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Don't mind me, just a man diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, ADD, Asperger's, And Autism looking to write some stories. It Is All Pure Imagination...

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good work cant wait until the next chapter just don't have the Slayer talk and we'll be fine

The doomslayer will save chrysalis as thanks for awakening him and he will rip and tear the caribou's till it is done

"So soon as you may wake and walk eternally through the shadow realms, standing against evil where all others falter. May your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again."

Dude, you don't even know how excited i am for this game to come out. I think we'll have a very strong, early contender for game of this decade. I preordered the deluxe edition and i'm so pumped.

Great story BTW, i liked it!

Really good so far! The only thing I'm having trouble with is how much the Slayer enjoys killing. I've played through all of the games, except for Doom 3, and even though he's always brutal, I was under the impression that he killed only because he had to, to save humanity. In Doom 2016 he obviously didn't like Samuel Hayden, but he never actually hurt him, even though he had every reason to.
You can write him how you want, it's your story of course, I just found myself a little put off by it. I think it would be more interesting if the entire time he kills the caribou just because he's confused or thinks it's a new type of demon, or... something other than just he enjoys killing.
Either way I think its going to be a good read and I can't wait for more!

Later he made backup of VEGA before destroying it for portal.

So it's not all rage.

... *clicks Tracking and grabs popcorn*
This gonna be fuuuuun.

I figured he's fine killing. Doesn't love it maybe, but definitely wouldn't hesitate to kill you if you piss him off enough. Plus with how the Caribou are, I feel like he'll have enough reason to show them why he's called the Slayer. Especially since they'll likely try to kill him. Call it self defense, I call it him cleaning up the filth. After all, Rip & Tear until it's done.

Sometimes if you do something you hate long enough, you learn to love it.

H o l y shit.
I can already hear the Death Metal in the distance.

Good guess! You got that he killed the Caribou he woke up surrounded by and immediately thinks it's a type of demon, which is why I had the image of 'hybrid between a Hellknight and Baron Of Hell.' They might as well BE demons!

As for Chrysalis being in this story, it was a thought that came to me while I listened to JT Music's remaster of " Fight Like Hell", one where she died to wake him up from his stony prison.

And maybe he DOES enjoy killing a bit TOO much, but he'll do whatever it takes to save humanity, or in this case, Ponykind.

Hope you're ready for some more, cause I just finished writing another chapter!

There is gonna be a LOT of humor in this story, cause I'm just gonna pull out all the stops on this, but fall short of lemon scenes, cause I don't think the readers would want that.

Anyways, gotta go write a third chapter and proofread my second one, PEACE!

Glad to see Chryssi is ok :heart:

And may the ass kicking commence.
My idea would be that he fights his way to the old catsle.
(Not like an all out battle.)
But something that would basically either save the camps from more caribou scouts and or show that he's on their side so far.
Basically for what my smol brain is trying to say is that he shows he's here to help instead of "*knocks on catsle doors* Honey, I'm home, and I brought the guns!"

if you want ideas for the confrontation I have an idea.

Make the Slayer fight one of the princesses doesn't matter who I just want to see how it would play out.

This is going to be a HELL of a war and strong and silent type I like and it's like or is that the DOOM SLAYER is loyal to chrysalis and maybe even block a Arrow loyal I like were this going and hoping that this gets a lost of live making this
But I do have some questions like how close as the sisters and chryssi and does the DOOM SLAYER have history with them or his he just there and maybe it's just me but is happening is there a infections or something these can be taken as questions or ideas for the story either way just wanted to ask keep up the good work and don't rush through it and have a awesome day

Rip and Tear... Rip and Tear... Rip and Tear!

Alright, let's see where this goes.


Ok author.
Listen here.
Do some Deus Ex Machina bullshit and heal Luna.
Or I'm gonna invoke Slaanesh and Nurgle on your sorry pale ass, and afterwards, when they are done with you, your remains gonna be sent to Khorn as a fuckin' doormat just shortly after he gets raging chain-axe boner from all that hate doom guy in producing so he's a bit more comfy.

PS.: Have a good day friend :).

Oh trust me... I plan on doing something for Luna... But that's for me to know, and you lot to FIND OUT.:trollestia:

Ok. Thanks. I'm satisfied with that.
But until you do so. I'm gonna hate you with burning passion as no one does that to Luna.
Or maybe because I'm a bit too obsessed with Luna ships lately... Nah, it can't be that.

Still. Love this story so far. Cheers mate.

" Rip and Tear them to bits for us, and enjoy causing as much damage as you can.” She declared, which made Celestia and Luna to feel slightly queasy at the malicious aura the creature seemed to give out at those words.

Not three word.

whoops, lemme fix that real quick!

it seems to me that the caribou empire has no chance against the doom slayer.
in the mlp universe, it seems to me there are no worthy rivals for him. The only one who can compete with him on an equal footing is a Tirek filled with magic or Discord

Его рукавицы сжались в кулаки, что заставило его суставы громко хлопнуть ...

when reading from this moment in my head the music began to play automatically

Comment posted by WhalenJP deleted January 7th

*off in the distance* KHORN FOR THE KHORN FLAKES

So Master Chief, Cortana, the Slayer, Chrissy, Sun Butt and Moon Butt vs. the Caribou Army........ ok least see where this goes.

Whelp, the Caribou were fucked before but now they are royally fucked. I feel that Slayer and Chief will get along juuust fine.

Wow wow wow now the master chief joins the battle, who is now following Dom of Gears of war Shepard of Mass effect or some Primarch of Warhammer.
If before the caribu was finished now it has no chance.

Now we just need Clan Skirata to join the party, and the caribou will have no hope of surviving

What... Well... The Doom Slayer was probably already going to bring down the caribou single handedly, and now you add Master Chief into the mix... It was already going to be a blood bath, but now... The caribou are most likely going to get a nice healthy serving of Genocide.

Глаза Луны расширились от знакомого лица, которое она видела в пустоте, но это выглядело по-другому; не было бороды и гривы меньшего размера, отличного от цвета другого существа.

У того в Пустоте была шоколадно-коричневая грива, у этого была ворона-черная ...

although we don’t know exactly what Doom Slayer looks like without armor, but for some reason I want to believe that its face is similar to the protoganist’s face of the original doom.

Внезапно облака расползлись, обнажая безволосую обезьяну, одетую в полную черную рубашку и комбинезон из брюк, кроваво-красный галстук ярко сиял в пустоте, словно это был маяк…

I still don’t understand which universe this character is from.
P.S. it seems to me that having one doom slayer deprives the caribou empire of any chance and adding Halo characters would be superfluous. To balance the caribou, you also need some ally.

Alright, can we get Carnage and Alex Mercer into the mix too?

Imagin the Carnage/Slayer combo. The Slayer and Carnage seem like quite the godlike combination.

Their big, their mean and their very green.

It seems Master Chief can't help himself in joining this soon to be bloodbath, and I appreciate that. Hey WhalenJP, Doom guy and MC is a nice combo but don't overdo it by adding more unnecessary franchise to the point it becomes convoluted.

It's just gonna be those two. No one else is gonna join in the slaughter. I don't want it to become like Endgame. Although a good movie, there would've been NO time to write that much at the rate I'm going.

This is gonna be a slaughter fest and I can't wait.

Bold of you bringing master chief to the fight

Okay, it was overkill with the Slayer, but this, either the Covenant or the Demons need to back up the Caribou at this point.

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