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I write stories mainly featuring small horses having sex with one another, and that is probably all you really need to know about me.

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Warnings: G5 ponies, M/F sex, F/F sex, group sex, rough consensual sex, and casual horse racism

You're missing a period at the end.

Wtf! This was great and funny! Izzy as insane would make sense for having a ball on her horn.

You know, I was going to argue that it's not technically a complete sentence and therefore doesn't really require a period, but then I looked back and saw that all my other warnings end with one so I should add a period for the sake of consistency if nothing else. So, good catch.

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Also, the voice in Izzy’s head comes from her tennis ball

There's this one too. I should have caught that the last time but I just woke up. *yawn*

Fair enough. If lack of sleep is a valid excuse, I've been up all night and writing this description is the last thing I did before posting it.

Sorry, most ponies with any sense do their best to avoid those sorcerers. From what I hear, they're all either bookish introverts too busy keeping their snouts buried in their tomes to be of any use to anypony, or else they're insane, power-crazed lunatics.

Where's the lie? :trixieshiftleft:

Just looking at the story art and description, I’m hoping Izzy's ass gets pounded.

Sleep is very important. Been on vacation this week and slept a full 8 for all of it. I feel like a new man!

Be wise and catch those Z's!

oh come the f**k on

Woah they barely exist and already have smut- incredible :rainbowlaugh:

Fun story, creative idea and enjoyable execution ^^

I think G5 stories just get reflexively downvoted by a big population here.

Well, you see, we live in a society-

If a pony exists, it must be lewded. That's the law.

Yeah, the ever growing list of things that get auto-downvoted by people on this site is one day just going to encompass everything.

And society demands horse porn.

Sorry for the lack of unicorn butt fucking, but I hope you enjoyed the fic anyway. I know you've been looking forward to this fic for over a month.

Yeah. I thought Pipp and Zipp were OC's you made just for this movie. I was surprised mere moments ago when I found out they’re actually new characters in the movie!


I am going to casually suggest that if you are interested in Izzy's bottom, you have a look over at my page.

Am I unclassy enough to self-promote in someone else's comments? Apparently yes I am.

Go ahead and plug away. I've got to get around to reading that story myself at some point.

Yep, all characters present in this story are Hasbro's OC's

I just realized what the Star Trek reference is: Encounter at Farpoint, the two-parter that kicked off season 1.


Season 1 was godawful, man! :rainbowlaugh:

Actually not half bad!

I enjoyed it.

Thanks! That's high praise coming from an author with your talent. Glad you liked it.

Honest question: why MUST different races of ponies live together in what you and Hasbro seem to have defined as harmony?

Would you deprive a unicorn mare of the thobbing intensity of an earth pony stallion's rutting? Or an earth pony of the tender, delicate thrill of a wing job? Or a pegasus the experience of being levitate into the air and having all her holes filled at once by the humming buzz of a magic phallus?

Such is the dystopia of a divided Equestria.

That, and its the one piece of plot we actually have for G5, and I had to start from something writing this.

So, sex. Is that really a good reason to destabilize society and fight against people's natural instincts to stay among their own kind and to love their own kind above all other kinds in general? Need I remind you that the whole reason the Fire Nation was so evil was that they wanted to unite the four nations under one rule against their will when the four nations were perfectly happy being under their own rule and not united and even not warring with each other.


Need I remind you that the whole reason the Fire Nation was so evil was that they wanted to unite the four nations under one rule against their will when the four nations were perfectly happy being under their own rule and not united and even not warring with each other.

Oh, so the issue was that the other nations didn't want to unite? Silly me for thinking that it had something to do with the people of the other nations being united as second-class citizens serving a ruling caste that happened to be purely Fire Nation, under the rule of a series of totalitarian dictators. Or possibly that the leader of the Fire Nation had committed a genocide for the explicit purpose of destroying one of the only threats to his absolute rule. No, they just didn't want to be united. Silly me for thinking otherwise.

"Balls!" Izzy exclaimed with excitement, latching her mouth to his sack and running her tongue between his nuts. Hitch moaned in appreciation as the stranger mare slobbered over his balls and rolled them around in her mouth.

The mental image this conjured just made me spew coffee all over my computer screen.

Thanks for that.

Considering the fact that Sunny is a mare, and Hitch is a stallion, and that they're both earth ponies, it's probably obvious that these two are made for each other.

You're taking this WAY too seriously...

"Now, hang on a second guys," Hitch pleaded. "Maybe we ought to at least listen to what Izzy here has to say."
"Or maybe she's not the only one here listening to what their balls are telling them," Pipp accused the stallion.


"Mmmm, yeah, that's it. Fuck me harder than an advanced arcane history exam!" Izzy cried as he picked up his pace.

You're asking a lot. Those things can fuck up everything...

"First, it's earth ponies," Sunny said with smug glee, "and, well, you know what they say. Pegasi get wings, unicorns get magic, and earth ponies get..."
"Stamina." Hitch finished Sunny's sentence with equal smugness. He and Sunny shared a look, before he walked up behind her and mounted his friend.

Fair enough. Even if that's probably not what the show writers originally had in mind...

where's zipp in this fic

Just watched the movie, can confirm, this was 100% accurate.

Watching the whole thing

She did not exist yet back when this was written. We actually got our first glimpse of her just a few hours after the morning I published this.
And yes, I was pissed that Hasbro denied me the opportunity of having any incest in this fic by less than half a day.

a fascinating read, to be sure

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