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This story is a sequel to Legends of Equestria: The Sands of Time

Jimmy is on his way to the Big Easy, but gets somewhat sidetracked on his way there and is thrown into an utterly crazy adventure. Good thing he has infinite potions on his side...

Cover art was done by the amazing Light262, artist of one of the popular MLP FiM Fan Comics over on Deviantart: Timey Wimey. Link to his DA Page can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/light262

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Just as his hand reached out to touch the bracelet, it gained a life of it's own. It lunged towards him, and snapped down on the black hair tie around his left wrist, severing it permanently (For now though.). As it fell to the floor, the bracelet jumped forward and snapped shut around Jimmy's left wrist, the lock engaging to hold it in place.

Jimmy groaned in agony. He had only just remembered it was Monday. She had little time to think as her neck reared back and grew longer, making her look like a giraffe. Her nose and mouth grew out of her face, changing into a muzzle, and her eyes grew larger and larger, turning a different shade of blue in the process. While that happened, eyelashes appeared on either side and her eye shape changed to something similar to that of a familiar yellow Pegasus. During the process of her facial features changing, her red glasses start to wiggle themselves loose and as a result fell off of her and into the swampy water, never to be seen again as the water caused them to rust (They will return one day in another story.....). Not that she needed glasses anyways as she could see much better with her improved eye sight. Her ears shrank into her skull, only for two more to grow out of the top of her skull as a pair of bands made of fabric grew around her forehead, the back of her skull, and looping over the top and bottom of her ears. Then her hair turned from brown to two-tone red, and began to pull itself up into a topknot, growing back until it was at least six inches above her head, held in place by another braid. Then blue fur sprouted from every part of her body, covering over the formally human skin.

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Starting to think Jimmy will grow a complex about traveling on any form of mass transit.

It rarely seems to work for him, nor does anything for that matter.

Its either he gets a complex or all transport companies will refuse to take him for fear of random disasters.

Though he's not hugely well known. In 8 Magic Nights, nobody noticed all the TF shenanigans going on.

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It... has arrived.

Two original vehicles from the IC's City of New Orleans service survive at Alamosa, on the RGSR.

And I have ridden on them.

It was another typical day in Manteo, North Carolina, with the sun being out in force despite the cooling temperatures as October was starting to come to an end and November was approaching. It was a good time for good thoughts, and Jimmy Hook had been seized. No, he had not been seized because of something he ate, but he was seized by inspiration. A long time ago, he had been contacted by a friend of his from the UK, who had told him all about the city of New Orleans in Louisiana, and he apparently had an absolute blast there. The sights were wondrous, the music was wonderful, and the food was simply too good to be missed. How can you go wrong with alligator sausage, gumbo and clam chowder? These were all things that appealed to Jimmy as an American, despite being a chap from North Carolina, and he had resolved to go there some day.

Little vacation huh:ajsmug:?

There was a rather big problem, however. Jimmy was understandably scared of flying. On a previous day back in February, he had been the only survivor of a plane crash in the California desert, and had then-


Oh, hello Somnambula. I thought you'd be napping in your sarcophagus now?


Could you please speak English? Somny, this program doesn't support heiroglyphics.

Yeah, they're not really Egyptians Sommy:twilightsheepish:.

"Sorry. Well, I escaped from the plane, and then fell on top of an old green necklace, which turned me into Somnambula. We then had a big battle between myself and the Sphinx, with the support of a US Army unit in the neighborhood. Just then, I exhausted myself, and was loaded into a box to go back to Manteo. It's here things get a little fuzzy."

"You may want to ask me."

Later, Moonlight, later. Back to our story!

Anyway, on with the story:raritywink:.

As Somnambula nicely narrated for us, Jimmy had been involved in a plane crash and turned into Somnambula. The fact this occurred on a Monday was no coincidence, for Jimmy's curse (or gift, depending on who you asked) was set off on that very day each week. Nonetheless, he had set out to go and see New Orleans for himself, and he was going there in the only way to travel he thought best.

