta believe me. I traveled here from the future to tell you this, now write it down, quick! The time-police are coming after meee.

I’m sure her very presence would make everything bomb.

Pretty sure Unicorn Crazy is separate from MLP G5.

I didn't specify what kind of fire.

It’s not even enough proof. I searched up information about G5 and there was nothing that said anything about your OC being canon.

So, why do people hate this?

Because there’s an overwhelming amount of fart jokes and the main characters torture discord

I don't think Hasbro would damage g4... I don't think Hasbro would ever damage their products. If they did in the new movie... I think every g4 lover would leave the Fandom for sure and yell at Hasbro. I think the new movie isn't going to be great. But gosh dang if g5 connects to g4... then its not a reboot. It would be of a sequel.

Yep, it's pretty obviously a trollfic, and not even an entertaining one.

How can I make it entertaining 😊😊😊😍

Another story in the best series on fimfic \o/

you are my hero 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

My husband is Ash Ketchum, but I turned him into an alicorn pony named Ash Flames.

Is he related to Ashen Blaze? Asking for a friend.

He’s actually related to rainbow Dash

Please don’t cancel this story! We love Cookiemilk, and you!

Why would she punish others for an allergy?

Because she’s allergic to muffins and they are banned so she knows when they have it

That’s not even remotely answering the question.

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