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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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“After I made the order, I went to the bank to withdraw the bits for my meal. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the branch office is closed. Is there any way I could compensate you for the meal?” she droned, nonchalantly pointing towards her turgid length.

I have no idea but this sentence made me feel Old for no apparent reason at all.

Loved it Leech, but i honestly felt this story could have been 3k+ on the word count. It does a good job with the word count it has but more content would have been better. Thumbs up, though!

NGL, this was sort of a rush job

I'm also working on several multi-chapter stories and a book, so what little free time I have is strung perilously thin.

Wow... A new definition of Fast food.


One of those kinks has me worried, what gender is the human and how are they going to do it.


what gender is the human

Whatever you'd prefer

It's why Leech didn't use He/she or Him/her. It's from the readers perspective so it's either male or female. All leech did was say they unzipped their fly to get off. whether it was to strangle the sausage or tickle the taco is up to the reader.

This was a fun story I hope for a sequel with this to.

Oh nice stuff and any idea when the art pack will be out?

Should be within the next few days

There really just aren’t enough futa maud stories, especially built futa maud stories.

ah ok and thanks can't wait to see it

This was great,keep up the great work!:twilightsmile:

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