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We all know about The Elements of Harmony, what if there are seven Elements instead of six. This is the story of Silver, a talented unicorn stallion, who's one of Princess Celestia's students. He, along with Twilight Sparkle will travel to Ponyville, where their lifetime adventure will begin.

(This story is also on FanFiction)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

Is this story inspired by Extremeenigma02’s story ‘FIM: The Seventh Element’?

Great beginning and start of a great story

Yes. What do you think about the first chapter?

It’s great.

Did you copy and paste some content from ‘The Seventh Element’ then change it up a little?

I just use this and other stories to help me, since this is my first time I write a story. By the way, did you notice that in his last chapter he write the name Mario from 'The Seventh Element' from FanFiction?

I did.
That must’ve been a typo error.

When you typed in the name Storm, I assume you meant Silver.

Great job on the start and great beginning. And adding a Stallion to the group is nice and for Twilight to have a shipper here is a great idea. Nice job, keep up the great work.

Are you still working on this story?

I'm pretty sure you've got more time for this story than extremeenigma02 does on the 'Seventh Element'

It has been so long since I have watched the show and memories are flowing back to me. :pinkiesad2:

I really liked this though, and would really want to read more of whatever you are planning with the new OC: Silver, in the future. Even though, he is supposed to be the love interest of Twilight, in some part of the story, I started shipping him and Rainbow Dash but not anymore. It is back to the original ship now, but overall, keep up the great work.

Now that was a great second chapter there. And seeing how the two elements are revealed, there will be hints in the future and some relationships growing. Awesome job there, keep up the great work

Great story keep up the awesome work!

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