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This story is a sequel to The Pony Guard (Season 1)

As the two worlds start to come together as one, The Pony Guard and the Lion Guard continue to keep the peace in both the Pride Lands and all of Equestria as they all face bigger challenges than before with their friendship tested more than ever as they face more dangerous foes eager to threaten that very balance.

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Good setup for the season, especially with the early appearance of the Tree of Harmony & some backstory with Scar's guard years, not to mention Kyoga's role in this 2-parter.

Looking forward to seeing how the rest of this season plays out! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by stark002 deleted Mar 16th, 2021

On another note, I KNEW IT!!!
I knew Scar was the one who freed Discord!
Well, at least that's all he's done so far.

But, what exactly is he planning on doing next? By that I mean is he planning on doing anything really really really bad really soon?
And how will this affect his appearance in the Pridelands in the Rise of Scar?

Comment posted by stark002 deleted Jan 17th, 2022

Oh boy, I can only imagine what will happen when Kion and Twilight ever found out that Scar has been spying on them this whole time.

Comment posted by stark002 deleted Jan 17th, 2022

Kion dressed as a tiger and Kyoga as a black jaguar huh? Good choices.
But what about Beshte, Mtoto, and Ono?
And where was Fuli?

Sweet take on this episode, I especially loved the joke Spike had going with his dragon costume! :moustache::rainbowlaugh:

If I didn't know any better, I would say Scar was almost moved by that report.
Almost, since he obviously denied it 😞😠

When will Zira and the outsiders make an appearance?

Comment posted by stark002 deleted Jan 17th, 2022

Now that was an excellent and perfect chapter you wrote and when is the next chapter coming up

Thanks, really appreciate it. Also thank Pikachu Skitty for putting that together for me. And in answer to your question the next chapter is coming out this weekend, and it will be "Sweet and Elite."

Comment posted by Zipp Storm deleted Apr 14th, 2021

When we get to the episode Lions of the Outlands which will serve as the mid point for Season 2

Now that was an perfect, wonderful, and amazing chapter that was and i can't wait to see more chapters

Comment posted by stark002 deleted Jan 17th, 2022

That was an excellent and spectacular chapter and i can't believe what scar did to spike and when will the next chapter come out

Now that was an excellent, amazing, and great chapter that was an i can't to see more coming up😃😃

Did I already ask if you're going to do all nine seasons?

You did. And that's what I am aiming for as long as everything goes well.

I think you should change Karabi and Lites appearance a bit so the readers don’t think we’re using the characters from My Pride without permission.

Change it to this:

The first one was a teenage female lioness who is purple-grey with green eyes and grey underbelly, paws, and muzzle. She has blue swirls underneath her eyes along with her tufted, pointy ears. This lioness had two canines that showed from her mouth that looked to be as long as a sabertooth tigers, 11 inches! Giving her an intimidating look at first glance, along with a pair of wings that had yellow shading on the edges.

The second one was a teenage male lion who is fur looked similar in color to Nala's but he had a golden mane that shaded into black near the edges that reached down towards his chest. He has a darker shaded orange tip on his tail, as well as having a paler muzzle, eyelids, paws, and belly along with his brown eyes. This male lion also had a pair of wings that were the same shade as his body but they had white shading on the edges.

Also change ‘At Pride Rock, Kyoga and Lite were before Celestia, Luna, Simba and Nala.’

To this - At Pride Rock, Karabi and Lite were before Celestia, Luna, Simba and Nala.

Other than that, everything looks great. 🙂

Comment posted by stark002 deleted Jan 17th, 2022

Okay, I like how Kyoga stripped Zira of her dark magic and that Kovu was accepted by the Pridelanders, But why'd you cut the part where Kion blasts the Outsiders with the Roar?

Blasting them with the roar would seem like the ‘easy’ way to get rid of them rather than beating them in a fight and forcing them to retreat to a new territory and make a new plan.

Couple more things,
1) Please make Kion blast Flim and Flam out of Ponyville with the Roar. Those 2 morons deserve it.
2) at what point in TLG portion of the series will Starlight be joining the gang? (as a friend and fellow member of the Pony Guard)
3) How are the Main 7(Starlight included) gonna accompany Kion and the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life?
4) Kion and the Lion Guard help Twilight and her friends uncover Chrysalis' plot much sooner in The Canterlot Wedding
5) Please tell me Scar gets destroyed somehow before he does anything stupid.
and by that, I mean he get's completely destroyed, loses all his magic, and then comes back again in Rise of Scar. But this time, without ANY magic at all! He's a giant lion head who appears in fire, nothing more. and he can't go back to Equestria, EVER AGAIN!
You could have him be destroyed when he tries to help King Sombra reclaim the Crystal Empire. Then they both get destroyed by the Crystal heart. PLEASE! I JUST CAN'T STAND THAT MONSTER MANIPULATING THE HEROES RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, can ask you 1 little favor?
Can you and MXCDarkHorse2020 change the ending of the MLP portion of the The Pony Guard series?
Something like this:
Luna and Celestia decide not to retire. Instead, they decide to continue their reign in Canterlot, allowing Twilight to remain in Ponyville with her friends(bottom line, Twilight is the Princess of Friendship, she has to stay with her friends, in her castle! End of story!). However, Twilight still rises to the same level of authority as them, and offers to relieve them of their duties for a few months each year, starting on the day after the Celebration of the Two Sisters (sort of an annual vacation).

