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You Shall Not Pass

I say, "My Diminutive Equine, Camaraderie is Enchantment" is a smashing show!

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#1 · Dec 14th, 2011 · · ·

Wow.... The troll is strong with this one.

'Fatal Moonings' was funny none the less.

I laughed way more than I should have.

:trollestia: Tolling princess, :ajbemused: parent teacher confrence. :pinkiecrazy: My body is ready.

Woooooooooow Thats fucked up yo lmao :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know why...but I didn't laugh...not once.... interesting....:ajbemused:

Wut :derpyderp1: :derpyderp2: :derpytongue2:

I laughed, and im ashamed of it :fluttershbad:

i thought troll fics where denied now 0_o :eeyup:

I feel immensely guilty for laughing.

#9 · Dec 14th, 2011 · · ·

Oooooh that was great. The punchline was fabulous.

Technically, if it was Celestia, wouldn't it be called a "sunning"?

Well, it's not like there is anything with her attitude anymore right?

I remember this sketch, also why did the orbital friendship cannon not participate! :pinkiehappy:



good shit

Oh god yes.
At first I was like: :rainbowderp:
And then I was like: :rainbowlaugh:

Genius.... Just genius :trollestia::heart::heart::heart:

... I'm both laughing my ass off and mortified by how horrible this is... :pinkiecrazy:

My face right now is contorted somewhere between this :twilightoops: and this :rainbowlaugh:.
I hope your happy.

Now that is what I call extreme trolling.

Not very amusing, and a little boring :ajsleepy:

Made me smile at the beginning, but I must say that it gets a little too dark for my tastes by the end. Also, the swear at the very end is out of place, and to be honest, every time I see a swear in a story it feels like the author's shooting themself in the foot. A good story nonetheless, and the writing captured the best of trolling. However, if you want to truly troll, you do it like a gentleman. Cheers!

Haha, I chuckled a few times. Well done sir, especially for your first piece of writing.

I think it was really funny, especially the end was great.

The issue itself isn't that funny, poor Star Sparkle ...

Trollesia + Rowen Atkinson sketch = :rainbowlaugh:


66917people might think of it as the shinning though if it was called that


Best ending ever

I dont know what to say. quite frankly, I am disgusted: but this is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

This is the best fic ever.

This story is wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong...

...and very funny!

You sir are a king. I now crown you in the name of the troll kingdom. :trollestia: If this is your first fic, I'm following you.

I'm laughing, and not ashamed in the least, that was funny as hell:pinkiehappy:. Good show sir

Lol!!!! Trollolloll TROLLLOOOLLLOOOLLLOOOLLLOOOLLLOOLL:trollestia:bloc it cuz I don't like twilight!!!!

I'm not sure how I should be feeling after this, but it was pretty good. Love that part at the end too.

Not quite as sadistic as i am without my medication but damn shes close:derpytongue2:

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't find this funny. Like at all. There's dark humor and then there's being a douchebag with maybe a lame joke tossed in now and then. This is the latter.

She killed twilight............ Now I wanna live in trollestia universe so i can launch HER in the moon cannon

somewhere between lol and rage, that's where you'll find me. :rainbowhuh:

This was an amazing trollfic.:trollestia:

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be angry.

Hence the nature of trolling.

i laughed at how horrible this was lol:rainbowlaugh:

As they say "Successful troll is successful." :trollestia:
I admit I am amused.

Was I supposed to laugh? :applejackunsure:

Like...I don't hate it, but nothing about it was really funny or anything. equestriaforums.com/Smileys/LightB/JmPL5.jpg.png

The ending is what got me.


I think the reason why I don't feel as bad as I should is because I knew this was a trollfic before I started reading, so I didn't take it seriously.


Well played sir :moustache:

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