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Welp, here goes something.


Promises made were promises never kept by Austin, a habit he sustained along with a lifetime of laziness from a life of few worries. A life that received a harsh wake-up call and demanded a re-evaluation after a family tragedy. His immediate family in tatters and disarray, Austin is placed in a position of responsibility he never had the chance to prepare for. The easy life he knew is gone, now he must own up to his past failures and pledge a promise to his remaining family of absolute devotion.

A pledge he is determined to fulfill or would have had there not been a pair of keen eyes watching from beyond space and time. Displaced from all he knew and believed, stripped of everything but his name, confused beyond all measures and dumped within a world of impossibilities, insanity, and familiarity by an entity beyond reason or understanding, Austin is forced to forge his path within this world of fiction if he is to ever have any hope of returning, and he is not sparing any caution, effort, or opportunity to do so.

Regardless of the entity's intentions, ponies pleas, or whether this is the providence of a fate set in stone, Austin is determined to return to Earth, to home, and damned be all who dare jeopardize his promise and family.

Hello viewers, this will be quite the journey I'm about to embark upon, so many unknowns and errors bound to be posted but I will try my hardest to smooth them all out and deliver a story of quality. If you believe that certain tags that would fit the story should be added once more chapters are out, feel free to point them out. here is a small spoiler if you wish to know where this beginning is set which is a month after the season 6 final.

Biiiiiiiiiiiig thank you to LittleTigress for the Cover art.

Ayo! First feature. 4/30/22.

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Austin is delightfully cynical, I love it!

Eh, I wouldn't exactly say he's cynical, just has a unique way getting through the pony stuff while keeping his sanity in check.

Interesting premise, not that the alicorn part is surprising but I do like the twist to it of two guy with Lone Star practically has forgotten what he remembered about MLP and the other taking on the role of playing the Brony exposition dump instead of him or another Mane 6 character. I am guessing he is going to be the slapstick comedy going to be faced with a expectation VS reality type of situation, and being immature and entitled at the moment his personal character development, with getting power and influence that he did earn or deserved will be a long one if he ever gets with the program, still not getting his shit together and blaming everyone but him for his mistakes in shirking his responsibilities. For Lone Star, as a counter point to his 'friend' he seems to be the cynical type but not overtly so, and will be the voice of reasons for this duo. It seems that he will assume his responsibilities as he is expect to accomplish, but just has no love, passion, desires or conviction with himself for what he is doing in his life and has been grinned down by life, if I am to judge what we see in the story and the synopsis. The very minor problem I see at the moment is that we don't get as much of Lone Star's circumstances in life and how he weighed down by life, side from a thankless job that he has, compared to the synopsis, and it's just dumb luck that for once I actually read the synopsis. I wonder what will get him to want to go back home, family I guess, and get Nightmare Moon involved and get chained with her. I think the Mane 6 tag and the princesses could be added too, but it could be just a very temporary thing. I can't wait to see how NMM will be involved in this.

It's ashamed I didn't get the chance to do the cover art on this one, but Little Tigris really out did herself on the cover art compare to the last work I have seen of her, my hat to her, she deserves every praises her way.

Good luck to your story

damn, you got all this from two chapters? that's impressive deduction, but mostly incorrect and some issues will be brought up.

Dude, I have "read" so mane HiE stories, and other Fim stuff over the years you wouldn't believe it, you would be mystified by it, I currently have 5,47 Go, or 44 417 Files docs, 3 653 Folders sitting in my hard drive that I "read" while I draw art, I can guess most of the plot in the story just base on what I have read before. And considering I couldn't string two words without a spellchecker, when I first started 7 years ago, I think I my writing and story understanding skills has improved a lot sense then. FimFiction has been a very important turning point in my life in both art, writing, and personnel growth.

Damn this shit is good. Fuckin edge of my seat in two chapters. 👌

Behold, the power of spontaneous external bleeding!

