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This story is a sequel to Grogar’s Endgame

After two years of peace and happiness in Equestria since the defeat of Grogar, the Decepticons now direct their focus on a new target: earth. Shockwave rises from the shadows to create a new army to conquer earth and its inhabitants and to convert earth’s energy to energon to restore Cybertron. Grimlock and the other Dinobots team up with the Equestria Girls to put an end to Shockwave’s masterplan and the Decepticon reign of terror for good. The ultimate questions are: who shall stand? And who shall fall?

Chapters (9)
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Nice story. With Starscream and Shockwave appeared, something tell me that Grimlock and the Autobots are not going to like this.

As a suggestion of a character that could show up star saber.
His his idw body with his transformers victory personality.

Shockwave took hold of the Orb Ruby and gazed upon it. After contemplating what the Seeker explained and how they should deal with the Autobots, an idea sparked in his head. His optic glowed brightly as he then looked upon the two Seekers. “This is logically perfect. I know just the way how to deal with Optimus Prime and his troops.” Shockwave darkly spoke.


I must say that any 'Bots or 'Cons have 'wave at the end of their name is likely the most threatening individuals.

Not bad for this chapter, since Grimlock saved Sunset and her friends from Sideways.

You got this Twilight.

“The dark energon. That’s what. Did you actually think that Optimus would succumb to emotional manipulation? What an illogical ignoramus you are. Thanks to Skywarp’s information on how well it went with those evil alicorn creatures that existed due to the Orb Ruby’s spell, I managed to inject a smidgen of dark energon into the Ruby in order to make the spell—how should I say it—long lasting.” the evil scientist explained.

Well, that's not good.

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