No, he wasn't going by car. At least not all the way. He was going by train for most of it! He had already booked his tickets for the journey, and he was travelling on the 12:22 from Greensboro, North Carolina, to New Orleans Union Terminal. It hadn't been cheap, at $121 a person, but he felt that was a better saving than flying. The last night, he had packed his bags, and his suitcase, as well as a small backpack, were loaded and ready to go. He carted them outside his home and loaded them into the trunk of his car, before locking the door to his house and stepping back to his automobile. He already had his road route set out for him, taking him through Rocky Mount, Burlington, and Raleigh (although not in that order), and at four hours, he needed to set off. So, at 7, he sat down in the driver's seat, started the engine, and set off for Greensboro.

All packed now:ajsmug:.

Jimmy arrived at the Greensboro station at 11:30, and parked his car in a clear space. He got out, shut the door, and put a parking ticket in that would cover him for the week, and then proceeded to recover his bags from the car's trunk. The station at Greensboro, or the J. Douglas Galyon depot, to give the structure its full name, was a large, imposing building, built of granite in a mock Roman style. The section further back was made of brick, and featured many windows into which the sunlight fell on most days (and when it didn't, that was usually because of cloud). Slinging his backpack onto his back, and extending the drag handle on his suitcase, he set off into the station and through the doors, stopping at a seat just inside to take his backpack off again. He had just remembered his tickets were in there, and unless he had them in his hand this would be a very short journey indeed, terminating in a fine. He pulled out the folder containing them, and walked over to the access gate, where a ticket inspector was standing.

"May I see your tickets please, sir?" he asked.

"Sure, here you go," Jimmy replied, taking the ticket out of the folder and handing it over. The ticket inspector peered at it, before suddenly looking up.

"Aren't you Jimmy Hook?" he asked.

Jimmy was a bit stunned. "Er, yes sir?" he replied.


"I know you from the news! That thing about a mermaid!" The ticket inspector went on speaking as he checked over the ticket. "I recall there were two of them."

"That was a seapony, sir," Jimmy replied. "Rather different things."

"I wouldn't know about such strange things," the ticket inspector replied, as he finished checking the paperwork. "Everything looks to be in order, and the train is currently running 15 minutes behind schedule. Enjoy your trip."

"Thank you!" Jimmy exclaimed, and headed off through the doors to the platform.

He would enjoy himself, but not in the way he had intended at all...

Well, that was close...and oh boy:twilightoops:.

Jimmy stood on the platform for about an hour or so. Why he did this, when he could have got a warm drink inside, nobody knows. But hey, Jimmy was just Jimmy some days. Come to think of it, he was Jimmy most of the time, despite all the strange shenanigans that seemed to follow him about most days. As the clock hit 12:25, a loud horn echoed from the Washington, D.C. end of the platform, and a pair of angular nosed diesels, numbered 77 and 88, rolled into the platform, with a full rake of circular, sausage shaped coaches behind them. These were, of course, Amtrak P42DCs, or the much reviled 'Genesis' units, mainly due to their lack of reliability and high running cost. The train ground to a stop, the door stopping a few feet away from Jimmy.

He consulted his paperwork. "Let's see... ah! I'm in coach C." He walked down the train, and once the ramp had deployed and the door had opened, the passengers for Greensboro got off. Jimmy then climbed aboard, and walked along the carriage until he took his seat. It was fairly comfortable, and at least there was free Wi-Fi and power ports, for the trains lacked any backseat TV. The cheapskates.

Luckily, Jimmy had brought his iPad, and proceeded to take it out. He had loaded the entirely of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 7 onto it, and was picking episodes at random as he felt like it. Just then, the train intercom went.

"Good afternoon, passengers joining us at Greensboro," said the engineer's voice on the other end of the intercom. "We are just setting off now, and are due into New Orleans at 19:32 tomorrow, local time. We hope you enjoy the journey."

The engineer sounded the horn, and both engines kicked into gear, the noise being produced by their engines deafening as the train rolled away towards the Big Easy.

Just like any train:twilightsmile:.