"... It'll save your voice from going horse."


oh the horse puns, they give me life

Promises made were promises never kept by Austin,

Please tell me Pinkie Pie finds out about this the hard way.

well, all that is before pinkie so even if she finds out she won't do much

dayum i like how this story is playing out. keep it up! UwU

young man, we do not tolerate uwu in this household.

Interesting chapter I wonder why he is so sick all of the sudden like that and why he didn't ask for medical help from the start you are probably already in deep intense pain if you already bleed so much, so I wonder if something was numbing his pain all that time. I wonder if the chaos/evil stuff Discord mentioned could be the reason for that, maybe he has to be in an environment filled with it to stay alive, like Tartarus and would explain the cover art maybe.

Looks like his friend was predictably being a dick, did something pretty serious, but I just hope hope he wasn't physically restraining her and about to press himself on her or that the laws in Equestria for sexual assault are broader was just sexually harassing her. Otherwise he will have to undergo some form of punishment get lose any possibility of getting the title of princes sense he wasn't part of the establishment, then he would have benefited of some nepotism . But sense he is a male alicorn, at the moment, I don't think he would actually do any time in prison, unless he was a credible threat to society, he would probably be confine to a guestroom and be chaperoned at all time if he is allowed to leave, if Celestia doesn't want let the near mythical status of alicorn be further irreparably damaged; he probably won't be allowed to make decision for himself which is friend will be responsible for him at this point onward.

Also Equestria does have animation cartoons, as we saw in Hurricane Fluttershy and Badseed, but I could guess that Luna didn't seen it yet even after returning for over a year

Please continue this story. I would love to see where this goes and see Austin get better.

I will, just been really busy lately.

thanks. I've seen too many good stories that just stop in the middle and the author never finishes. Yes I like your story a lot and think that it is an interesting situation our MC is in.

I was gonna make a Johnny test joke but it’s too easy, also sad ending.

This was honestly a really good chapter, I wasn’t expecting the ending but I’m eager to see where the next chapters will go from here and how will nightmare moon come into this.

Nice to see an update on the tory again, it was very interesting to discover that Austin doesn't have a natural magic aura to him, I wonder if it's the same for Ethen or did he managed to get one of his own. I wonder what if what Discord said was a cryptic warning of things to come, despite not having the most sound of judgment Discord has show signs of clairvoyance in the past. I hope the nasty fall he took was enough pain for him to realize that this isn't a dream at all and that he will be more apologetic and grateful to Luna. I do find it interesting the Austin's is now Ethen's legal guardian, can't wait to see when he realizes that he doesn't have any say in what can be done to him and has no more determination then a child, through from the sound of it his mental age hasn't reached it yet out of being 16 years old. Okay from the looks of it Ethem, doesn't really have any good mature judgment, and only sees that common sense laws as rules you can get punish and doesn't have the sense of empathy for others and doesn't realize what these common rules applied everywhere including Equestria. I could say he couldn't guess at a ponies ages just by looking at it, but from the sound of what he said he knew it wouldn't fly in our world in any possible way. This said, if he was willing to try having strait up sex on the first day he arrived in Equestria, even with all the lube stuff you find on fim on that, I don't think it would ever excuse his total absence of restraint or scruples, and morals and should be class as a threat to pony society even if he would count as royalty or that he comes from another world, especially with Austin corroborating that it's bad even for him. I wouldn't like it that he get a permanent file on being a rapist or that he has to undergo a gelding/castration to stop those urges in order to be let free in the public. Maybe a few decades in the guards could straiten him out, as an alternative to going to prison/Tartarus, but he would still need strict supervision still and a handler that hand handle an alicorn and their power or had a off switch to his pegasus and unicorn magic when ever he doesn't follow orders. If I were a establish cynical alicorn royal, which my reputation being hinges on being a tribe of a higher moral fiber, which making a trial would cast serious doubt on that, I would keep him in an isolated cottage being catered to and not allow him to leave the place EVER, think that would be Prince Blueblood's suggestion on that. But if the royal really want to show that no pony is above the law then I think taking a hit on their reputation would be worth it and putting Ethen on a trial would be a good show to the public on that.

