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I've read enough Trollestia fics to know where this is going :trollestia:

She stepped out from behind the desk and crossed the room, answering my question as she came. "I apologize for the somewhat cloak and dagger way I arranged the meeting, but I believe you will not be disappointed in what I have to say. Please, sit." She finished, indicating one of the floor pillows. I obliged as the Princess settled in across from me. She regarded me carefully for a moment before she spoke.

Ha! I see what ya did here, and it’s real clever I say!

Daisy you bitch

"We'll handle it."

Love ya Frank!

I’m thinking Celestia and Luna won’t be too happy if they hear of this.

Reds would do this to. It’s pretty annoying

Look into some of the shit the Wagner Group has done, shady bastards.

Really enjoying the story so far.
It's well done and the pacing so far is good and believable.
Really different setting compared to the usual HiE fics and the political intrigue and Spy Thriller Elements always bring me back looking for updates.

Keep going!

"Интересно, если эта принцесса сука трахает так же хорошо, как она выглядит?”

Откуда они знают, что она сука?🤔

"Вы хотите сказать это снова?"

Какое-то клише с плохими русскими🤣

«Трахни тебя!» Трахни тебя! Пришел из-под черного капюшона.

Мы так не говорим! "Иди нахуй!" - вот так надо!

Wow, I loved it! Cheers!

Pacing was something I struggled with the most while writing this. I was so concerned that the romance would appear rushed that I second guessed myself all the way up until putting this chapter out. But I felt it was time, we've seen snatches of the developing relationship between the two for a few chapters.

It just felt right and I'm glad I hit the mark. Thanks for the vote of confidence my friend. And rest assured that this story isn't finished by a long shot!

I think the buildup was sufficient. My guess for the progress of the story would be, that it's somewhere around 30-35% finished, depending of the scope you are aiming for.
Don't feel like you have to write just to make the story longer, most times keeping it relatively short and sweet is better than dragging it out for too long.

“My chambers. Now.”

His mind once she said this:

Kinda saw it coming, let’s see what direction this goes

“All good thankfully, the intel you guys dug up was solid gold, We’re sending you after a PRC asset in Canterlot." He was the go-between for the Griffons and the Russians. IF anyone knows who ordered the hit, it's him. We’re gonna push the whole package to you guys here shortly; you’re wheels up for the Portal in three hours.”

Thank you, that really means a lot. I hope I can keep you coming back!

Celestia shipping? Check!
Overpowered OC reveling in his action hero status? Check!
Unrepentant destruction of filthy communists and their world ruining ways? Double-check!
10/10, perfect action hero/trashy romance fodder. Please sir, may I have some more?

Ask and ye shall receive.

You know, I do believe its time for the heroes to start killing some motherfuckers.

Nato is gonna kick some ass

*Racks a round into my M4 Carbine*

Sounds like I get to have some fun. :D


Send us in sir. I'm dying to kill some commie fucks now, hooah!

You kind of wrote yourself into a bit of a corner here. Characters we have some attachment to have died, but we don't have any attachment to any of the characters that the hero might avenge them on, and its a little late to add one.


A fair point. I wrote in Lyra's death to drive home the indiscriminate nature of war and the cruelty of the other side in contrast to our heroes, who skirt that line, maybe even cross it, but it's done with a particular purpose in mind, rather than pure bloodlust. To directly address your concern, I wanted that frustration that comes with a lack of someone to point the finger at. Did those two Griffons kill her? Or is her killer still out there? That sense of maybe getting justice with an asterisk would haunt me, so I tried to convey it in the chapter. Poor Lyra was only a vehicle that I know we all care about to drive the point home. Thanks for bringing it up, all the same, I hope my explanation satisfies.

Fair enough; please continue.

Already working on the next chapter. Barring any sort of catastrophe, it should be out in the next few hours.

Scotty has raised a death flag over his head.

Me and the boys with 10th Mountain will fuck em up, hell yeah! Climb to Glory!

Called it I knew one of em was gonna die how knew it would have been both

>both of them
Not cool, man, not cool.

Oh, believe me, it hurt to write this one.

Feeling the author finna kill Zack is intensifying

I also find this increasingly probable. I can't say I like it.

No indication for the audience of the nature of the plan to shut it down? Huh.


Dave keyed his mic. “Let’s go over it again, Butcher secures the top floors, Oxide takes care of the science staff, Butcher will then leapfrog and so on until we reach the portal device, where Oxide will rig it to blow while Butcher provides security, provided everything goes smoothly, we’re out through the parking garage in a van left by our contact. Our hard out is thirty minutes from touchdown, we split up and exfil north heading for Mongolia.”

No good?

Not that bit, it's that there's no detail that explains how they'll prevent the Chinese from opening this particular portal network, or re-opening portals in the future.

Already have it written in the next chapter, which should be out tonight. Good catch though, I appreciate it.

Oh boy here we go

I can't believe they actually got out of that one alive.

Oops, I accidentally set that explosive charge on your fancy portal you communist scumbags. My bad. 😁

The story so far was fuckin' A, man.

This chapter was a bit too fast with the pacing, could have easily made at least two chapters out of this to allow the reader to decompress a little bit before reading on.
I'm excited for the epilogue that seems to be coming next.

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