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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.

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That was hilarious. And adorable. Buy mostly hilarious. That chat at the ending :rainbowlaugh:

That chatlog. :rainbowlaugh:

Most people would have tried to have him periodically check, like streamers do I.R.L. I daresay it not only wouldn’t have the same comedic impact, but it just wouldn’t work in general. It really was an inspired choice to have Anon only read it at the end.

Was there a secret ending in the game with both surviving? What was he supoosed to do?

You have to understand, even with modern medicine, a horse breaking its leg is an almost guaranteed death sentence. The leg doesn't have enough muscle around it to let the bones set, bones often permanently bend under the stress before they break, and their legs aren't build to carry their bodyweight on three legs, resulting in tissue failure and necrosis.

Admittedly, ponies are not identical to horses, and magic may make a difference in medical treatment. But the overarching theme of the Broken Leg Chronicles (insofar as I have conceived of them) is meaningfully struggling in the face of inevitable death.

That's some grimdark fantasy shit right there.

Chat was a lot tamer than expected :rainbowlaugh:

As always a pretty nice story in a pretty interesting setting. Thanks for the story mate!


I'm not a gamer, but it was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

sequel, please? pretty please?

Well crap, now I want to write a story like this lol. Instant fave

Seems like a good set up for a whole story. Very well done my friend.

I find this fic about Anon being isekai'd to a Magical Anthropomorphized Candyland with Arcano-Techno-Analogue in RGRE to be highly absurd...

...because no new streamer would have that much chat on day one.


1. I want to play that game. With the stupid bongo controller.

2. Fuck rhythm games/sections. I suck absolute balls at them.

3. This was a pretty damned entertaining story. I honestly want to see the continued adventures of Goth Daddy in the realm of streaming.

This was amazing I only wish there was more

My god
It's like God of War meets Last of Us

At least Buttercup survived

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