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You Shall Not Pass

I say, "My Diminutive Equine, Camaraderie is Enchantment" is a smashing show!


The Kind and Generous Trixie is truly the kindest and most generous pony in all of Equestria... until a time-traveling Hearth's Warming ghost screws everything up.

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...ohhhhh, boy. I could cut the tension in this with a butcher knife and I still wouldn't make a clean cut.


so... from the description i assume this is the Blackadder christmas carol ponified?

This is interesting, I like it

Doctor Whooves? Seriously? I have one word to say to you. Tracking!:yay:

Wow. Ya know, the Doctor has screwed up a many of times (his pacifism with regards to the Daleks has bitten him in his Time Lordy posterior too many times). But this...

This is just...








Sooo yeah.

Ya screwed up big time, Doc.

Nice going.

And great story! I'm definately favoriting this!

And that kids, it's what we call an Cosmic Fail.
Very good Fic btw.

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