One day later (or thereabouts), Jimmy was enjoying another episode of My Little Pony. He had decided, seeing as he was going to the heart of Cajun country, he should watch some episodes centered around Mage Meadowbrook, who seemed to be either Cajun or Creole; nobody was quite sure. The fact she was his favorite Pillar of Old Equestria was a marvelous coincidence, and he settled down to enjoy another one, there was suddenly a bump.

"Wow!" said a passenger nearby. "This is seriously bumpy!"

"This is worse than Network Rail," said a man with a British accent. "Trust me, that's saying something."

Jimmy thought no more of it as the train rolled along.

Bumpy right huh:twilightsheepish:?

At the front, the engineer looked out ahead, the rails clear as he rolled along the side of a bayou, or for those who don't speak Cajun, a swamp or marshy lake. It was clear ahead, and the sun was out, but he was thankful for the air conditioning in the locomotive, as boy could it get stuffy out there! "Good, we're running on time," he said.

Just then, a blast of energy flew down from the sky, looking like a yellow cluster of light. It impacted a rail, causing an entire section of track to buckle and break away, falling uselessly to the side of the ballast. They were going to crash!

"What the?" the engineer cried, and slammed the brakes on. "All passengers, brace for derailment!"

BRACE FOR IMPACT:twilightoops:!!!

The engine hit the track and toppled over, paintwork and plating grinding along the side of the embankment and the swamp, as the second locomotive also fell over, followed by the first three coaches. Everything from Coach D and back miraculously stayed upright, and came to a stop. Those passengers were simply shaken up a bit, but before that were not so lucky.

As Coach C toppled over, the passengers grabbed onto whatever they could to avoid falling onto the side of the coach. Miraculously, the coach was undamaged as it toppled onto one side, but a window shattered and the person sitting behind it fell out. Guess who that poor unfortunate soul was?

Yes, it was Jimmy. His iPad flew through the air and went splat in the mud, as he hit the ground at low speed. "Oww," he groaned. "Why can't I use any public transport without it going wrong?" First a plane crash in California from months ago, then his car suffering a flat tire in the Great Dismal Swamp a few weeks ago, and now a train derailment in a bayou in Louisiana of all things! He stood up, and looked forward, seeing the mess that had accumulated before the damaged rails. Or rather, that hadn't accumulated, as the stock looked undamaged. Apart from being sideways, it seemed it would run properly if it were put on some rails. As he looked around, trying to figure out where on Earth he was, he suddenly heard a voice.

"This way, Jimmy!" it called, from somewhere in the swamp.

Who's that:rainbowderp:?

Jimmy swung around in surprise. "Who's there?" he asked. But there was nobody around.

"This way, Jimmy!" There it was again. There was a female voice out there, in the swamp, calling to him. This merited further investigation. So he set off into the forest, keen to track the voice down.

"I say, get back here!" shouted the British man. But Jimmy never heard him.

Too late, he's gone:raritywink:.

Jimmy stepped over fallen logs, marshy ground, and more leaves than he cared to remember as he walked through the bayou. It was swampy, and messy, and horribly humid, and he ditched his coat whilst walking through the swamp in order to avoid overheating. It amazed him that anybody could be out here at all.

"This way, Jimmy! I'm over here!" But there was definitely a voice out there. A voice Jimmy intended to find. As it got louder, he suddenly saw a metal object sticking out of the ground. An open bracelet! But what was one of those doing out here? Jimmy went over to it, and knelt down, taking a closer look as he did so. This was a mistake.

I wouldn't say that...:ajsmug:.

Just as his hand reached out to touch the bracelet, it gained a life of its own. It lunged towards him, and snapped down on the black hair tie around his left wrist, severing it permanently (or at least severing this particular one, as Jimmy had purchased quite a few in advance should instances like this occur frequently). As it fell to the floor and sank into the mud, the bracelet came to life once more, jumping forward and snapping shut around Jimmy's left wrist, the lock engaging to hold it in place.

"Argh! What the hell?" he exclaimed, grabbing it with his other hand and trying to free it to no avail. Just then, a blue pulse shot through the air, and an electrical jolt shot clean through Jimmy.

