This is basically a short collection of story snippets and ideas that comes to me every now and then. Sometimes, I'll write it out to either get it out of my head, or to gauge the reception to the idea. The snippets were previously posted on the SB.com forums. I thought I'll put it up here.

Don't expect any regular updates or anything like that.

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Okay, this I would like to see expanded on. Its just such an intriguing idea.

that is an awesome idea Discord having to experience all the celestias

The ponies are fucked, the Angels' goal is to neutralize every Lilith based creature.

:rainbowhuh:But the ponies are not Lilith-based creatures.

Every living thing that's not an angel (Adam based) is Lilith based. Even microbes.

Please do, I quite like them.

I get the snake bit, clever, clever

From Neon Genesis Evangelion.
The 'progenitor entity' of humanity.

Transformares: More than meets the Pie!

Very nice, but I hope that if you do ever turn this one into a full fic, you'll put more events between the first Macross scene and this one.

I hope Sato remembers to bring Jade's uniform along to the spa, or she's in for a long, embarrassing walk back to the base.

Or, more likely, a long, slightly less embarrassing wait at the spa as she sends Sato to fetch her uniform for her.


:rainbowlaugh: BWAHAHAHAHA!

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