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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


Bender from Futurama falls asleep to wake up in Equestria, and does something that annoys a certain rainbow Pegasus so much she fires lightning at him. Unfortunately that lightning didn't seem to hurt Bender in any way at all .... In fact Bender seemed to enjoy the lightning.

Warning: Contains quite high levels of violence.

Permission granted to use promo picture by Dr-Waveband on Deviantart.

Not to be confused with my fan fiction "The Day Equestria Was Bent" for this is quite different than that.

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Comments ( 24 )

Once again, good show! :twilightsmile:

What the hell did I just read?


Thanks again! I like your feedback!


You just read the worst fan fiction ever!

And Bender was originally meant to kill and make a Bender Burger out of Rarity's cat as well, but I thought that was a little too dark.

Albert: Can we have Bender Burgers again?

Bender: No! The cat shelter's on to me!


:applejackunsure: I think it needs more jokes in this fic

:twilightsmile: but it's cool to read so i still give it a thumbs up!


Thanks Fry. Maybe it could have had more jokes, but too late now.

Perhaps you could do a similar fan fiction to this?


1050267 I was thinking abuot that!
because yeah Bender could love the electrics and stuff...

i will think about it!



I'll be sure to add it to my Futurama And My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Crossover Fan Fiction group if you write it.


:rainbowlaugh: Silly,you do that with all my fics almost 1050284


Yeah, I do all your Futurama and MLP:FIM crossover fan fictions.


:pinkiehappy: That's so awesome!1050331


Your welcome!

I dunno ... I'd give AJ at least even odds in a fight against Bender. Especially if Bender hasn't had any alcohol in awhile! :twistnerd:


But Bender just drank several barrels of Sweet Apple Acres Cider before the fight? Plus Bender is a robot, thus is much stronger than any organic life form such as Applejack.


I love this post on deviantart by ~pootiet12345 on "Request: RD vs Bender" which is the promo picture of this fan fiction.


Funny as hell!

Ah ok, I derped on the cider being alcoholic. Anyway, he should still have had to at least spend a little time beating the impact dents out of his chassis!


I'm sure it's alcoholic to serve the plot.

Oh, I'm sure there marks on him. Sorta too late to add details but OK I'll add them.

Edit: I just added this detail below in bold.

followed by her bucking him in the chest denting it with hoof marks sending Bender flying in the air through the wall outside landing in a heap on a pile of hay.

Eep! Didn't mean to add work to your morning! Curse my pedantic inner nerd! :twistnerd:

... May Bender burn in droid hell for all eternity without grog or people to piss off.

Muhahahah, discord only sent him for more beer :P
Great story to definitely like and fav


Ah no it's fine. Thanks!


Because what he did to Applejack?


Thanks very much. Yep, this Discord likes beer apparently.

You may also like to read my fan fiction Universe Jumping Discord . It explains how Discord is able to travel to universes.

its a loooooooooooopppp!!!!!!
but its good
4 out of 5 eeyups :eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup:

Discord, you magnificant troll.

I approve of this.

DAAAAAAAAMN This is awesome! I now stalk you......-Peter Griffin Laugh-

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