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My name is Melody and I’m 15 years old.


This story is a sequel to Milky’s kingdom

29 years after milky rebuilds the cookie kingdom, now called the milky kingdom, Her daughter loop fruit is curious about the planet ponies are banished to. All of a sudden, a strange creature called a strowlet she named swishy comes from it. Loop fruit joins him into the planet he originated from, which is the same place ponies are banished. Sadly, Milky doesn’t want her to and makes her come back. Loop fruit decides to leave her mom forever to make her own kingdom on the strowlet‘s planet. Is this a mistake?

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My friend helped me write this :rainbowkiss:

I don't remember this in pony history.

God is real and your stories are proof that She loves us and wants us to be happy.

Will your friend be credited?

My friend worked so hard to make the art and writing and you dislike for fun he decided to quit writing I hope your happy now I know you only dislike for fun and making fun of me this is proof

My stories you keep billing me about even got likes but this one that fixed it got 0 I think you just do that to discourage friends from writing this was his first online story and he decided to quit and I’m crying now because you ruined my friends writing carrer

Go ahed dislike this commen I dont care because when I fixed it you step on me and my friends work :fluttercry:

Who is your friend though?

He doesn’t have an account

Wydril #8 · April 2nd · · 1 ·

Going from a burning hot fire to a bathtub of ice is a really dangerous thing to do, it almost always causes a person's or animal's body to go into shock and shut down, and then they die.


Gerr you make my friend leave just for that

Wasn't my intention.

So this series won't continue?

They didn’t even say anything mean.

No this is cancelled the next series is about princess pinkie pie :D

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