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You Shall Not Pass

I say, "My Diminutive Equine, Camaraderie is Enchantment" is a smashing show!


"In the grim darkness of this author's imagination, there is only war..."

Ponies throughout history beat the hell out of each other.

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What the? :rainbowhuh:

WRITE MORE, tough unnecessary bloody in some parts, this is brilliant work :pinkiegasp:, and maybe offers us some characterization other than the usual mane 6, like with smart cookie :pinkiecrazy::ajsmug:

MOAR PLEASE :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

This is awesome. Very well written let's hope it doesn't gets any bad reviews or ratings only for having dark subjects.

Regardless, it was a very good read and I look forward to more.

5 Stars for you

awesome! i can't wait to see what the unicorns do



Whatever, I'll try to give this a read then.

For ponies that require GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY!


It's funny, it's smart, it's rugged, and it's badass! I can't say MOAR enough!

FINALLY. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that the Hearth's Warming play was just a family-friendly production referring to the senseless wars, theft, oppression, racism, taboo, and freezing death of the entire pony species before the formation of the Elements of Harmony and founding of Equestria.

Also, more pony battles pl0x.

mmmmmmmm.......needs more death, pain and suffering. other than that, please make more.

Thanks everypony for the reads, ratings, and remarks!
Expect more historical iterations of the Mane 6 after the Hearth's Warming plot arc is finished.:pinkiesmile:
I was a bit unsure of how this story would be received, so I'm glad there's an eager audience for this sort of thing.
Unicorns are indeed next.:raritywink:
The history pageant does indeed have a very grim undertone, which is why I liked that episode so much – it gives me the perfect setting for some gratuitous pony battles!

YIKES!!! good story but man is it dark!

THIS... IS... AWESOME!!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Yes, it's dark, but it's the kind of dark that you can tolerate because of the good amounts of effort you put in your writing, and also because it's the "wild past". :pinkiecrazy:

The earth ponies have been winning because of two decisive factors in good planning, numbers, and the skill to use them effectively, reminds me of the "5 de mayo" battle between mexicans and frenchs, mere peasants with improvised weapons proving that military discipline isn't enough in hostile encounters. :ajsmug:

I hope this continues for longer, but the way that im seeing this, there may not be enough ponies for longer battles. :rainbowlaugh:

You need to weigh in on that Mock Battle thread on EQD going around for the poll. I keep telling everyone to sign up with the Earth Ponies against the griffons, but they're all going pegacrap and unicrap. 5000 unicorns, 5000 pegasus, only 2000 earth ponies? But now here looks like someone who knows just what Earth Ponies are capable of.

Thanks again everypony for the reads and reviews!
Glad to hear that my descriptions of battlefield brutality aren't off-putting.:pinkiecrazy:
The earth ponies were also lucky to capitalize on the enemy's mistakes. The unicorns probably would have won if they hadn't split their army in two. But despite the complete slaughter of their best troops, I'd still have to give overall strategic victory to the unicorns. After all, they escaped with most of the food.:raritywink:
There's one more battle in this story arc, but the earth ponies are basically out.:ajsleepy: The avalanche clobbered them pretty good. The pegasi and unicorns are also bleeding heavily, but they still have enough bodies to throw into the meat grinder in the next chapter!
Thanks, I intend to!
The pole seems closed, since I can't find it. Still, I'd like to be an earth pony in that most important branch, logistics. We can't have the troops running out of water balloons, right? (Also, despite being fascinated by warfare I am a terrible coward and would rather not get hit by anything.:fluttershyouch:)

Can't wait to see what the pegasi think of this

Note to self: iron-shod hooves as backup weapons. It's so obvious that I didn't even think of it. That said, nicely done. I admit to being a bit of a history buff, so it's cool to see something inspired by actual historical tactics.

Now I remember why warhammers were always feared. You only need to get lucky once. Very well done.

I might actually turn to you as a tactical advisor or something, if you don't mind.

Ever since reading about Qi Jiguang, I've been waiting for an opportunity/excuse to write something featuring mobile tactical foliage. Thankfully Pinkie is the type of pony to try something that crazy too!:pinkiehappy: Expect more military history references throughout this series.
Swords are pretty, but nothing beats good ol' blunt trauma! By the end of the Middle Ages, plate armor had gotten so good that men-at-arms swapped their swords for hammers, maces, and various polearms. Pinkie/Puddinghead is using a normal civilian sledgehammer here, but a military warhammer would actually have a claw/spike opposite of the hammer head, so you have a choice of crushing the armor or punching a hole through it.
And I don't mind being a war consultant at all. I'd be happy to help!

If the earth ponies didn't have numbers then they would have gotten slaughtered. Looks like the unicorns used a mix of Spartan tactics in the mountains along with the luck of a winter, similar to the Russian winter that ripped up Napoleon's Army and the Germans in WW2.


Love the strategy and tactics here!

Silverstein222 out!

Ah, the billhook. Brilliant weapon that. It's a spear, an axe, a scythe, and an all-round knightly can-opener. Perfect for de-horsing a mounted knight, dragging him to the ground and hacking him to pieces. Hooray! :twilightsmile:

Damn, that was an intense, bloody, and glorious battle. I was siding with the Earth Ponies on this fight because of this exchange:

“Now that’s silly!” Chancellor Puddinghead exclaimed. She leaned forward and looked at the pegasus commander dead in the eyes. “You can’t take all of our food away from us. We’d starve to death, and with no more farmers, then you’d starve to death!”


“I’m bringing my army tomorrow, and you better have all your food ready for us! If you don’t, we’re just going to take it from you, and I don’t care how many of your ponies we kill to do it!

I always make it a rule for myself to say "boo" against Aggressors and cheer for the defenders. Throughout all of this, I was seriously wondering how a group of earth pony peasants were gonna stand a chance against the superior warrior race, who can fly and control the weather for crying out loud! It was then a good thing that the Earth Ponies had a competent leader like Puddinghead, who may be off her rockers, but she sure knows how to kick ass.

I was thouroghly entertained by this. :pinkiecrazy::ajsmug:

F*ck...............I was rooting for the Earth ponies for the same reason I explained from the previous chapter and............they got hit with misfortune after misfortune and suffered not only heavy casaulties, but they lost most of their food..............damn. I feel bad for them. :ajsleepy:

Great cahpter though. I enjoyed the detail put into the battle.

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