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Hello, Leon Davies here, also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, professional voice actor, brony, autistic celebrity, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.


Note: this story is a prequel to A series of unfortunate events that leads to another redeemed villain, yay!

Gather round, my little ponies because I'm gonna tell you the tragedy of Sacanas (well, it's more of a Tragicomedy than anything but the sentiment still remains) and how he came across his apprentice that you have seen in the previous story. It is also a story with mercenaries, psychotic jesters, and time travel (along with traveling to other worlds, of course).

PS: Yes, this story was partially (key word being partially) inspired by the Darth Plagueis novel so don't be too surprised as to how Sacanas' story ends. Also, since it's a prequel, don't be too surprised if it ain't as good as A series of unfortunate events that leads to another redeemed villain, yay! (although personally, I think it's just as good. Then again, I find Jar Jar's antics in The Phantom Menace to be amusing so what the Tartarus do I know?)

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Perhaps I should have done my research before designing Sacanas (well, actually, I have done my research but not when it comes to understanding why red and black OCs are hated). But aside from that, you need not worry because he isn't some edgy emo who suffered betrayal or has a sorrowful view of the world or any dark and edgy stuff like that. Plus, even if Sacanas gleefully embraces the role of a villain simply because he was ostracized for his looks and condition, at least he's chipper about it and, in many ways, is quite fun to read because he knows he's the villain and like any good villain, he has fun with it. And another thing, he's not an alicorn so I think I'm in the safe zone regarding Sacanas. Thank you for your warning though and I will see to it that I don't mess with things beyond my comprehension.

PS: Technically, he isn't an OC due to the Staff of Sacanas existing in canon (and in my previous story) but I don't think Sacanas has made a physical appearance in canon yet so I thought I might play around with the character a bit. See what happens. Come to think of it, this conversation has given me an idea for the sequel. In the odd event Sacanas comes back, I would probably have one of the characters point out he looks like a bad OC (even better if it was a fellow villain saying that).

Wielder of Originality?! I have never been bestowed that title before!

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Nice, maybe you should introduce his therapist to my brother :rainbowlaugh:.

I don't know if that's appropriate therapy for him since, unlike me, he is not a brony (but he is a pothead though, if that helps).


The story takes place 300 years after NMM's banishment and 700 years before the present, yet this story involves the Crystal Empire, which was banished to another dimension 1,000 years before the present.

I know nobody cares, but it bothered me.

I.....did not know that! :facehoof:

Right then, time to fill in that plot hole: Once upon a time, Sacanas traveled to where The Crystal Empire used to be. The reason why is because, like me right now, he did not do his research (then again there weren't any books on the empire and he simply found out by playing with a crystal in Celestia's absence. All he knew was that it had crystals, and that crystals are good for magic). So he tried out a spell that will allow him to communicate with Sombra (don't ask, just bare with me) and Sombra let him in because, like Sacanas, Sombra also used to be an outcast who later gleefully embraced the role as the villain (don't believe me, read the comics) and also he wanted to see what Sacanas would do. And with that, Sacanas introduced his companion Snuff and told Sombra that Snuff was an ally of his and should be allowed passage into the Empire. And where does Sanies feature in all of this? He was there and he tried to persuade Sombra to let him in by lying to him about also being an ally of Sacanas. Sombra saw through the deception but he noticed that Sanies' heart was just as black (if not more so) as his and also let him in, which now leads to the plot of this chapter. Now, if you excuse me, I need to make some rewrites on the word document that contains the rest of this fic.

Is Sacanas a canon character or an OC?

Technically both. Since the Staff of Sacanas exists in canon (as you all know) I figured it would be made by someone named Sacanas. But since that Sacanas himself (well, I assumed Sacanas was a he) hasn't made a canonical appearance yet, I figured why not play around with the idea of what this individual would be like.

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