Whelp, here we go again:rainbowlaugh:!!!

The pulse was seen back at the crash site, the passengers scrambling over from the side of the train to see what was going on.

"What in the world?" asked one.

"Beats me," said another. "But it does remind me of something I saw on an internet chatroom once..."

Oh you have no idea:pinkiecrazy:.

Jimmy staggered back at the electrical pulse, confused at what was going on. And then it all became clear, as he began to shrink, his body getting smaller and smaller until it was only a fraction of its former size. His clothes lay about him in a heap as his toes shrank into his feet, the remains of his feet shifting until they morphed into hooves. Just then, his leg joints inverted, now facing backwards. The destruction of his kneecaps was not lost on him, which in turn caused him to fall onto all fours in a state of indescribable agony.

"OW!" he yelled. "MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE!!!"

First the size, then the hooves, and the joints:fluttershyouch:.

The area just above his butt began to tingle, and the sensation slowly got stronger and stronger. Jimmy looked behind himself as best he could, to suddenly see a red tail burst out of his backside, growing longer until it reached the floor. A pair of braids appeared in it to hold it in place. But if he had just grown a tail, then that meant...

Then the rump, and the tail...:scootangel:.

His thought process was interrupted as his hips cracked and changed shape, his legs being forced under his body. He cried out in pain once again as he felt his manhood start to move, receding into his body to be replaced with the opposite set of equipment.

Or should I say, as it was by this point, her body, as something else appeared in their place, followed by two lumps next to her legs. Her chest grew in size and rounded out, morphing into a barrel. Just then, her shoulders were forced inwards, shoulders compressing as if they were being pushed through a scrap crusher, as her arms suddenly inverted as well, her fingers shrinking into her hands. What remained of her hand then rolled up into another hoof, changing her arms into forelegs.

Then the inner thighs, and the chest, then the barrels and the shoulders:twilightsmile:.

Jimmy groaned in agony. She had only just remembered it was Monday. She had little time to think about that as her neck reared back and grew longer, making her look like a giraffe. Her nose and mouth grew out of her face, changing into a muzzle, and her eyes grew larger and larger, turning a different shade of blue in the process. Not only that, large, feminine eyelashes appeared on either side of her face, and her eye shape changed to one that was fairly similar to that of a familiar yellow Pegasus, although Jimmy was in too much pain at this point to think straight. As her muzzle had formed, made from both her nose and mouth, her red glasses had started to come loose. Eventually, they could take no more strain, and the bridge broke in two, the sound of breaking metal audible for several feet around. The end result was that they fell off of her and into the swampy water. They sank to the bottom, rusting and losing their former color, although a passing fish briefly took interest in the mixture of metal and glass that was drifting around. Not that this was much of a concern for Jimmy. She had plenty of spare pairs, and besides, she had bigger things to worry about. She didn't really need those glasses anyways as her retina had focused, rendering her able to see clearly without them, the world a crazy mixture of technicolor.

Then the neck, and the muzzle, and the eyes:yay:.

Her ears shrank into her skull, only for two more to grow out of the top of her skull as a pair of bands made of fabric grew around her forehead, the back of her skull, and looping over the top and bottom of her ears. Then her hair turned from brown to two-tone red, and began to pull itself up into a topknot, growing back until it was at least six inches above her head, held in place by another braid. Then blue fur sprouted from every part of her body, covering over the formally human skin.

Then the ears then the mane, and the fur:yay:!!!

Mage Meadowbrook looked about herself in alarm. "Well, Ah'll be!" she said, in a thick Cajun accent. "Ah can't go anywhere like this, can Ah?"

Probably not:twilightblush:.

