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Twilight Sparkle. The constantly overthinking nerd of a teacher's pet who can't look at something she knows nothing about without wanting to dissect it with a magical knife. She's in her room, in her bed, and her books are sorted. Again. Spike is asleep and she has nothing to do. So what does she do? For once, in her life of nothing but questions and more questions, she thinks of nothing.

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I enjoyed this one. I found myself quite relaxed while reading it, which was nice. Well done.

7796328 why thank you for saying so. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That's rather cute, lol. I love the imagery you used, too.

Wait. You're saying that I can write random ideas from my head, and it could actually be a story? All those times I dismissed random ideas because they were "too random" or "too weird." To be honest, I kinda feel sad now.

Anyways, this was surprisingly good. Was not expecting that ending. Im not into that stuff, but it was a good story nevertheless! One like for you!

Thanks for the review, friend. On a less business related note, this does have a sequel. Although it is much the same as this one, only on a different scale, I hope you will enjoy it.


I wouldn't've read this one without the Cafe. I still liked it. Consider submitting when Submissions reopens in 3 days.

This was a really cool story. It was just a nice episode in Twilight's life and I appreciate that. The descriptions were vivid and really felt as if they were accurately conveying Twilight's mental state. Nice job.

Thanks. I really tried to convey it properly while just making something simple. I actually enjoy simple everyday stories and make them at random when I'm in the mood to just feel, but this was one of my first ever stories and I'm so glad it's still being read after so long.

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