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I write stories mainly featuring small horses having sex with one another, and that is probably all you really need to know about me.

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Oh, and if you're wondering how Starlight could be having sex with all her villagers without ever having the makeup covering her real cutie mark disturbed, well just repeat to yourself "it's just an MLP clop fic and I should really just relax".

For Mystery Clopfic Theater Three-Thousaaaaaaand! *guitar twang* :trollestia:

interesting story so far I can't wait to see how you will go about the second tear characters like Big Mac, Zephyr Breeze, or even the really bad ones like Sveengalop.

So, how is everyone getting satisfying sex out of this when everyone is equally bad at everything? Shouldn't their lovemaking kind of, you know, suck?

Simple answer: yeah, probably, but that would make for bad porn

Author preferred answer: Starlight Glimmer's innate level of horse sexiness transcends all logic and continuity to elevate the sexual prowess of all ponies around her. Just look at that mare and tell me bad sex is possible when she is involved.

I'm curious if this'll just stick to the canon members of the village, or if this'll get into "Bad alternate ending where she wins" territory

Wait it's almost over already?
Darn it I wanted this to go longer!
(But what is here is amazing)


One more chapter to go, there is an epilogue coming early next week. Probably releasing it Monday. Releasing it today instead.

Damn too bad you skip on Party Favor and Night Glider would have been fun to see your take at how they joined. Would have also loved to see other cannon characters randomly stumbling to Our Town. Still it was a fun read

ass well as the other elements. Also what about the other princesses? what happen!?

Hopefully we get a few bonus chapters where we see the other princesses.

Damn dude, kinda wish we got a chapter of seeing Starlight’s rule, now that would have been something

"Fortunately you didn't actually break the leg, it was just a bad fracture."

... So, he DID break his leg? A fracture IS a break. In fact, it's not even just "a type of break," it is literally just the correct word for break.

Hey, you're correct. I've gone back and rewritten that section so Starlight more accurately explains Double Diamond's injuries to him. I hope the improved medical terminology allows you to better enjoy your horse rape literature. Any further reccomendations for improvement, please refer to the author notes at the end of this chapter.

Any chance for a bonus chapter with Sunburst involved since he started this.

Was really hoping the last chapter would end in a globalized public sex scene.

Poor foolish Starlight. Spike and Discord aren’t exactly ponies, they can stop her. Also Starlight is not a sexual predator even when she was at her worst she had a separate bedroom from the others, and last I checked they weren’t mind controlled into joining if that was the case, she would have just simply blasted them with a spell, boom done, no false Cutie mark required unless a new villager showed up but she had to keep that secret in order to get what she wants. In the end this is a story not the actual show.


In the end this is a story not the actual show.

Well... yeah, Captain Obvious.

No need to be hurtful but I respect your opinion.

You are right.I think the word he should've used is"sprain"

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