But it seems somebody heard her speaking, as just then a blue glow surrounded the ruined clothing. The shoes transformed into a metal collar that glowed the color of bronze, and the shirt shrank back until it was a single band of fabric. This moved into position around her neck, followed by the collar clicking into place. The pants were lifted up, and then shrank in size, before the legs merged together and the zip and button vanished, transforming the garment into a skirt. This then turned green, with a cream band running around the bottom, as parts of the skirt puffed up slightly. This then floated into place, and Mage Meadowbrook slid her legs through it as it came to a stop around her waist, and then dropped down, sitting over her tail, as well as not dragging on the ground. Safe to say, she looked truly stunning in her dress, a look only fitting for a mare like her. She then decided to look at her new form in the reflection of the water.

And finally the collar, and the skirt:rainbowkiss:!!!

She looked magnificent in every detail in the reflection, her mother Mage Wellspring would be so proud of her.

"Well, this is better!" she said. But what was she doing again? Something about a place called 'Manteo' flashed through her mind. "Well, Ah'll suppose Ah'll head there!" she said. Checking her saddlebag, with a map and potions inside it, she set off on her trip through the swamp, a place she knew only too well.

Little did she know, however, that a fellow passenger had seen her trotting away. "A blue pony wearing a Cajun dress? I must be dreaming."

No...no you're not:pinkiecrazy:.

Later that day, the breakdown gang had arrived at the scene of the crash, and had moved a crane into position to start recovering the derailed locomotives and stock. Thankfully, nobody had been killed, although there were a few broken bones and as a result some folks needed medical treatment. A medical helicopter had touched down nearby, and doctors were assisting the injured.

As a pair of cranes lifted the lead Genesis unit onto the rails, a railroad inspector, clad in the usual work clothes of jeans, long shirt and high viz vest, went to interview the engineer. "What happened exactly?" he asked, his voice demanding and officious.

The engineer was mostly shaken rather than hurt, as the sturdy construction of the diesel he had been driving had protected him from most injuries. Even so, he started to explain what had happened. "I was proceeding along here at the speed limit, when suddenly there was a bright flash up ahead, a cluster of yellow light. This broke off a portion of track."

Flash of light...:unsuresweetie:.

"Did you apply the brakes?" the inspector asked, having finished writing down the engineer's response.

"Full emergency braking," the engineer replied. "But there was no way I could have stopped in time. The train was too heavy. I'm just thankful none of the coaches broke apart. 611 derailed in near identical circumstances back in 1986."

"I remember that," the inspector answered, looking down his nose. "Failed switch, 177 injured. Luckily, we haven't had that here."

Having finished his report, he concluded the engineer was not to blame, and walked over to the breakdown gang, who were currently lifting coach A out of the mud. "Have we assembled all the passengers?" he asked.

"Yes sir," said one of the men. "We counted them, and there's one missing. One from Coach C."

I'm betting thats Jimmy:ajsmug:.

"I may be able to help with that," said the British passenger, raising his hand.

"Well?" the inspector asked, his moustache bristling like a ferret glued to his upper lip.

"I saw a young man wander away into the swamp. I called to him, and he didn't respond. He seemed to be in some sort of trance."

"What did he look like?" the inspector asked again.

"Well," the man replied, "he wore red glasses, had white skin, brown hair and blue eyes, and was wearing a coat and pants at the time."

"That sounds familiar!" said a member of the breakdown gang. "I have a mate in the Air Force called Harris, and he told me of this cargo he once had to ship to Manteo, North Carolina. It was a pegasus with Egyptian eyeliner. And get this- it was once a human called Jimmy Hook!"

Yeah, pretty sure that's Jimmy:derpytongue2:.

"That explains what I saw next!" the British man said again. "I saw a blue pony in a green dress walking away from the crash. Looked a little like a stereotypical Cajun lady as well."

The inspector sighed. "That is ridiculous. A man cannot change into a horse!"

"YouTube suggests otherwise," said another member of the breakdown gang, showing a video from the plane crash back in February- complete with a young man who matched the description the British man had given changing into some scarlet pony.


The inspector shook his head and sighed. "This day keeps getting weirder," he said. "One of you try and find this pony!" he said. "The rest of you focus on clearing up the mess and helping the injured!"

One member of the team headed into the bayou, not realizing he had just stepped over a ruined iPad, as well as not knowing he was too far behind to keep up with his target.

