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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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I'm comfortable enough in my sexuality to admit this was pretty hot.

Now do one with Barb please?

I may get around to writing Barb eventually :pinkiehappy:

What did we do to deserve these stories?

I don't know if I should applaud you for writing such an insanely hot Spike story, or to get pissed at myself for never thinking of this idea myself. Well done!

I consider your praise a high honor.

If you like the story, consider buying the pack. Tons of great art, including the full images of the pics for this and the last Spike fic I did.

Glad you enjoyed it =w=

Yay, more gay Spike!

This would be worth it just for learning the term "bedlah", so all the hot sex is really just an added bonus :P

Hot damn, this was some good shit! Sombra will always be the ultimate top!

That said... something about this 'better Equestria' seems fishy. Details like usurping the princesses and ponies having their rations and days of rest accounted for don't quite fit in; and the master/servant dialogue between them feels like more than just dedicated roleplaying. I mean, this is all written from Spike's POV, and Sombra has been known for mind magic shenanigans... I'm just sayin'.

Regardless, great work! Chef's kiss

Kobla #12 · May 28th · · ·

The real ship here is Leech/Thesaurus


Look, it's not my fault that I consume epic fantasy/adventure and Sci-Fi stuff
Honestly, I don't even read much fan fiction and I got roped into all this by a cabal of friends who produce smut

I really love it! I just wish Sombra could have gender-bent Spike at the end so he could really carry his foals!


Oh trust me, I'm familiar with how a fantasy novel can use a $20 word to describe someone's boots.

Comment posted by moltendaniel deleted May 28th

i coulda done without the heresy against the princesses and the mindbreak shit(not to mention the lies about a lack of attention), but overall, 6/10
i woulda given it a 7, but the specific combination of these factors is just enough to give me this uneasy feeling in my gut, and that really harshes the boner
oh, and why'd it have to be bad!Sombra? there's a perfectly good Sombra just across a mirror

Love it.

how he was resting his resting his forelegs

4th dimensional rest right there.

Well, that was pretty fucking sweet. Makes me wanna see Spike in a wedding dress now lol

Maybe for the next Spike pack >u>

So that's what those are called.

To the author - Hi buddy! i read beachside bait and this one all of last night.
how are you doing with crazy pandemic we're going through?
your stories are always the best:pinkiehappy::heart::heart::heart:

I'm keeping on keeping on.
Work, juggling life, and writing

Honestly, not much has changed!

Thanks for your concern. I hope you're weathering all this well

relieved to hear that things are good with you. i'm managing well, only bad thing was the plans for getting my new laptop being shot to hell! since business are reopening i can finally start working on it:pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2:

dude... absolutely fucking sick & tried of having this laptop! (here's the context my laptop has update about some odd week/ month, i put it on sleep mode then next day or morning later both windows are closed.) originally this thing had a windows 9 way back in 2017 & long before these issues i've been dealing with now. really close to throwing against the wall:flutterrage:

p.s: This reply was written on friday!
site was down for a bit, so glad i copied & saved the whole thing:derpyderp2:

Ah! Now this is an expertly written clop! Thank you so much for writing this :heart:

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