Judging from the story description, I think Austin will probably just get more desperate but be more cautious since he knows that he can die from these stunts. Ethan will probably go to the dark side, becoming a 'big bad evil guy' and only realizing how bad he screwed up when he is dyeing or something equally irreversible. Hopefully Austin will eventually learn to like/tolerate living in Equestria before he kills himself(if he hasn't done so just now).

Damn you for getting me hooked on this story. Just tell me one thing, will he probably get a happy ending?

I'm afraid any answer I could come up with will be somewhat spoiler-ish for the story. Patience will have to prevail for now.

Well, you've certainly caught my interest! I'm expecting interesting developments to come!

heh, well I'm certainly gonna try to give it my all.

good choice with moving on with getting him to accept that this is real, I don't think there was many more options left to try to convince him. now we can see how he tries to return home without putting himself in such great danger. oh, wait, you said he can't stay dead without some extreme circumstances, so he might put himself in danger since perma-death mostly isn't an issue, well he might be averse to the pain that happens each time. Also, not all those stories have them despising humanity, some just realize that trying to find there home reality is like trying to find a particular grain of sand that could be anywhere in the world. Some stories have it that so much time has passed that they have nothing left to go back to even if there Earth is one simple easily opened portal away.

the last part was referencing certain stories I've read on here, but it was more an explanation of what the entity had been up to prior this story, and while death may not be an issue for Austin right now, who's to say there aren't other consequences that will come with eventually?

Uh oh, I have a feeling that hayseed just found something really important to do with Austin. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have a feeling austin lost some magic or something like that, right? Unless it could be part of Austin's mind, the same part. Guess I am gonna have to wait to find out.

Can’t wait for the next chapter

"two sticks and a rock for a whole platoo- I mean for all of humanity"

"When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmanzy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon—and we had to share the rock! Buck up, boy, you are one very lucky marine!"

a fellow man of culture I see.

Christ Ethan is so annoying, I'm glad he's not around anymore.

So, who else looked at the cover image and thought, "Hey, that looks interesting. Almost like when NNM was banished, she found some potentially ancient entity, who happens to be an alicorn. Oh, what if this leads to some backstory on some possibly ancient alicorn civilization? Oh, the possibilities!"

And then read the description to find it was another HiE turned pony fic? No? No one? Okay then...

Anyways joking aside, the description alone is a bit off-putting for me. Two large paragraphs, that could've been cut up and easier for the eyes to read without getting lost in a sea of words and sentences. I really, really don't like long paragraphs, as it makes me reread the same thing over and over and over while progressing extremely slowly.

Imma just toss this in my queue and wait for more chapters for now before I dive in.

hey, you do you pal. yeah perhaps I could have handled the long description a bit better, but then again, it's the long description. And this is a learning experience for me so hopefully I'll be improved when I eventually get to start other stories.

I was just about to say something about that, but I was beaten. Least I got the reference he did there.

I can say right from the start, Ethan is a dick and isn't his friend no matter how much they might say otherwise. Plus this is obviously his fault.

Also, please for the love of God don't have Austin go and make an about face and decide to stay in equestria forever for some reason.

Wow, Ethan is a dick. Went and ruined the life of the only person to tolerate him.

oh believe me, he'll do his damnedest to get the hell out of pretty pink pony land, just gotta wait and see.

Hopefully this isn't something absurd like him dying because he's an alicorn and doesn't want to be friends.

He's Ethan's "Guardian"? That seems absurd. Just because Ethan claims that doesn't mean Austin IS it. And really, he should just let Ethan be punished, the bastard deserves it.

Regardless if if it's "real", he shouldn't ever accept it. He's a human and was brought here with Ethan to make him suffer so others could pretend to be doing something that mattered.

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