And look for Jimmy:twilightoops:!!!

Meanwhile, Mage Meadowbrook was not having an easy time. Apart from the fact her map was somewhat wrong, neglecting to mention the fact somebody had built a great big interstate through the swamp, the terrain was not exactly inviting. The ground was muddy in places, and where it wasn't muddy, it was wet, wet, wet. Meadowbrook's hooves were caked in mud, as was her muzzle a bit soggy, and her dress was trailing through the mud as well, meaning it had gone from its previously green color to a muddy yellow. She paused at a waterway, where the path stopped before the water, making it impassible. She glanced back, and saw how messy she was.

"Goodness!" she exclaimed, appalled at the chocolatey brown color staining her fur. "Ah can't let anybody see me like this! Whatever would mother think? Ah need ta get cleaned up as soon as Ah can."

She'd throw a fit:derpytongue2:!!!

Just then, the water started to quiver and ripple. Meadowbrook stepped back in shock. But her hooves caught on her skirt, causing her to fall back and slip. Her saddlebag fell off her back and fell to one side, rolling over but, thankfully, not breaking open. But that was by far the least of her concerns. For right in front of Mage Meadowbrook, was a very, very, VERY big alligator, emerging from the swampy depths of the lake like a giant green, scaly submarine. And it looked very hungry.

Maybe a Cragadile:unsuresweetie:?

Mage Meadowbrook quivered a little, as she didn't fancy being an alligator's lunch, not today or any other day, for that matter. It was at this point she remembered her mother's advice: always be polite to folks, even if you don't like the look of them. So, she bravely and confidently looked the alligator in the eye, and spoke to him.

"Well, hello Mister Alligator!" she said cheerfully. "What's the matter today?"

"Are you Mage Meadowbrook?" the alligator asked, slowly and carefully.

IT TALKED:twilightoops:!!!

Meadowbrook noticed that the alligator was speaking in an odd way, as if something was wrong with his tongue. Still, he had asked a question, and it was only polite to answer it.

"Why, Ah am!" she replied, now feeling a little more confident as the alligator was so friendly. "What's concernin' ya? A medical ailment? 'Cause Ah've got plenty of cures here for all sortsa things!"

The alligator hesitated. "Sorry if I startled you a bit," he said. Mage Meadowbrook pushed the fact she could understand what he was saying to the back of her mind, as the alligator continued. "My issue is a little bit minor, and I hope you don't think it is a waste of your time... but I have a sore tongue."

Sore tongues are one of the worst:fluttershyouch:

Mage Meadowbrook laughed gently. "That ain't a waste o' time at all! Ah'll happily help ya. Now, open wide so Ah can see yer tongue, if ya don't mind."

The alligator nodded, his head floating like a periscope atop the water, until he began to open his jaws. They opened so wide it seemed as if a pony could be swallowed whole in them. But he kept them open, and Mage Meadowbrook saw the cause of the problem almost immediately. In the center of the alligator's tongue was a big red sore, swollen to the size of a bicycle bell.

"Let me see what Ah have in Mah bag," she said, flipping open the left-hoof pouch of her saddlebag and immediately seeing an array of bottles with different labels. One of them was a blue liquid marked 'sores'. She took the cap off of the bottle, and stepped forward, tilting the open neck of the bottle toward the alligator's mouth and saying, "Hold still now. This won't sting, Ah promise." The liquid rolled down the alligator's tongue, and touched the sore. Almost immediately, the sore began to shrink, until it was basically unnoticable. In fact, it almost seemed as if the sore had never been there in the first place, and this would have been the conclusion any observer would have come to had they not witnessed the preceeding incident.

Now he should be able to taste better:scootangel:!!!

The alligator smiled. "Thank you, Mage Meadowbrook," he replied. "Your kindness truly knows no bounds, and I am very thankful for your compassion."

Mage Meadowbrook smiled. "No problem sir," she replied. "Helpin' those in need is mah callin', and cures just happen ta be mah specialty."

Like a true doctor:twilightsmile:.

