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This story is a sequel to Bounty Hunter Anon

About a week after their trip to Alderaan, Anon and Sunset receive a dangerous contract from the Republic worth a lot of money. In order to track him down, they need to make new friends, and break some rules. In the process, they uncover a secret plan that could place the entire galaxy at risk.

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Really liking the characterization here! Wish this story got more attention, really enjoying it.

I appreciate that very much, thank you.

Why can't things ever be simple?

Entertaining as always! Really surprised at Adagio returning but I’m super curious as to how she’ll interact with the rest of the group .

Good stuff dude! Really loving how your building this up and letting it play out. If part three is near the same level of quality these two have been I’m super hyped!

this needs so much more attention. Its really well done. all of them are.

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