When Taylor Hebert of Earth Bet triggered within the Locker, it drew the attentions of Discord. While unable to do anything directly to help/improve the situation on Earth Bet, he decides instead to give Taylor the gift of Equestrian magic, plus some helping hooves.

As Discord would say, let the chaos begin!

Story can also be found here: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/shard-of-magic-mlp-fim-worm.764257/

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Is there going to be a sonic rainboom?

Eidolon will be jealous.

in short, the three new spells are a mind shield, a mind restoration spell, and an anti-mindfuck spell

i love this so far
what's the update schedule(if there is one)

can't believe it took you handing me the explanation for me to figure out what the direct access shit was about, I'm usually quicker on the uptake with something like that XD But nice. it's a good story so far, and the bleakness of the host setting is being offset nicely so far.

That last scene... 😆

Thank you, stranger. This comment was what made me go "Screw it, I'll give this a shot."

Aw, pity. I ran out of story, already.



She has kindness right?
I wonder how wpuld she imteract with bitch's dogs.
Unless talking to animals is more of a flutters thing than an element of kindness thing

And then the gritty and rwalistic world of worm was introduced to cartoon logics😁😁

[Insert discord eating popcorn gif]
Dis gon be gud

So, what is "royal"?
A spell designed with a helping 'hand' from queen administrator?
Or a spell to affect shards specifically?

Wow. The implications of that one invention for mining are world changing! And recycling becomes a perfect process. Go to a garbage dump and extract all the aluminum, zinc, lithium, iron, titanium, even gold and silver and platinum… far far more than economically than the original mining process.

that was a priceless mistake.

the first musical number of Earth Beta! It's so wonderful! Soon it will be happening everywhere

At the part where Oni Lee is described, it says "mash" instead of mask.

So I take it I'm going to have to know about Worm in order to understand this story?

This takes place after the Endbringer event with Taylor that is all I will say

to understand a lot of stuff in detail yes, but the author has done a good job at giving out the personalities of everyone so far and the general info of the world, except heartbreaker who really doesn't need a lot of screen time to get his general gist, or the S9.

Well, induced cheerfulness through baked goods COULD be a thing. After all, it makes just as much sense as a lot of other powers!

As first outings for a new hero go, that went quite well.

Eidolon has way more raw power, at least thus far. Also his powers are way more immediately reactive.
More importantly, even if they are slowly shrinking, his power reserves are way, way bigger.

I am going to say alicorn tier, or shard tier, or possibly assisted by Queen Administrator. I would have to go back and check, but I think those are the ones that take days to generate.

Not really, at least not yet. The process requires magic, or magic powered technology, which is still very restrictive. Its the same problem as why capes can't fix everything in the first place. The cost is massive, because you need a specific cape, or one of many with a similar power. Currently, magitek is still kinda limited.

That moment when i ask myself why that cool story hasn't updated in a long time
But then i discover that i forgot to activate notifications on it's shelf
This is me right now
If it's broken here's the link

for those who are confused, the endbringers are now alicorns
and apparently wanna be good now

Brainwashing for the greater Good :D
Ofc they were arguably AI intelligences before, and not people, but still.

Is Eidolon an Alicorn? Please tell me Eidolon's an Alicorn, he'd totally FLIP. It should be an omake if nothing else.

And the role of Missy Byron in this episode of Taylorball Z is played by Applebloom… :facehoof:

Being responsible in an irresponsible manner.

Don't forget that she also has just a bit of Celestia, Luna, Starswirl, and Starlight Glimmer floating around in her noggin as well, as Discord copied more traits than just those of the Mane Six. There might be imprints from others as well locked away for later need, such as Cadence and Shining Armor, but I think Discord had most of the bases pretty well covered with just the choices we already know about.

SONIC BOOM! :rainbowlaugh:

You might want to go in and recolor the moderator text that replaces Voidcowboy's post red.

This is awesome!
Please! Keep going!

A SEAFOAM stallion...oh boy, I see where this is going.

A bit surprised no ones written a Worm displaced yet.

I shake my head in anticipation, and, what is this... trepidation? That's certainly a feeling coursing through me right now. Pony magic is one thing, pony magic on Earth is another, pony magic on Earth Bet is a whole new thing entirely.

No Manton limits? Well, I think we all know exactly how this'll go... Watch your back, Lung, you're dealing with multiple expert dragon-handlers here! Twilight raised one, Fluttershy sends fear into the hearts of them, Rarity calmly walked up to a sea dragon in the pilot episodes and dealt with it right off the bat, and AJ and Dash are not known for their kiddie gloves. Pinkie... well.

I kind of hope that when the teleport was blocked Lee's power cut out and he went splat on the ground for real.

Man, if I'd stayed home from school for every bruise, I'd have been there less than half the year.

Oh this is neat. So she's got simulations of the Six running the the background of her brain and doing all the legwork. Hopefully they're not too self-aware.

heh. Twilight's working overtime but Taylor is not appreciative of her naming efforts.

Oh dear. Who could have possibly foreseen this?

Here it comes.
The big fight and possibly our first Elements of Harmony blast.

Yes, it seems the formatting is a bit different here on fimfic but by and large it came out alright. I always enjoy reading PHO snippets.

Fantasic story and criminally underviewed. Bit of a shakey start, but it quickly ramps up in quality. I hope to see it return someday.

The one on Spacebattles is more updated.

Hope those are bruises you can be proud of, rather than feel the need to hide them.

In story, it seems to me that they are taking any excuse to let Taylor not show up. After all, Winslow is hell.

Thanks so much for this nice story.

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