The alligator laughed. "Let me return the favor," he said. "Hop on my back, and I shall ferry you across the river to the other side."

Mage Meadowbrook stepped gently onto the alligator's back, and over the river they went, bobbing along through the murky water, until they reached the other side. And off Mage Meadowbrook hopped, stepping onto a paved path on the other side. "See ya later, alligator!" she called.

"In a while, crocodile!" the alligator replied. As he dived below the murky waters and descended into the swamps below, he splashed the water. A great jet flew up, and splashed Mage Meadowbrook from snout to tail. She looked over herself, and saw that the unexpected shower had washed the mud off of her body, not to mention restored her dress to it's vibrant green hue. The only problem was, it was now wet, as was her entire body, and it stuck to her like a wet blanket. Oh well. At least she'd dry off quickly in this heat.

Ah, remember those lines:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Even being close to the edge of the swamp, on a properly paved path rather than the mud of the previous few hours, the going was still extremely slow, thanks to Mage Meadowbrook's short legs. She was also tired and hungry, but couldn't afford to slow down now. The light was starting to fade, and traveling by the dark was not a fun prospect. She may have had a lot of potions on her, but none of them granted her night vision or boosted hearing. Speaking of which, she could hear every broken twig and rustling leaf for miles around, which was getting irritating. Just as she was leaving the edge of the swamp, however, she emerged into a small village. People (as those odd bipedal creatures were called) were everywhere, and this presented a problem. They were humans, and she was a pony. If she went into that village, she would stick out like a sore thumb. She shuddered at the thought. Why, they may call the authorities and try to whisk her off to some secret government laboratory! Celestia knows what they'd do to her there. No, she needed to blend in with this town. True, she had the accent and culture, but she was not human.

They'd better not harm her:twilightangry2:!!!

She then had an idea. Ducking back into the swamp, she put her saddlebag back down, relieved at the load taken off of her back. She opened the left pouch again and consulted the bottles once again. Inside, as per last time, were many bottles filled with brightly colored liquids. One, filled with a red substance that the foolish would easily mistake for Gatorade, had a label marked 'transfiguration'. Below that, there was another note reading see appendix B. Mage Meadowbrook fished about in the right-hoof pouch and promptly found this 'appendix B' referred to, quickly reading it to find out the important information. It read:

Note: I believe I have got the Transfiguration potion to work properly, but it may still have unintended side-effects. For blending in with most of society, three drops is enough. DO NOT USE MORE OR LESS.

Meadowbrook cringed. She remembered that time she'd used too much and been turned into a 10 foot giant. Use too little, and she had the stature of a human child. She then read on:

Oh, boy, I can only imagine how that went:twilightsheepish:.

Clothing can be random. Once no longer needed, take three drops of the antidote (black liquid). Be sure to use it.

Mage Meadowbrook nodded sadly. As much as she found the human body awkward, it was the only way she could get closer to her goal of Manteo, which according to her map was only 7 days away. She sighed, preparing a test tube and neatly extracting three drops of the red liquid from the bottle. She emptied them into the test tube, and, after cleaning her equipment, raised the test tube to her lips.

"Here... goes... nothin'!" she exclaimed, and drank, not appreciating the vile taste nor the thick texture, which reminded of the badly cooked soup she often had to endure courtesy of Uncle Remus.

Good luck Meadow:twilightsmile:.

What happened next caught her by surprise. The band of fabric around her neck had started to glow softly, and as she watched it began to grow, cascading down her front and back until it reached the waistband of her skirt, stopping there. Not only that, it then grew down over her shoulders and partway down her front legs as well. She now had a cotton blouse, and the metal collar remained floating in place around her neck.

Just then, she clenched her teeth as she felt a pain build up in her body. She knew exactly what the potion did, but that didn't mean it wasn't unpleasent.

And her we go:twilightsmile:.

Her transformation into a human began with her hooves, or rather her rear hooves, as toes surged out of them, stretching them outwards into a pair of feet. Her leg joints inverted to resemble human legs, and just as suddenly, with an audible crack, her hips expanded and changed shape, forcing her body into an upright position which looked truly ridiculous. Purely out of curiosity, Meadowbrook tried to look down and see what was happening, but with her neck it was almost impossible.

