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I have read but the prologue, but I say this brother

This is as good as, if not better, than what I've seen get featured before.

While I was very confused when I first heard there was a relatively large amount of WH40k crossover I have rarely seen such descriptive prose worthy of the novels.

Keep at this one, its going to go places.


The Emperor Protects

Very well written so far my brother. The Blood Ravens and the Emperor support this work. Keep up the good work in the Emperors name.

Thought for the day: "Walk softly and carry a big gun."

Is this just after the Great Betrayal? when the Dark Angels fought on Caliban and when the Chaos Gods opened a warp rift on the planet which sucked many traitorous Fallen Angels and Brother Mykel in and scattered them across the galaxy?

By the way this story is already realy good I can't wait for more keep it up Brother.

Tought for the day: "Repent! For tomorrow you die!" (Dark Angels battle cry)

Just two thoughts:
I thought they had to eat part of their brain to get memories.

this is getting very interesing

cant wait for new chapter :pinkiehappy:

Looking good! I look forward to further chapters!


So you finally found me, huh? Thank you for your support.

Just a heads up, the Pre-heresy colors of the Dark Angels Legion was jet-black, not the green that the Chapter uses now, as a Calibanite Dark Angel only his left shoulder plate would be Forest Green. Here's a helpful website for reference and research.

Like what you've got here so far, keep up the great work. Hopefully this Dark Angel will be less xenophobic and treacherous than his modern counter parts.


Ah shoot, my mistake. I knew that the Legion's old color was black, but when I was reading "Call of the Lion" in Tales of Heresy, I somehow misread it to thinking that Belath's whole armor was green. Thank you for pointing that error out.

I already know about the website, and Lexicanum as well. This was just a small oversight on my part. I promise that this won't be a reoccurring problem.

He is going to be xenophobic, at least at first. After all, this is during Mankind's Great Crusade across the stars, seeking to establish themselves as a galactic superpower. As for treacherous... well, for Dark Angels, there is treachery and there is treachery...


Yes and no.

As Zephyrion has helpfully pointed out, Mykel's armor is black with one green shoulder, not all green. Also, that picture is of Mark 7 "Aquila" Astartes armor. The armor Mykel uses is significantly older, most likely a Mark 4 "Imperial Maximus" suit. You can see the differences here:


Also, I feel that I should point out that his sword has no power field whatsoever.

Other than that, it's a good picture to represent Mykel (and a dang good one on its own). This photo shows the white tunic some Dark Angels wear over their armor, just in case some readers aren't really clear on what a tunic is.

I seriously love that pic. Thought about using it as my avatar photo.


From the materials I've read, including Blood Gorgons and some story about the Silver Skulls finding a world with psychic kroot, it doesn't have to be the brain. Any part of its blood or flesh will do (except for features likes fingernails or hair).

What's so funny about a giant sword?

I am at an honest loss for words. I want to cry at the amazingness of this fic. You sir/ma'am, have made me happy.


That would be sir. And thank you.

Btw, the next chapter will be up soon. I just want to have my good buddy Fillyosopher edit for me first.

Now this will be good, i do love Warhammer/MLP crossovers.

Dear Celestia, I love editing this. Bronco Bro has the highest self-editing quality I've ever seen; I barely have anything to correct. That said, if and when one of you finds a mistake, post it here with the chapter and at least a full sentence (for context). Keep up the good work! or, to steal a more appropriate line from another review:


Wicked cool chapter, just awsome.

Great chapter, I realy like the flashback on how Mykel got the sword.

And to answer Fillyosopher's question I have not found any mistakes, so both of you keep up the great work, I look forward to more awesome chapters.

Mind = blown from the quality from these chapters.

Yes. Tzeentch is pleased with this chapter.



PLEASE don't bring the Ordo Malleus into this. I think you will get more trouble than you bargained for.

aldurukh huh? from fallen angels?

I really hope this is continuing, I'm liking it, there's few good 40K crossovers, this seems to be a gooder

Yes the one beast they should have slain the Lion

Nice start. Will continue reading.
May The Emperor bless your hands and mind, to sustain glory of this story.

This is great! I really hope you will continue, because it is a glorious story.
May The Emperor guide your hand, and fill your mind with his glory.

I.... Am lost for words. This story is amazing.

Huh. Press-heresy dark angel. That's...actually pretty damn neat! Can't wait to get the restore this.

To nerdout properly; By Celestia radiant glory and He on the golden throne, MORE!

A fine little story you've got going here. I confess, Great Crusade-era lore is something of a blind spot for me in 40k, so I won't be able to judge it much in those terms. But it is quite a fine entry in the SMiE subgenre of 40k crossovers. Your characters are fairly solid; this Mykel is a little bland so far, but I expect a space marine to take a bit to warm up to, and the flashback helped with that. Your take on Zecora has me interested as well. I also anticipate some kind of plot emerging soon; what you have so far has my attention, but it hasn't really gone anywhere just yet. Not a problem, as long as you don't spin your wheels too much longer wandering around in the Everfree. Hope to see an update soon; it'd be a shame to lay a good foundation and build nothing on it.

Thought for the Day: Only in death does friendship end.

:trollestia: Ave Imperatrix Celestialis :trollestia:

Congratulations, this story has good enough grammar to be included in the Good Grammar Directory, a comprehensive list of gramatically-correct stories on Fimfiction. :eeyup:

Hey awesome story but whens the next update?

Two heretics disliked this fic. BURN THEM!

Lovely sirens beckoned to him, their lips moaning and eyes promising pleasure, but their claws only suggested pain.

Good way of putting it. One of the interesting things to note about Slaaneshi Chaos Marines is that they don't go around lusting and stuff. No, their "pleasure" is simply going to war and killing stuff. Yeah...slaughter. Space Marines are just that...killy.

I hope this updates one day. I doubt that however, the last time this updated was around two years ago.

Welp... It's disappointing that there are a distinct lack of updates.
Oh well, I'll just go cry in a corner.

There is a lack of decent 40k fics on this site. By decent I mean, not devolving into a series of totally out of character actions (ie: heresy/general betrayal of ingrained ideals, being ok w/ those outside thier own race, showing mercy at all regardless of faction, ect.) This is a very good one, and actually has a legit reason for a lack of genocidal rage on the part of the space marine in that it's pre-heresy. Unfortunately, just like most of the others, it's dead.

Still awesome though!

I'll keep it favorited just in case.

This is a an fantastic story, and on the plus side there is no screaming of heresy or "purge the xenofilth" yet so that's a definite bonus :pinkiehappy:

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