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A fellow fan and author. Newbie and looking to make friends here on this amazing site of ours


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A one-shot request moment of your time?

Sure bud! Lay it down.

A couple story one about Spike and Gabby.

I think i know who you mean. That would be great. I'll see what I can do about it

I also remember in legend about griffins mate for life and stuff.

This is a good contender for my favorite fic of yours yet.

That's great. I can't wait for your final decision.

Had potential, but I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't elaborate on the CMC's family scenes.

Check out the other stories and you'll see why. I already elaborated enough

What other stories? I see The Lust Potion and I see Precious Metals; neither elaborate on the CMC's stories.

Comment posted by wildprince15 deleted Sep 16th, 2017

Check out my Rainbow Dash stories, theytie into these and explain your issue

I demand a sequel after reading that ending! Very disappointed and mad that you decided to end it there!

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