First the hands, and then the legs, the the neck and hips:twilightsmile:.

She could feel it though. It felt as though somebody had dropped a 2 ton cart on her barrel, as it shrank in size, changing into a human chest with a narrow waist. She then felt two things (and she knew exactly what those two things were) shrink into her body. This was almost immediately replaced by a strange sense in her upper chest, followed by an entirely different one the now half pony couldn't describe as it started swelling. Of course! Humans have those on their chests, not between their legs! Her breasts were growing. The sensation of expanding flesh and shifting biology, pushing against her blouse, stopped after a second or two, only to be joined by some new fabric underneath her blouse, which seemed to have expanded somewhat to make space for the two new items. Just as if it had forgotten, her tail suddenly began to shrink, vanishing up her rear as suddenly as it had appeared all those hours ago.

Then the chest, and the vanishing tail:raritywink:.

Moments later, it wasn't the only thing shrinking. Her neck got shorter as well, and the joint linking her neck and skull rotated so she was looking straight ahead once again. Her eyes shrank in size, joined by her ears which vanished into her skull. Mage Meadowbrook panicked for a moment, as there was suddenly no sound for a few seconds. But a brief painful sensation slammed into her body, followed by service being resumed a moment later as a new pair grew out of the sides of her head. Her muzzle then contracted, splitting into a nose and mouth, followed by her gaining new pairs of teeth. Lastly, her fur shrank into her body, replaced by perfect, flowing blue skin. It had taken all her efforts in the last minute or so not to scream, but it seemed it was finally done.

Then the eyes, and the neck, then the ears, an the nose and mouth, and finally the skin:yay:.

She looked every inch a human female. There was just one rather large problem. A problem of height. Although she looked like an adult, she still had her height she had when she was a pony, making her look like a small child at only 3 feet. An oddly developed small child, if her chest was anything to go by. "Did it work properly?" she asked. The last thing she needed was have her chances of reaching her goal compromised because a potion failed to work correctly. That would never do.

Just then, the sense she had felt earlier came back with a vengeance, and she doubled over in pain as every limb in her body felt as though it was on fire. And with that, the floor began to move away from her with increasing speed, her body growing taller and taller, arms and legs stretching as they reached adult proportions. As she grew, so did her clothing, her blouse increasing in size and her skirt creeping down her legs. It only lasted a few seconds, not to mention she felt something appearing on her feet, and at long last it slowed down and stopped. At least sure it was over, Mage Meadowbrook went over to the water and looked in.

Yeah, thank Faust:twilightsheepish:.

The face of a woman in her early to mid twenties, standing about five feet or so in height (she wasn't entirely sure of her exact height) looked back. Her hair was still there, held in place above her head, as was the collar around her neck. Also still with her was the bracelet on her left... wrist? Was that what it was called? But the rest of her body had changed drastically. Apart from the fact she was now human, she was dressed like a typical Louisiana woman... of the 1950s. She had a cotton blouse, cream in color, with puffed up sleeves and ruffles around the bottom, which were also present on her sleeves. Her skirt, now hanging off her hips rather than being positioned around the top of her barrel, fell to just above her knees and was still green with a cream band near the bottom, not to mention slightly puffed up in places, but had become longer, and had gained a petal-like hem. Not only that, she now wore a pair of brown sandals with bronze buckles.


"Ah look like a teenager," she said, and gently giggled at the thought. The skirt was shorter than she would have liked, not to mention the sandals felt odd against her toes (toes. She was still getting used to that), but it beat being stuck in a hoopskirt, like she was that one time near... where was it now? Manehattan? Grabbing her saddle bag, which was now a backpack, she slung it onto her back and stepped out of the treeline, into the glorious evening sun and this small settlement that lay before her, shimmering like a diamond in the sun.

off for adventure:scootangel:!!!

Meadowbrook is very elegant.

Fits Jimmy nicely!

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