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Zebradom makes me feel filthy on the inside. But still, I know I'll fap to it. :moustache: My headcanon is that in your works the pie sisters could fuck each of these zebras into the dirt. The eases the bitter taste in my mouth somewhat. Good job though.

Not a fan of zebra dom and hate Zebra supremacy but I like all the gay stuff in the kink list otherwise and would love a non-zebra version also please no cucking its just not a fun thing to see in a fic and can easily ruin a lot of them

p.s. but love your work

Oh I absolutely LOVED this fic! Was incredibly hot and would love to see this story line continue

Ehhh... if you are planning to write another sequel could you focus on Sweetie and Button only? Like, just them? Not a fan of zebras. :rainbowwild:

I don't think you understand the focus of this series of stories.

What's so great about zebras?

Everything! That's the whole point of this series! I get it that it's probably not your thing. Asking to remove zebra from this is like ordering a steak and asking if they can serve it with no meat.

I love this, please continue with these three!:rainbowwild:

Also, I really kind of hope to see or hear a bit more about Button's Mom, since she's kind of just gone...I'm sure she'd be willing to help her son have some fun, tease him a bit:rainbowwild:

Wow you really do live up to your name

This is the hottest thing I've ever read, especially the bit where Jabori fucked Sweetiebelle.
Please make one where Jabori actually impregnates Sweetie and Button's mom.
I wanna see more of Sweetie's depraved mind.

Reading a prequel where we could find out how did it start with Button becoming Sweetie's butt boy and why his ass became her new toy would be nice though. :rainbowwild:

Nope. Definitely not that.

I’m not used to reading such degrating things like seeing such bad stuff happened to button and sweetie getting impregnanted by a zebra instead of button himself but HOLY SHIT THIS WAS GOOD

I wonder if this will lead to sweetiebell becoming pregnant with the zebras foal

That might make a good side story

She is pregnant with the zebras foal and ends up falling in love with him and leaves button

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