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This story is a sequel to Legends of Equestria: The Legionary

Mistmane finds herself trapped in lands far from home, and must make her way home, no matter what. But a grand conspiracy is underway. Friends, enemies, and allies all converge in an epic battle for the future of our world as an ancient evil makes his designs known.

Reading the previous stories in the series is required, or else you'll struggle to follow what is going on.





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We are live. More than a year in the making, and it all comes down to this.

Behold, the one born of ice and snow cometh! Or, should I say;


Mistmane is much beautiful than her elderly form.

You did good job by the way, mate

You have another chapter.

(Word of advice; reply to the comments you get on your stories. People are more likely to follow an author who engages with their readers.)

I wonder how Mistmane and Starswirl can save Flash Magnus and Somnambula? ;w;

Title should not have a full stop in it.

Aka period I assume? :P

I'm on it. :3

Nice work 👍

Your welcome my friend :pinkiehappy:

I see this chapter got you some extra traffic.

Another one down. And a new destination to boot.

I notice that the ANs on these often vary in length quite considerably.

Sleepless in Seattle later got a remake with Aaron Eckhart.

Not much to say about this chapter now other than having just crossed into the state where I resided in from 1996 to 2000: Oregon. :)

Other than the second major action sequence?

You may want to fix the title.

GOD DAMN IT! Stupid copy and pasting. :/

On it anyways. :P

They took an exit after a while, motorists only showing passing interest in the pair of unicorns (including one who pioneered the gravity defying mane), and headed down a quiet road, following a long river through what seemed like desert (and not dessert, yet another of Flash Magnus' Marvellous Typos). They then crossed another river (twice), and then proceeded through a town, a place that looked like a right dump based on the decaying signs and general veneer of neglect that hung over the place. Keen to leave as soon as they could, they took a right just outside the town and merged back into the big road. There were a lot of big roads in this part of the world, which was a drastic improvement over the roads in the snowy wastes further north. They took another exit, and soon after turned right and left before rolling onto another road, distinct in many regards to the previous road. They turned left and right again, before passing by two mountains, one snowcapped, the other less so. They crossed over a river, many, many times, to the point that Starswirl was certain that they were taking a wrong turn in at least one place. But alas it seemed as if Mistmane's sense of navigation was holding true that day, as after many crossings they finally found themselves going towards the other place. The pair crossed a creek, and then a river via a bridge, and then found themselves passing through a town called Reading. Starswirl thought it sounded like a lovely place, a town named after the act of reading. The duo then found themselves crossing the same river again, whilst a Pannier tank with a single coach steamed past, headed in the same direction (Middle of the Road jokes for the win). And then again. And once again, for the final time. They headed into a place that was very flat, through a town called Woodland (there were no trees, which made the name rather confusing), and then crossed that river once again, then once more for good measure. Then, at long last, they crossed a river that was entirely different, not least because of the fact it was in an entirely different place, but because the notice board said it had a completely different name. They then took an exit off this road that they had been following for a very, very long time (and their hooves were very, very sore), continued onto another street packed in amongst many many tall and oddly shaped buildings that were nonetheless pretty nice to look at, and then headed further onwards, taking a left hand turn into the waiting area of a large hotel complex that sat in the middle of several roads, a set of tall buildings housing many different things, and finally several shops, flyovers, and restaurants for people (or, in some cases from now on, ponies) to eat.

That is a massive paragraph.

Hey, no problems. We're all here to look out for one another, after all.

"That's a bad idea," Mistmane told him. "A sorcerer back home once experimented with magic like that, casting a spell that rendered the test subjects unable to sleep. Each of them went mad and had to be put down lest they become a threat to others."

Russian Sleep Experiment reference?

Thanks for the image creditn

1. Maybe? :3

2. You're welcome :3 When I spotted it when setting up the chapter, I knew I had to include it anyways. X3

"Hello. I am healthcare, your personal Baymax. WHEEEEEEEEE!"

Heh Heh :3

Btw.... did you hear that Season 3 of Big Hero 6: The Series ended up being the last season anyways? :twilightsheepish:

Indeed I did, and the BH6 fanbase appear to agree it wasn't a good season. I anticipate Raisorblade will rip S3 a new one.

Yeah. I mean.... it did leave a lot of things hanging though. :/

Hey, at least Baymax! is coming next year.

And wondering if it will be either animated like the movie or animated like the series did. ^^ I'm kind of leaning towards the former for me. ^^

It's being produced by Disney Animation Studios.

You really should have the AN in order before you publish.

I will update this Author's note sometime tomorrow to show images of the things that were seen in San Francisco for of today's chapter.

Reason why and at the time of publishing: It's about the 9:00 P.M. hour for me here on EDT, so I got things to take care outside of my laptop at this point.

You still haven't done it, a week since you posted the chapter.

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