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My name is Melody and I’m 15 years old.



This story is a sequel to Princess Cookieheart’s story

Queen Cookieheart has sadly died. Cookiemilk, who was abused by her siblings, has to take care of the land now. A jealous pony named Twishy Wishcake wanted to ruin the cookie family. Discord gets put in the spell that makes him love her and Cookiemilk’s sisters and brothers get teleported into a different world full of beautiful creatures called Pokémon. Cookiemilk tries to save her family with the help of Ash and Pikachu!

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My oldest sister is Cookie sprinkle. She’s 150. I’m the second oldest. I’m 100.

Discord got put in the doghouse for fifty years eh?

I couldn't even finished the first chapter, I lost interest on the way it was written. Can anyone get me up to speed on what happened?

The transparency background on Pikachu for the cover art is legit.

Current theory is that it's a parody, a rather good one at that.

>wake up
>see new Rainbowmagic fic
dies of happiness

Cookiemilk looks so cool!

Honestly this is unironically good art

Well it’s better than your last story, I’ll give you that

I looked at the pictures on the wall. They had me and my siblings making discord’s stone statue ugly as a punishment for spilling milk on the carpet. That was fun! It was 20 years ago. There was also the time Discord accidentally broke a cookie and mom got so mad she turned him into a chicken. That was funny too. 3 years ago!

That’s discord abuse

How is Discord letting them get away with it? He could turn them into winged oranges with a snap of his claws.

They’re still under the mind control, how else?

Because Twishy forced him to love her

About time you finally admit it. That is further proof that this is a very, very unhealthy relationship.

It was Twishy not Cookieheart also cookie heart is dead

Twishy? Isn’t that a ship name?

Then why does it look like a recolored Fluttershy in the story art?
And the coat is the same color is twilight’s

Seems like a fusion to me

Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak pones stronger

It works better with gems, not ponies.

He made his kids


In this story


Ash Ketchum and cookiemilk like each other not cookie milk and Fluttershy

Ok so you make your characters torture discord, you make them Mary Sues, and you make the main character Marry ASH KETCHUM OF ALL CHARACTERS.


Just wait until the chapter where they turn Ash into an alicorn, ooo-eee!

I’m waiting to see if they attempt to torture Discord even more by trapping him in a Pokeball.

It’s not skuidward it’s discord and they didn’t torture them

Who the hell said anything about squidward?

They would never do that to their dad

Yet they would vandalize his statue and turn him into a chicken over minor offenses.

First of all, I didn’t edit it.
Second of all, no he isn’t
Third of all, learn to spell

When you spill milk, you let it go down, that means discord is letting down his daughter

Remember when they said they were 15 years old? :rainbowlaugh: Yeah right. Either they’re a massive troll or a five year old girl

Oml what does that have to do with anything

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