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This story takes place during Season 4 before Episode 8.

A famous fashion designer takes an interest in Rarity’s work and she ends up paying a very high price for his patronage.

How can she keep up the high workload he demands with a foal on the way and how will she manage once it arrives?

This can be read as a stand-alone story or continued to its sequel A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 12 )

Interesting story, however it would have been nice to see more of a resolution considering now that she's been dropped by YSL, a certain princess's word might hold MUCH more weight than some dinky little fashion designer who knocked up an associate of said princess and seemingly abandoned his financial responsibilities to the foal.

:duck: All of the YSL clothing factory and outlets?

:twilightsmile: No injuries but every inch was burned to the ground

:moustache: twice

:twilightoops::raritystarry: Spike?

:moustache: What? Everybody knows how flammable lint, fabric, wooden fixtures, business documents, tables and
ponyquines are, besides think of the bits that went missing when everything went "woosh" a tragedy no one expected

:facehoof::raritywink: Spike. . .

:moustache: What? think of all the stuff you'll need for the foal, diapers, clothes, food, toys and a room with the view, All sorts of stuff

:duck: A father?

:moustache: That too?

:raritywink: I'm sure the Royal Guards will have a say with your crime of passion

:moustache: DEPLOMATIC IMMUNITY I'm the Ambassador of Friendship, Changeling Kingdom and the Dragon Lands :twilightoops:

:pinkiegasp: Spike the noble dragon

:trollestia: That's my boy

Thanks for the comment. I really wanted to focus on Rarity's personal inner strength and her indomitable spirit to overcome a difficult situation rather than rely upon favours from royalty; something that in itself has the potential to backfire. I was aiming to show that Rarity could make a success of herself and actually emerge in a stronger position after the personal trauma she had been subjected to.
She leaves the story in a more lucrative professional and financial position than when she started, and that's a good place to be for bringing up the foal she loves as a fully independent mare - I love her spirit!


That's the sequel done then ...

Thanks - brilliant comment!



:duck: He does have his moments

She had a pretty clear understanding of what the letter would contain, and sure enough, few words had been wasted in getting straight to the point. She read, with little surprise, that because of late delivery, her contract had been terminated with immediate effect.

At any time earlier in her career, she would have cried and thrown a regal tantrum befitting a true drama queen, but a quick glance at her foal told her she had things to consider now that were far more important than pandering to her former idol, that self-obsessed, narcissistic philanderer. She raised her nose into the air and sniffed haughtily, leaving the letter on the side to show to all her friends when they arrived.

I so want to ruin that fuckers life. :flutterrage:

He's a character used to getting his own way and really isn't very nice at all.
I based him on a cross between Svengallop and Suri Polomare, but no matter how unpleasant and manipulative he is, I wanted to show that Rarity's qualities of genrosity and humanity make her the stronger.

Well, I have to say, this is a bit rushed, but I DO like the work that went into the characterizations and future chapter set-up. Yeah, I COULD quite easily see how Rarity could end up in this situation in a slightly Alternate Universe story (which this is). And I DO hope this guy ends up getting taken down a few pegs in SOME way.

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Loved how Twilight and the others are trying to help out Rarity here. And, yeah, I especially liked how Twilight convinced Redheart to keep her mouth shut for the time being. Even if HE might deserve the bad press, Rarity is under enough pressure right now without the media field day.

And, now, I'm on to the last chapter.

REALLY good conclusion to this short story. Yeah, I am definitely glad to see Rarity bouncing back stronger than before off this. And yeah, the "stylish foalwear" is a GREAT idea as was the inspiration for the name "Pearl". And, of course, as was pointed out by another reviewer, I could definitely see Spike invoking more than a little Karmic Trickery on that guy.

Anyway, excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up in this short story.

Thanks for your comments - so pleased you enjoyed it!
Rarity was having a really rough ride, but she's got through it and her future seems to be better assured than at any other time in her life.
Gotta love Rarity!


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