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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


Pinkie Pie falls asleep and wakes up in New New York City.

Teen Rated: Contains: Strong foul language in places.

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Yet another silly My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Futurama crossover fan fiction of mine.


Awesome! Especially the Fry part,If you know what i mean :raritywink:

Could be better

But deserves a mustache :moustache:

Hooray for plot convenience!

Discord, you troll.
Could've been longer though.

My reaction to reading the title: Hell yeah! It's gonna be so awesome~ :rainbowkiss:

After reading; :rainbowhuh: Could be better. Much, much better.

good fic tho. and
i like it

New new york? What about new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new york?

I see that many of have said it "could have been better" or "longer" but may I request that you write your own Pinkie Pie ends up in the Futurama universe story?


I'm not sure. Is is about your name Fry?



My other fan fiction Universe-Jumping-Discord explains the whole thing about Discord.


Are you referencing Doctor Who?

1136703 No I'm talking about THAT OTHER internationally acclaimed British Sci-fi show in which one (near) immortal travels the omniverse.


What's it called?

1136722 It's really popular, it's called SARCASM. I heard it was really good, you should check it out some time.


Wow! My brain exploded.

1136757 I know right? My mind like, evaporated into my balls. It was THE HYPEST SHIT.

just pointing this out but discord's an asshole


Indeed he is. And there's also an explanation on Discord's universe traveling powers my fan fiction: Universe Jumping Discord.

Glad you found it funny too.

Just caught up on this, Rush, sorry it took a while. Good stuff. :yay:

Whoa 700 total views on this fan fiction? Awesome!


Ah thanks, Umby!

What was your favorite lines?

Kinda reminds me of another Futurama fanfic "Magical Shiny Land" where Fry got teleported to Equestria. That one was badly written, this one on the other hand has some decent structure and seems pretty cannon. Good job:moustache:


Uh, that's my fan fiction. XD It was kinda My first Futurama and MLP FIM crossover I ever made, I normally write in transcript format on the Futurama Madhouse.

Thanks for liking this one better though. My fan fiction are kinda hit or miss, especially my latest fan fiction Pinkie Pie Watches Fry Back which has gotten a ton of down votes.

If I'm ever to write again, I don't think it'll be another Futurama and MLP FIM crossover.

It was a decent read, however, things felt unnecessarily rushed and because of it, I believe that we lost out on some prime character interaction and development...

7.0/10 :duck:

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