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Rainbow Dash, on her way out from school, notices that one person didn't come out yet, despite the time since the bell rang. Perhaps against her better judgement, she goes back in to keep Sunset Shimmer from making a horrible mistake.
Tensions rise, loyalty is tested, and perhaps, a broken soul can be fixed.

Content warning--
--Several profanities("Fuck" is used in a couple of cases)
--Repeated mentions of suicide

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This caught my interest. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next chapter!

Thanks! I'll try and get it edited and posted soon!

Gilda needed a good punch to the face after what she said. Hating someone and wishing for their death is a whole different story.

Well so far so good🥰

I really like this story, keep up the good work, by the way do you take story requests?

Wow. I’m loving this story. Thank you for sharing this. I can’t wait to see the rest. :raritywink:

Thank you, but i am sorry to say that I am not taking requests at the moment. Glad you're enjoying this one, though!

There's a few more chapters to come, I'm getting them posted as soon as I can! Glad you're enjoying it!

Ha... that's... actually really good. The characters actually feel alive and despite how little time has been given to them so far, their personalities have already begun to emerge clearly. For example, now we can easily distinguish this particular Rainbow from many others.

Thank you! Personalities are something I normally struggle with, so I'm really glad to hear that!

Rainbow nodded. "I mean, like...I once had someone ask if I thought that even the worst person could change. That anyone could be a good person if they just tried."

"Sunset and I both played Undertale, Miss Dash," Luna commented dryly.

Hey now, I'll have you know that those words came from the brother of a certified Cool DudeTM It's only natural Dash would quote someone who meets that rare 20% threshold.

Also love the implication that she played the no-mercy route, and if that particular line struck a cord, then it's probably where it ended.

I never actually did the full genocide route, but I have heard that line from other sources.
Though I also find it immensely funny to think of Rainbow trying the genocide route but being too much of a softy to finish it :twilightsmile:

Warning: text wall, read at risk of cringy headcannons for human-variants of pastel ponies playing an indie game from over 7 years ago.

It really fits Rainbow, she would likely hear about the hard Sans fight in the route, and get exited for it the challenge/bragging rights. Though i think she would stop at the end of Snowdin:

At first it wouldn't be to bad for her, monsters turning to dust is easy to ignore, and the first "but nobody came" might actually be exiting in terms of uncovering secrets. She might go out of her way to empty out the ruins only for the twist where Toriel is brutally downed in one strike, and then gets the lecture from Flowey.

Enter Papyrus in the next area, a prideful, stubborn, eager guard-in-training with an outgoing personality, if any character in UT was someone she would vibe with while playing it's him. But on no-mercy: you actively ruin his expectations and skip all the fun events, and despite it all, he keeps trying to befriend/capture you.

On top of it all, you are too powerful at this point for the game to be fun. The only battles scaled for Max LV are Undyne the undying and Sans. Everything before those fights is an empty grind that gets more tedious as the game goes with encounters becoming less frequent. Rainbow wouldn't be having fun playing just like she wouldn't enjoy the turns the story is taking.

It's deliberately set up to make you dread killing him the same way you do Toriel, and holds no illusions that it is coming, and that he doesn't deserve it.

Rainbow, element of loyalty, would probably break at that point. Pixels and code aside, ending the story of a character she would likely enjoy when he holds his arms out to you and begs for you to change is something that I don't see her doing for the sake of gameplay.

TLDR: Rainbow would be the third quickest member on the Main 7 to drop a No-mercy run, #1 would be flutters for very obvious reasons, #2 would be Pinky

My predictions for all of them:
-Flutters stops as soon as she sees a froggit.

-Pinky would hand-wave basic enemies as "just a game" but Toriel would be where she stops having fun and puts it down.

-Rainbow (see above)

-Rarity is a perfectionist, and could keep going just to see it through, but would stop at Undyne's skill-check since she probably would lack the necessary "gamur skillz" since she likely doesn't play as many games and find it to be more work than it is worth.

-Applejack is stubborn as they come, even if she didn't have the skill at the beginning she would beat her head against the wall until she learned UtU's patterns and broke through. After that the rush ends and she realizes where this game is going, she probably wouldn't want to proceed.

-Sci-Twi's curiosity gets the better of her, and between her quick-learning nature and more logical mind, she probably wouldn't have an issue with the two skill-checks. She would beat it, but the SINCE WHEN WHERE YOU THE ONE IN CONTROLL line would bring up serious Midnight Sparkle ptsd, she may need consoling after completion.

-Sunset is weird, pre-rainbow blast she might even find it grim but fascinating, considering she built her ideals on stepping on others for power and not even blink while she beats it. But once she gets "friendshipped" she probably wouldn't even be able to get past the ruins, and if she did a full run first, and then got reformed, and then did pacifist she would get the worst gut-punch ever with a tainted pacifist save-file secret ending.

And if I had the capacity to write well, I'd make this one of my fics.

I spent an admittedly rather long time thinking about this. Here's the 'leap o faith' takeaway:
--Rainbow did a full genocide route for street cred, got depressed, then uninstalled and reinstalled the game to fix her pacifist route save file.
-- there is a completed pacifist route save on her computer, and she will never touch it again
--sunset did full genocide route bc she was streaming it. Hasn't touched the game since

Extremely emotionally winding. I feel for her.

The little things are what matter sometimes.

"Better it than you,"

This right here hits home. Sunset matters. She and everyone need to and will learn it.

That's one of the lines I feel particularly good about. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

Oh ho ho, did things escalate. Trixie is at least respectful of others.

Eeryone is grinding their emotional guts out. Wincing pure angst to digest and read.

Pinkie's and her family living in a former bomb shelter works almost too well. I'm also gonna yoink that "Sun-Shim" for myself if you don't mind, it's nifty. Everyone coming together is love yet butterflies. (Also good way of establishing thisnAU's timeline.) Pinkie's ever potent perkiness adds. Now I wonder why Fluttershy is last...

Sunset’s gradual epiphanies and coming tos are so tenuous. I can see why Fluttershy's gentleness was saved for last--a soft cushioning blow after a mountain of pain. I like Rainbow's style of impromptu lneas; it makes Sunset really think, too. Sleepover for a friendship win!

It's harsh, but Sunset kind of deserved that slap back to reality, scaring the hell out of Rainbow like that. I'm glad she got tender love and care and friendship in an inadvertent sleepover. But that doesn't excuse much. I can only worry, too, what the other side of the portal holds.

I did not come up with that one, it's one of the many nicknames I've seen around the site. Regardless, go ahead! You have as much permission as I could possibly give.

To an extent, but it was more of several things, including in the fact that she almost didn't forgive Sunset in the original draft, but I discarded that idea for several other reasons.

I'll just get it on a T-shirt.

Take that leap of faith and merch it, Sunny!

I liked it very much so adored this story. Timeline wise, how fast the story moves is a bit unclear and maybe a bit too quick, but it's dandy in most other respects. That you just jumped straight into Sunset almost jumping set the mood, tone, and themes right away. Sunset coming to a redemption on her own, with help from others, is a true tear jerker.

Thank you for a thoroughly engaging story.

I'm glad you liked it! Pacing is one of my main problems when writing any story, so I fully agree with you there.
Otherwise, though, I consider this one of my best fics to date!

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