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This was perfect :rainbowdetermined2:

It was Filthy Rich, Spoiled's husband. He had long since been filled in about their little escapades, and had decided to join in on the fun after some creative convincing from his daughter and wife.

I'd like to read this.

"No mother. I usually walk to school, so I just woke up early to make my way here before you. I've been trying to get Ms. Cheerilee to fuck me like she did last time we got caught doing naughty things outside the house."

"Yes, That's right. I've been waiting for the two of you so that we could discuss Diamond's reward. To tell you the truth, ever since we found the students that day outside your house, I just couldn't keep my eyes off Diamond. I...I..."

This too. I was actually really hoping that this story would be a direct follow-up to the ending of that story.

She had long since gotten used to the feeling of the strap-on, having been brought to the teacher's lounge so that Cheerilee could fuck her brains out after school.

This sounds like it'd make for an interesting read as well. If this is all too much, you don't have to write them. It's okay if you don't want to.

Have you read all the fics before this? Those explain what hapoened. That is unless you're saying you want me to make some featuring Filthy Rich and Cheerilee?

Plus, the person I write these for is the one who makes up the ideas. I just wrote them out. They all tie into each other. If you want you can check out my Rainbow Dash fics. I have some that do this with her and scoots

8532213 Yepper, and I loved all of them!

Just read the whole series from lust potion to this, loved it.

Thanks a lot! You have no idea how much that means to me.

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