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A new writer getting into fanfiction who has an interest in of Friendship is Magic with personal interests and ideas to share.



This story is a sequel to The Pony Guard: Return of the Elements and the Roar

After defeating Nightmare Moon, the Mane Six and the Lion Guard team up where they protect the Pride Lands and Equestria together as the two worlds merge together.

To the Pride Lands end, the first and newly formed Pony Guard work embark on a series of adventures to maintain peace and protection throughout all of Equestria and the Pride Lands while spreading the magic of friendship.

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Well this is something that's got my interest well when you work on Applebuck Season maybe you can have Beshte try to reason with Applejack that she needs help with the orchard.

“Well wallop my withers, Spike. Isn't that just like a boy? Can't handle the least bit of sentiment.” Applejack noticed and took offense to the baby dragon’s inability to take in it as he burps up a letter from Princess Celestia which narrowly misses the cow girl’s head. “Whoa Nelly!“

That was a bit sexist of AJ

Nice you use the idea I suggested thanks for including it! :)

This one's very Poa.

What do you mean by dark and edgeier?

will you add a comparison of Kiara and Kion's relationship to Mufasa and Scar's?

I just mean that "Can't Wait to Be Queen." is one of the The Lion Guard's first episodes to divulge into Darker and Edgier territory with what had happened in that episode and if you have watched the episode you'll pretty much get the idea.

Bunga was a bit of a jerk in this chapter, and everyone was so insensitive to Fluttershy and Ono's fear

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You think that the mane 6 would be a bit more calm around zecora since they've already seen zebras in from the pridelands.

At least Twilight would, although I do have an idea of what I want to do with this upcoming episode once "Kupatana Celebration." is dealt with first.

Kupatana Celebration? I'll be looking forward to that episode I can personally imagine that Applejack will get suspicious about Reirei and the jackals trying to trick our heroes during the celebration.

Your welcome.

And here’s one small change you might wanna make to the chapter.

Kion smiled at the two pups before turning to face the rest of the Guard.

Might wanna change that it to ‘the pup’


You’re modifying Bridle Gossip with the changes we talked about right?

And here’s one other thing you might wanna change.

"Come on." Kion said and they all raced over to the area that held some aardvark dens and they saw a tons of jackal pups and one shocked Juma.

Might wanna get rid of the ‘and one shocked Juma part’. 🙂

Lioness with a disabled leg... Doesn't that describe Nothing from the My Pride series on Youtube?

Don't worry, this character is a different designed one that is not copying from that series. I made sure with my administration to make sure of that.

There's three small connections to that series anyways

Those being the names (Karabi, Kyoga and Lite) along with Nothing's appearance

Not to worry, the same will be applied to those characters as well with no intent of copying them either.

Names are one thing, actual characters are a whole different matter

I can give you the descriptions of Karabi and Lite from this story, so you can see how different the characters are from the ones in My Pride. If you want.

Here you go.

Kyoga: Kyoga herself was peach coloured with a cream underbelly and swirls underneath her eyes. Her eyes were crystal blue as well and her ears were tipped with white fur. Her tail had a white tuft of fur on it as well.

Karabi: The first one was a female lioness who is purple-grey with green eyes and grey underbelly, paws, and muzzle. She has blue swirls underneath her eyes along with her tufted, pointy ears. This lioness had two canines that showed from her mouth along with a pair of wings that had yellow shading on the edges.

Lite: The second one was a male lion who is cream coloured with a bright orange mane lion with a that reaches down towards his chest. He has a darker shaded orange tip on his tail, as well as having a paler muzzle, eyelids, paws, and belly along with his brown eyes. This male lion also had a pair of wings that were the same shade as his body but they had white shading on the edges.

Karabi and Lite's wings aside.... the description matches the trio from the My Pride series on Youtube

Kyoga in the series doesn't have white swirls under her eyes or a white tuft of fur on her tail. She only had a Dimond in the center of her forehead.

For Karabi, her fangs are similar to a sabertooths fangs

And for Lite his fur coat is similar to Nala's with a very dark orange mane.

Yeah. So they are different from the ones in the My Pride series.

Right..... Plus I don't think Tribbleofdoom would like the fact that someone used the names of her characters

Yeah, but I designed them differently from her characters, so I don't think it'll be a problem.

I just came up with the ideas of having their names actually be alias in the aftermath of the ‘incident’ that caused Kyoga to get her scars and to be separated from Karabi and Lite.

How does that sound? Better?

“And as for you…” Applejack then said to Kion before leaving. “I suggest you watch who you talk to unless you want to get yourself into trouble like that again.”

Applejack, you may have forgotten this, but Kion is a prince. You are a farmer. If anyone should watch who they are talking to, it's you.

Just to let u know, u forgot an episode/chapter called "Bunga The Wise". It comes after the Rise of Makuu and before Can't Wait To Be Queen.

Bunga let out another groan and fell back against Nyota

You might wanna change ‘Nyota’ to ‘Kion’.

Thanks for crediting me and by the way. I’m a girl. Hehehe. 🙂
Sorry if I didn’t let you know that earlier. It’s okay. 🙂

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