And maybe add another season or 2 where the following events take place?
1) The real Grogar returns and resurrects/unites all of the heroes' greatest enemies (including Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow, Sombra, the Storm King, Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, the Pony of Shadows, and of course Scar)
2) 2 alicorn brothers that Celestia and Luna knew when they were foals return to Equestria, Prince Solaris and Prince Artemis (they have the same powers as Celestia and Luna)
3) The 2 sisters and the long lost princes rekindle their friendship, fall in love, and eventually get married.
4) Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow finally reform after Starlight manages to get through to them.
5) After helping the 3 former villians reform, Starlight becomes an alicorn, and is crowned the Princess of Hope (basically, she takes on the same role as Luna, and will rule alongside Twilight)
6) King Sombra is reunited with his foalhood friend Radiant Hope, who with the help of newly crowned princess Starlight, Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow, succeeds in reforming Sombra.
7) Twilight and the rest of the Mane 7 get married (Twilight marries Flash Sentry, Rarity marries Spike(at this point he's alitte shorter than Ember), Pinkie marries Cheese Sandwich, Rainbow Dash marries Soarin(Spitfire is with Firestreak), Starlight marries Sunburst, Fluttershy marries Sandalwood(originally from Equestria Girls, but this will be his pony counterpart), and I'm not sure who Applejack's husband will be. I guess you could create your own character for her)
8) Eventually, all the creatures of Equestria, the Pridelands, and the Tree of Life unite to stop the villians and destroy Grogar once and for all!

Now to be clear, you don't have to do this, but I'd REALLY appreciate it if you did.
and if you do agree, I can help with things like editing and grammar.

I can see events 1 and 8 happening in the future, but we’ll see was MXC says. 🙂

That's all I ask.
But what about my first couple of questions?

We’ll see how the story progresses and see if some of your questions get answers as we go through the story. 🙂

Okay, oh and one last thing,
Is it possible for you and MXCDarkHorse to add an episode where The Lion and Pony Guard meet a Pack of African Painted dogs led by a male named Busara (means wise) and a female named Kujali (means caring)? If you agree, here's a little more about what they're like and where they come from.
They're not bad guys, but they left the Pridelands after Scar took over and never came back because everyone thought they were ruthless killers (based on the misconceptions we humans have with wild dogs today). But the Lion and Pony Guard convince them to come back, with some help from Kyoga and her friends. At first, the other Pridelanders (especially Bupu and Makuu) are skeptical and don't act very welcoming, which almost results in them leaving again. But when Scar's army attacks, Busara and Kujali return and help the Lion and Pony Guard fight them off. After that, the Pridelanders apologize and allow them to stay in the Pridelands.

Btw, I ran all these ideas by DarkHorse already, but he hasn't really given me any answers

We’ll see about the African Wild dogs. 🙂

Thanks, but scientists call them Painted Wolves or Painted Dogs now.

That was an amazing and great that chapter that was and i can't to see the next chapter coming up

Just a few changes I saw while I looking over the chapter,

"It should be five against one!" Nuka pointed out with a scoff. "What kind of lions are you? Siding with a hyena." he rolled his red-brown eyes.

(Change 'five' to 'three' and change 'lions' to 'lion')

"Kovu!" The mangy lion known as Nuka addressed the cub. "Tell him to let me up." he looked from the dark colored cub to the golden one still pinning him.

Change 'him' to 'her'.

“Dad, Princess Celestia,I need to ask you two something.” Kion asked.

Add a space after the comma.

That should be good. :)

Aah man, I wanted Kion to blast Flim & Flam out of Ponyville with the Roar.
Those 2 imbeciles deserve a lot more pain than just being drenched in their own spoiled cider

You forgot to add the description of Daring Do's encounter with the jungle cats and how she escaped.

Funny and wonderful chapter that was and i can't to see more coming up

Comment posted by stark002 deleted Jan 17th, 2022

My Bionicle OC would approve of the trolling at the end.

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