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Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash have bills to pay, shitty retail jobs to work, classes to struggle through, scholarships to maintain, and a life bent on kicking them while they're down.

When faced with all this, it's pretty understandable that sometimes they just need to lay back, light up a joint, and vent about how much the world fucking sucks.

Edited By: Rose Quill, Heartshine, and Light Striker. Thank you all so much.

"Brilliant work in expressing the anxieties of the age, and in the characters' affirmations of one another." - FanOfMostEverything

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This was really good. I notice that there's little to no feedback here, which makes me sad, because this was really good. I don't typically read dramatic stuff, for fear of cliche sh*t. But this was really good. No spelling errors, just cold, sardonic truth. Real fear. Real hurt. You injected a rare ship into a chronically neglected perspective, and it turned out beautiful. You nailed what the characters would be like in a grittier, harsher world. The college age is usually depicted as leisurely when it comes to the mane 6, but you took the hard path. You made it realistic, and thank you for that. Think you're a bad writer? That's b.s, (or more accurately horse sh*t.) You are a fantastic writer! It's just that your style is so coldly candid, that it seems like it's far too overlooked. This was beautiful.

Your comment made the stress of writing, publishing, deleting, and undeleting this fic worth every second. Thank you so much for these words, you have no idea how much they mean to me.

Are you kidding? It's no problem! I hate when stories like this don't get the credit they deserve simply because people can't take the time to let the writer know how they feel. As creators feedback is what unironically feeds us- makes us want more and motivates us. So no, I don't know how much this means to you... but I am happy that you realize how good this is. Because this is so worth all the effort I know you put in. 😍

I don't frequently leave comments on this site but I thought this was a great fic! The realism of the story was a little unexpected for an MLP story at first but it ultimately made the story really unique and memorable.

What's a cannabis?

Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I'm really glad you took the time to comment and it's really reassuring to hear that people liked my realism.

Weed, grass, marijuana.

I always feel uncomfortable when reading something drawn this deeply from a writer's soul. It's like I'm intruding on a deeply personal process expressed through the characters. Brilliant work in expressing the anxieties of the age, and in the characters' affirmations of one another.

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