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Was good, is missing a short epilogue of scot eating cunt for the uptold time. ^^

I want a bonus chapter of Sweetie Belle and the professor. As good as the details are in your writing I want to see her earn that A. You're teasing me with that hint about her considering she's my favorite of the CMC's.

What if I told you, "That's in the works." 😁
Never say never, I've bounced the idea around... It could end up happening. ^^

Then I'm going to be waiting on the edge of my seat.

I’ll try my best not to disappoint!

So can't really see what the "double or nothing" title have to do with the story, or how this could be featured with this many nitpicks poking their head in the story. Clop needs a better flow than any other kind of story to be effective after all.

"let me get in on this bet" This sentence is lacking one of those " marks that I can't remember the name of
"she waddled on passed them as she made her way back out to the farm to finish her chores for the day," seems like you need a comma here, or are using a wrong tense... or that I ain't used to this part of the lovely English language
"Scootaloo gave Apple Bloom a look of disbelief" Need a period after this sentence.
"yanking Scootaloo over toward Big Mac." Linebreak mistake
" enjoying the pleasant, smooth, and salty taste of his cock." What, no taste of applejack?
"The scent of arousal and cuntjuces filled Scootaloo’s nostrils." juices
"You’re not coming up for air until Mac cums down your throat,” She said" no need to ever use "x said" unless you are gonna state a tone in the characters voice.
"With a vicious yank from Apple Bloom, Scootaloo was yanked off of Big Mac’s dick" Repetitions are never a good thing.
"Big Mac gave her sister a small smirk and a quick nod." Linebreak mistake... And if he is so known for his stamina, why was he soft right after Applejack?
"The overwhelming pleasure caught pegasus by surprise." missing a the

Would pay money for Scot beeing forced to give head basicly constandy. ^^

Comment posted by A lost anonymous deleted Jan 28th, 2020

Honestly, I have no idea how my shit gets in there. I appreciated the heads up on the grammatical errors!

College is going to be a lot less stressful for Apple Bloom while Scoots is paying up on the bet, that's for sure! 😂

let me get in on this bet. Sweetie Belle said.

this bet." Sweetie

Man, I've been extra dumb on grammar for this one it seems. 😂 Thanks for the catch!


Try not to comment things like 'how did this get featured'. Not only can that be pretty danged rude ("this isn't good enough to be noticed" is pretty much the only meaning of the question), it's not something the author controls. There's a system in place, mostly traffic-based. If people like it, it will be featured. Regardless of 'nitpicks'.

Entries are not featured due to technical perfection or grading points of writing, but by the activity of the users. Which I prefer, helps prevent elitists taking over. I've seen so many complaints about how this or that story gets in the box while lamenting their own, certainly 'technically perfect' piece languishes unloved, but fairly uninspiring and/or dry all the same. It's all about the entertainment factor.

I hope we get one of sweetie belle staying after class next..

Could you do a bonus chapter of Sweetie Belle and her newly minted sexfriend?

It’s in the works! Unfortunately, I have no idea how long it will be until I finish it. With my new job I have maybe 1 days worth of free time to write, whereas before, I had 7.

Awesome story.

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------ Review ------

Please keep in mind, I know I can be overly critical and negative at times. I can always find something to nitpick, even in the greatest works of literature ever written. Please don't take it personally!
-The opening scene's Sweetie Belle bits were kind of cute, getting caught and also about fucking the professor.
-is that big.” Scootaloo whispered unconvinced -- incorrect dialog punctuation.
-waddled on passed them -- past.
-I don't mind swearing, but it's done to excess in this story, much of it is gratuitous and doesn't add anything. In this story, it's making the story worse.
-Being anthro, it could make much better use of clothing.
-his cum-blaster unleashed a tsunami of foal fluid -- sometimes it's possible to be a little too creative. (And anyway, if you’re going to go alliterative for ‘foal fluid’, why not ‘cum-cannon’?)
-Last few paragraphs were a bit rushed.
-Could have focused on the orgasm more and spent some time on a cool-down.
-Really hot the way Apple Bloom helps Scootaloo.

------ Scores ------

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Cloppability: 94/100
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Immersion: 75/100
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Thanks man, I appreciate you taking the time to critique my story! ^_^

“No fucking way Apple Bloom. No dude's dick is that big.” Scootaloo whispered unconvinced, making sure to not draw the whole lecture hall's attention over to the trio's licentious conversation. “You're full of shit.”

You mean, hung like a horse?
Certainly not in Equestria....!

Kinks: Male on Female

I don’t think that is a kink

Comment posted by PuzzleMaster98 deleted March 18th

I hope for more writing

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